United States – U.S. Election 2012 In Hegemony Controlled Mandate

November 7, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The mock election to satisfy formality is over defending status quo in hegemony controlled mandate.

United States once heralded the beacon of democracy regrettably under siege with hegemony pervasive manipulation of mass media, politics, economics and social justice system.

Reiterating the facts on prevalent global subjugation, subversion and perversion to rein supremacy,

The forces usurpation would run its course in accordance with natural and universal law.

In general, illicit means adhering to distortion and deception delivers false perception and delusional expectations leading to appropriate outcome.

Vast majority world over are subjected to extreme and harsh conditions due to concentration of power among privileged class with typical characteristics such as authoritarianism guided by corruption, greed and violence.

Nonetheless, the world survival is enabled by selfless and dedicated souls’ tireless contributions to protect life and environment from carnage and destruction.

The concerted efforts to discredit and devalue human elements – defining character severely lacking in contemporary period with misplaced priority on obsession with power, fortune and superiority status pose impediments in humanitarian progress.

Inability to address minor to major problems predominantly emanates from self-interest and lack of will power combined with poor understanding of relevant matter.

Power is useful in empowering the powerless at best and at worst alleviating human plight rather than exacerbating people suffering – the current trend in power monopoly.

Given the continuous threat to life and national sovereignty, the victims resolve to defend and safeguard territorial integrity, rights to self-determination and normal existence required more than ever.

Whenever deceit and might collude to violate defenseless and vulnerable, the situation expedites inevitable fall for the offender.

Global citizens solidarity in resistance to failed policies and stringent measures implemented to prolong unsustainable economic and social disparity is paramount to precipitate necessary change.

Considering the challenges confronting mankind along side deterioration in human values,

People power commitment towards humanitarian goals pursuing peace and non-violence persists to prevail in the divine mission despite obstacles from deterrent factions to self-detriment.

Wishing people power success in all endeavors benefitting humanity at large.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

http://youtu.be/r34XZmuepB4 http://youtu.be/9sX3DAXzhFw


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