United States – Twitter, Facebook, Fox News, AP Projection of Presidential Winner

December 3, 2020

United States – Twitter, Facebook, Fox News, AP Projection of Presidential Winner

Padmini Arhant

The election in any country is determined by actual legal votes cast by registered voters after meeting voter eligibility such as citizenship, residential address, age etc. unlike voters in the United States Presidential election 2020 included in democrat contender Joe Biden’s tally emerging from the grave to unknown locations via mail-in ballots and absentee votes is remarkable and appropriately falls in null and void category.

As for tech oligarchs viz. Twitter, Facebook and the likes, media magnates Fox News as well as others endorsement and projection of the democrat candidate Joe Biden as the winner essentially Beijing victory noting China CCP funding Biden Presidency, these bidders and investors credibility or the lack thereof unravel hidden facts on their vested interests in Biden selection to power.

Whenever monetary dealings in election campaigns come to light such as Facebook reportedly investing $400m in Biden Presidency in addition to insisting Facebook staff donations to Joe Biden candidacy, there is always a lot more to it than meets the eye. 

Fox News Murdoch family stake in Biden campaign – Kathryn Murdoch and James Murdoch, son of FOX News Corporation executive chairman Rupert Murdoch, together contributed $1.1 million to Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign.

The controversial Dominion voting machine 96% employees cash contributions besides illegal votes in calibrated vote flipping to  democrat candidate Joe Biden along with many billionaires viz. George Soros in the front line seizing election from the 74 million American electorate who cast legal votes to incumbent President Donald Trump barring fake ballots to democrat candidate Joe Biden verify electoral fraud and unlawful engagement.

The election fixed by local and offshore billionaires, tech giants together with foreign authoritarian regimes like China CCP, the electoral process is corrupted through local meddling and foreign intervention. The outcome and projections in these situations favoring their choice of candidacy accordingly revoke flawed output.

It does not require extraordinary understanding and intelligence to figure these oligarchs and media desperation to deny the American electorate legitimacy to power in the decisive re-election of incumbent President Donald J. Trump to serve second term in office.

Importantly, the tech giants flagrant violations of public trust with Facebook brought to spotlight on data mining, harvesting to third party, the otherwise unlawful monetization of Facebook users personal data and the exposure of Centra, the tool used by Facebook to track users not only on Facebook but dragnet surveillance on their activities to which the CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded during recent Senate hearing as unknown activity despite heading the publicly listed social media company and vigorous political activism confirm the profile. 

Twitter – yet another questionable social media interface predominantly serving agenda targeting population anywhere depriving them of livelihood, freedom and voting rights to benefit political and corporate interests should be the last one to dispute the U.S. Presidential election inherent irrefutable voter fraud and irregularities with mounting evidences from witnesses presenting their testimonials under oath with penalty or imprisonment for perjury in key battleground states public hearing thus far.

Furthermore, Twitter’s blatant bias against those not in agreement with entities funneling the survival of propaganda machinery Twitter is ominous considering Twitter deceptively positioned the public platform for users subject to Twitter and political alliance approval. So much for the tolerance of Free Speech and free society.

FOX News – Once a die hard conservative republican harbinger of anything and everything from drum roll on war fare to election coverage exclusively favoring conservative republican members in the past up until George W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s administration in power shielding shenanigans and treasonous activities that duly called for investigations and inquiry notwithstanding impeachment for abuse of power somehow not deemed necessary by the successor Barack Obama and Joe Biden administration, who in return spared no opportunity to pursue spy and even unsuccessfully impeach the republican President Donald Trump before and after commencement of first term in office.

The Fox News known for fabrication and falsehood prompted then so-called first Black President Barack Obama to wrongfully fire the black public official – Shirley Sherrod, former Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the United States Department of Agriculture. Though Wiki (Wicked) pedia misleading the public in propagating the incident being tied to deep state invented Breitbart News is cesspool of dissemination and mass deception. 

The coordination between the once conservative news media FOX News and supposedly democrat Obama – Biden administration is prominent and more so in the latest FOX declaration of Biden victory discarding the 74 million republican conservatives re-electing the incumbent President Donald Trump in the 2020 election lay bare facts on Presidential race and mainstream politics. 

Last but not the least, the democrat candidate Joe Biden expressing empathy for corona virus victims and COVID19 casualties sadly serving as the political advantage in 2020 election would instead concede in light of revelations on China CCP direct involvement in promoting and financing the former VP’s Presidential endeavor to entirely benefit Beijing.

In conclusion, the Presidential race investors and bidders anxious to reap more than their investment in the democrat Joe Biden candidacy in utter disregard for democratic and electoral integrity by default invalidate their projection and election outcome favoring Joe Biden Presidency.

The 74 million American electorate casting their votes for incumbent President Donald J. Trump are the real winners not the tech oligarchs, foreign billionaires and China CCP behind Joe Biden Presidency.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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