U.S. NATO and UN Intervention in Libya and Middle East

February 28, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The press conference held a little while ago by the White House preceded with the UN Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice briefing on the meeting between President Barack Obama and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on date – February 28, 2011 at approximately 3.30P.M. EST.

UN humanitarian aid to Libya is quintessential and would be welcome by the local population.

However the United Nations volunteering political support to Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and throughout Middle East would be considered interference with programmed nominees otherwise appointing puppet regimes to take over the leadership position as seen in Afghanistan and Iraq rendering the pro-democracy martyrs’ sacrifices futile.

It would be history repeating itself contradictory to the natives’ desirable political transformation for republic rule constituting real democracy.

Therefore it would be honorable for the U.S., NATO and United Nations to allow the respective population in these nations to choose their leader within civil society to represent the democratic transition.

Furthermore there are capable leaders, scholars and constitutional law experts in every nation deserving opportunity to lead their country without foreign powers intrusion contributing to the dictatorial government establishment spanning over decades.

U.S. and allies along with UN recognition of the intellectual talent and respecting the republic will in the Middle East and elsewhere would enormously benefit the credibility factor that has been lost in the political crises management thus far.

The White House press conference and the UN ambassador accounts did not rule out U.S. and NATO military action against Libya.

It is imperative for the U.S. and NATO to abandon any air strike plans or preparation to move troops into Libya since that would categorically qualify as invasion through military aggression exacerbating the civilian plight.

Notwithstanding such decisions fomenting anti-western sentiments due to the intention in semblance with Iraq and Afghanistan – i.e. occupation and perpetual warfare.

Besides democratic nations would be expected to pursue peaceful strategies and avoid military confrontation at all costs – similar to western society aspiration upon political event reversal.

In fact based on the warm relations between Muammar Gaddafi and the western leaderships until now – it should be a no brainer to demand the embattled dictator to step down and prevent bloodshed rather than positioning to a combat situation unequivocally resulting in more casualties generating the perception as a peace opponent.

Given the Libyan dictator’s profile as a paranoid shriveling easily debilitated character exemplified in nuclear ambition renouncement and Lockerbie settlement, the panic-stricken leadership is on the brink of collapse.

The popular uprising is quite capable of deposing the despotic clan and the obstruction in this regard is predominantly attributed to deliberation on introducing ‘NO FLY ZONE’ and facilitating the artillery confiscation by the revolution.

Hence the U.S. NATO and UN services limited to humanitarian relief and non-militaristic assistance would be greatly appreciated and expedite the dictator’s departure.

Meanwhile the defected security and army personnel are urged to join the peaceful demonstrators to oust the rattled Gaddafi and associates.

Please remember that Tunisia and Egypt succeeded and so can you.

Do not relent and heed to violence or political circumvention.

Reiterating the warning to Gaddafi and mercenaries – unleashing terror against unarmed civilians would lead to devastating consequences.

Surrender or exile as time is running out with no hope for miracles.

Gaddafi rule is nearing end and the factions behind hostility sharing synonymous fate.

Libyan revolution will triumph over repression. So claim your long overdue victory.

Good Luck! To Libyan Liberation by peaceful and non-violent dissent.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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