United States – White House Conflicting Positions on Iran and Syria Jeopardize Credibility

August 11, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Iran nuclear deal maintained as preventing possible military confrontation with Iran on Israel’s behalf in the ongoing discussion. 

However White House conflicting positions avoiding military option with Iran and aggression against Syria evident in the agreement between Washington and Ankara authorizing air strikes and training militants to destabilize Syria pose credibility factor.

Washington and Ankara involvement escalating tensions with more deaths and destruction in Syria is direct violation of Syrian sovereignty, international law and United States constitution prohibiting intrusion reminiscent of Iraq invasion in 2003.

The policy of enmity towards specific nations and amity with another in the same region creates mistrust especially when definitive goal is continuous warfare through terrorism against Syria, Iraq, and Libya alongside military intervention in Yemen.

Not to mention violent occupation of Palestine resulting in toddler and parent deaths adding to loss of innocent lives more than ever.

The bloodshed in Palestine could stop with United States cooperation in UNSC resolution rather than misusing veto power to derail effective action.

The reliable peace mission would encompass broader application of peaceful solutions ending timeless wars in recognition of respective states independence, territorial integrity and citizens’ political rights. 

Diplomacy and peaceful resolutions to crises always the best choice to military aggression and sponsoring terrorism.

United States contemporary engagements are contradictory to stance on Iran nuclear accord.

Iran issue is relevant and similarly terminating Syrian warfare equally important relieving citizens in Syria from terror manifestation for five years now.

White House justification on Iran agreement with emphasis on peaceful dialogue and negotiations as the only alternative would be authentic upon similar policy on Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine and North Korea.

In the absence of fairness and equal treatment of citizens suffering from United States sponsored terror and aided struggles, the selective peace overtures create skepticism questioning real motive.

Syrian war spreading to Iraq and Lebanon could be brought to conclusion with United States ceasing support to terror networks through allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Israel.

Instead United States intensifying terror operation and full coordination with Turkey against Syria while claiming Iran agreement as historic confirms duplicity.

The genuine disposition on peace would be non-discriminatory and extended towards all in respect of life regardless of origin and geographical region.

Using any pretext to prolong war in Syria and neighboring states is victimizing citizens not only in war zones but also in proponent nations wasting taxpayer funds proliferating terror.

Simply killing scores of civilians using terror for strategic and ideological reasons is decadence dominating prudence.

The rational and practical approach is to accept peaceful settlement with withdrawal of current terror activities in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya that would lead to terror apparatus collapse.

Likewise implementing ceasefire and terminating Saudi invasion of Yemen absolutely necessary to demonstrate serious pledge to peace and recognition of sovereign rights analogous to Iran nuclear pact.

The failure in this regard would further establish aggressors’ persistence towards self-destruction for military might and prowess eventually succumbs to senseless violence.

No war can be fought for eternity and sooner than later the curtains must fall as the showdown cannot go on forever. Furthermore the adventure has serious political and economic ramifications experienced thus far.

The outcome is several thousands dead, millions made refugees and lives destroyed lasting generations leaving the guilty burdened with sins and accordingly face judgment upon departure from the world.

None can escape karmic effects that define destiny.

Peace is formidable prevailing over challenges with benefits realized in ratification.

Saving lives with refrainment from hateful and harmful indulgence would deliver desirable global progress and security.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant










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