United States – U.S. Presidential Debate and Election 2012 Review and Analyses

October 7, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

United States Presidential debate held on October 3, 2012 at the University of Denver, Colorado between incumbent President Barack Obama and challenger Ex-Governor Mitt Romney is an election campaign cliché with usual empty rhetoric and loyalty to global conglomerate.

The Presidential debate format on selective topics at the hegemony approved moderator discretion covers general issues while ignoring relevant matter.

With two party political system under special interests control, the election is a formality enabling the highest bidder candidacy ownership depriving electorate voice in legislative affairs leading to Wall Street management to suit their agenda.

The Presidential debate allowing direct public input with candidates’ spontaneous response would provide individual clarifications on different subjects rather than contrived coordinated performance withholding truth from citizens seeking solutions to problems confronting the nation.

Presidential debate was split into three segments focused on economy and governance.

The first segment on jobs and taxation policy revealed both candidates favoring tax cuts extension to corporations regardless of commitment to stimulate economic growth through job creation.

The candidates delineated in approach revealed their common goal to protect corporate interest by shifting tax burden on to American working families and lower income category following precedence set by Republican administration with democrat successor diligently maintaining the tradition as witnessed in 2011 during Bush tax cuts legislation.

President Obama’s claim on adding five million jobs in the last four years is a typical statistical omission of error considering the unemployment data and distinct variation in demography especially joblessness among African Americans and blue collar workers being alarmingly higher than other groups in the American work force.

Certainly there were some jobs created through economic stimulus in 2009 and subsequently jobs saved in 2010 when the auto industry with General Motors in particular rescued from insolvency,

Any other job increase is the result of government expansion with various agencies delegated to perform tasks broadening bureaucracy and unnecessary protocol delaying federal approval on business and civilian requirements or emergency assistance like the BP oil spill in the Gulf coast.

The environmental disaster in 2010 due to BP’s inadequate safety measures and salvage program,

The damages to residents could have been sustained had the private sector with specific expertise been hired on the calamity onset instead of wasting valuable time – the essence in relief efforts mitigating losses and saving life species affecting ecological balance.

The reduction in unemployment figures is also related to either temporary suspension of job search by citizens and/or underemployment i.e. part-time work as well as lower wages jobs for survival as opposed to gainful employment.

Small businesses mandatory costs ranging from health care to operational expenses offset tax incentives combined with indefinite credit crunch attributed to banks reluctance to offer loans to qualified applicants inhibiting small and medium enterprise revival essential to invigorate manufacturing, wholesale and retail industry.

The notion that corporate tax cuts are invested for job boost or sustenance is yet to occur with some exceptions,

In fact, they are utilized in overseas ventures and alternatively diverted towards mergers and acquisitions contracting labor unit with pervasive impact on the economy.

Candidates did not avail the opportunity to notify Wall Street on the consequences for their default on prevalent minimal regulations and obligations per financial reform that continues to be slighted by commercial banks denying small businesses, home buyers and students finance despite them meeting the eligibility criteria.

Contrarily, the President defended the bailout recipients commending them for prompt payments with interest on time and chided ordinary citizens quoting the irresponsible undertaking in acquiring assets by disregarding own financial inability.

Sub-prime mortgage debacle bankrupting European economies with contagion effect on world economy triggered by investment banks aka equity management firms like Goldman Sachs granted impunity from penalty or compensation to defrauded victims in the financial crisis with no mention from the Presidential candidates in this context.

On the question of spending, revenue and sovereign debt –

Not surprisingly Medicare is the prime target for both candidates with President Obama citing Medicare as the major discretionary spending driver again ascribing blame on healthcare providers allegedly overcharging government,

Even though health care industry involving insurance, corporate run hospitals including medical facilities and pharmaceutical companies dictate terms and conditions contributing to burgeoning health care dilemma for average citizens across the country.

The current administration initially having ceded to health care reform opponents upon viewing prospects on the momentum generated by citizens and genuine advocates dedication to the cause opportunistically proceeded by substantially rewarding health insurance and big pharma whereas marginally benefitting certain mainstream segments in the health care legislation.

The case in point with respect to health care legislation is democrats controlled congress and white house in 2009 and 2010 had no political will to honor significant population request for single payer universal health care.

Furthermore, the recent setback in Supreme Court stance – the last bastion of justice heavily influenced by political and corporate directions upheld unconstitutional aspect of the legislation enforcing compulsory health insurance subscription devoid of premium caps and applicable waivers to health insurance companies advantage.

Neither candidates are inclined to downsize disproportionate pentagon budget with Governor Romney rejecting the idea and President Obama in agreement to the concept but not necessarily keen on translating into action based on the four year track record that shows rapid escalation in military spending and widespread military engagement in every continent surpassing the predecessor.

Similarly, wasteful spending also termed as pork barrel spending is yet another factor in the fiscal disorder often used by lawmakers on redundant projects named after them in their constituency expending taxpayer dollars and,

Ironically, the same legislators recommend austerity – slashing Medicaid for poor, unemployment benefits, veterans’ rehabilitation, disability funding and educational grants to the states in the unconscionable sense to deal with rising debt.

Revenue in the absence of taxes from the wealthiest and corporate executives private income stashed away in offshore tax havens along with pentagon expenditure not subjected to external audit in the backdrop of trillion dollars mysterious disappearance escaped candidates thoughts in addressing deficit.

Sovereign debt and Federal Reserve are intertwined analogous to heart in the description of physical anatomy.

Above all, the Federal Reserve as the privately owned company in charge of national money supply and profiteering from debt is a theft and assuming complete authority in the determination of interest rate with entire banking and financial networks under the
elite groups wing not excluding monetary policy clearly subverts republic rule.

Federal Reserve is apparently accountable to none and exempted from checks and balances on illegitimate establishment as national monetary power.

The ex-chairman Alan Greenspan confirmation to Congress on Federal Reserve being above the law raises the red flag and should awaken all most importantly, the political leaderships being the elected representatives in the so-called democratic society.

In the latest development, the present Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke threatened Congress with potential economic collapse via manufactured meltdown in reaction to any congressional investigation on Federal Reserve activity.

The Federal Reserve blatant posturing should alert leaderships provided they were truly pledged to national service.

Education – the reality demands affordable quality education with sufficient financial provisions starting from K-12 extended to advanced studies in national preparedness comprising skilled work force as future taxpayers and leaders are paramount to compete effectively in the competitive global economy.

Again the candidates exchanged remarks on the achievements or the lack thereof in the government initiatives falling short of expectations and not quite appreciated by all in the educational field.

Energy – Both candidacies embedded with fossil fuel industry under energy independence pretext do not shy away from drilling, hydrofracking, mining and nuclear energy option.

The Obama administration issued permits to energy companies including BP post Gulf coast catastrophe.

The third segment of the Presidential debate shed light on government and governance.

Territorial integrity and right to self-determination – the definition of national sovereignty has long been usurped by external power.

United States is hostage to three main forces –

The Federal Reserve as the private entity minting money from fictitious debt,

The military industrial complex infiltrated into civilian rule absorbing vast proportion of national budget drive the nation into perpetual warfare,

The Wall Street exploits Main Street with corporatization of Washington encompassing all three branches of government.

Supreme Court life term appointment is evidently an erroneous stature with systemic abuse of exclusive judicial power misinterpreting constitutional law than intended purpose.

The executive branch unilateral decisions on domestic and foreign policy endangering civil rights and humanitarian laws neglect congress and ultimately public opinion.

Concentration of power in the executive branch with congress abstaining from constitutional duty to curtail democratic values violation pose imminent danger leaning towards authoritarianism.

Previously the Patriot Act paved way for FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) and the Obama administration renewed those unconstitutional laws and in a giant leap introduced NDAA.

National Defense Authorization Act aimed at United States citizens are refused habeas corpus – entitlement to legal process and handed over to military tribunal not civilian court of law as terror suspects for any government deemed charges in semblance with rule against foreign citizens held in Guantanamo Bay.

Constitutional amendment rectifying the existing flawed functionality of government, military and economic sector role with declaration on institutional and organization limits desperately required to restore republic governance.

Interestingly, the Presidential debate precluded these poignant facts and indulged in exaggeration and embellishment of opponent and individual record respectively.

Governor Mitt Romney is obviously against big government conforming to Republican platform.

The ex-governor dismissed the idea behind government participation in every possible dimension and expressed clear intentions in delegating authority to states on jobs, education, health care and social programs that could be interpreted as decentralization.

Accordingly, the nation would benefit from both candidates their view on the New World Order premised on One World Government – the core members of the nexus group having seized power from the mass resulting in incognito corporate coup d’état, martial law underway and the White House disdain for congress.

The resolution to loss of sovereignty and citizens’ right is to reclaim national identity with trend reversal in the coming elections with referendum on five crucial elements rocking the foundation of constitutional democracy in the United States and around the world.

1. Invalidate Federal Reserve as the financial epicenter and repossess authority for money distribution, currency and monetary policy plus regulation and monitoring of the whole financial sector.

2. Military strictly confined to national defense and troop withdrawal from all war zones with permanent army bases closure.

3. U.S. to head world summit on nuclear disarmament with all nations surrendering nuclear arsenal simultaneously under independent and neutral international committee oversight and verification.

4. Prohibiting private and special interests financing of political campaigns allowing public funding and barring personal or borrowed/gifted wealth in the election.

5. Wall Street kept at bay from politics with repercussions outlined for top down political and economic leaders alike on breach of the public mandate.

Finally, unless the referendum on these preliminary STEPS passed for termination of hegemony comfortably settled to attain global dominance,

The contemporary era would deteriorate and decay to point of no return,

The incumbent having led United States to war in Syria apart from occupation in several other countries alongside incursion in Central Asia, South China sea and Persian Gulf,

Notwithstanding the economic warfare against Iran, coup d’état in Latin America and Africcom in Africa proving militaristic quest,

The hegemony preference is continuation of status quo.

Hence the concern among national and international members on neo con and Zionist ideology return in the event of incumbency defeat is naiveté for they never left the White House.

Project for New American Century (PNAC) and implementation of New World Order is in force and vigorously pursued with a slogan – Yes We Can and Yes We Will, assurance to the global masters on the mission certainty to empower few and enslave the rest.

All things remaining unequal, the United States 2012 election is a monumental fraud with globalists’ nominees pretending to counteract each other when they both represent the hegemony delivering victory one way or another.

There is no loser only a winner in the race – the 1%, sponsors of this ceremonial ritual.

Nonetheless, the custom eventuality produces a loser – the 99% falling prey to predatory standard,

In a nutshell, the candidates contrast in manner but fundamentally anchored on promoting supremacy with little or no respect for life and habitat leaving the electorate between rock and a hard place.

Republican vs. Democrat (both in name only) since the republic and democracy are up for sale and could be summarized as follows:

Candor vs. Camouflage, Elusive vs. Evasive and Defiant vs. Deception.

Unified peaceful revolution and referendums are prudent to remove the shadow power prolonged rule alternating between the two party sworn allegiances to them.

Inaction is worse than intermittent experiment with trial and error method.

However, the successful completion is dependent upon collective resolve declining plutocracy and feudalism – the existential threat to humanity, in pursuit of universal liberty and progress.

Best Wishes to peace activists, environmentalists and non-violent political freedom fighters worldwide for a productive and phenomenal outcome.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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