United States – Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion and State Sponsored Terrorism

April 19, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Sincere condolences and deep sympathy offered to victims dependents and survivors in the yet another explosion in United States.

This time in Southern State, Texas reportedly claimed at least 70 innocent lives and 100 or more hurt in the incident.

The blast follows earlier explosions less than a week ago in New England area – Boston, Massachusetts during Boston Marathon resulting in 3 casualties and many wounded including explosives rocking JFK Presidential library and museum.

The dawn of twenty first century was inaugurated with terrorism on American soil.

The pre-meditated and coordinated 9/11 attack determined in the Project for New American Century (PNAC) dossier calling for earth shattering event in semblance with “Pearl Harbor catastrophe’ to be used as premise to implement diabolical agenda listing many oil rich and strategically important Islamic nations in Middle East and elsewhere.

The terror act on September 11, 2001 is historic considering the heinous crime against humanity was carried out with political, military and intelligence apparatus massive collusion in the United States.

Not to mention their so-called allies self-proclaimed unparalleled sleuths viz. Mossad, MI5 and MI6 networking with post Soviet Union KGB…other than Pakistan’s ISI and military selective personnel on CIA payroll apparently could not avert disaster.

The irony is United States expansive military bases around the world approximately 1000 of them in major country to island nations are set up under the guise of providing top-notch security to the host country.

Meanwhile, citizens in the United States were subjected to horrific terrorism in the 9/11 assault on political power, military might not barring 5000 nuclear arsenals in possession, CIA and FBI watch allowing more than 3000 Americans and many foreign nationals tragic deaths on that single day.

The hegemony controlled media and press corps until today continues to insult human intelligence with the far-fetched and convoluted version of 9/11 asserting some cave dwelling militancy in remote terrain of Afghanistan headed by CIA created and paid former mujahidin Osama Bin Laden hired few Muslim operatives armed with box cutters and successfully hijacked United States commercial airliners razing the twin towers in the World Trade Capital, New York City.

Furthermore, the dramatized script subscribes to terrorists audacious move against United States military headquarters Pentagon simultaneously on September 11, 2011 rendering Superpower United States completely defenseless and vulnerable to fugitive Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda – U.S and Israel owned agency.

The distortion and subversion of 9/11 events in the face of substantiated facts and adequate evidences pointing in United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Britain’s direction as main protagonists although other members of cabal complicity displayed in being oblivious to pre-organized calculated massacre exacerbates humanity suffering world over.

Another interesting factor – United States invaded Afghanistan and not Saudi Arabia ignoring their claim that terrorists involved in 9/11 were of Saudi origin.

The allegation on Osama Bin Laden as 9/11 mastermind somehow did not necessitate the U.S. authority to apprehend the prime suspect during FBI visits post 9/11 to check on ailing al-Qaeda leader in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and soon after in Dubai, UAE.

On another occasion amid Afghanistan brutal war in 2001, U.S. armed forces request for executive order from ex-President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden upon finding the alleged 9/11 terror chief in Tora Bora was declined generously sparing the value target freedom.

Subsequently capitalizing on 9/11 calamity in political and monetary terms the illegal invasions and occupation of Afghanistan is ongoing restricting progress in that nation.

The onslaught on Iraq in March 2003 using weapons of mass deception maximizing United States, Britain and coalition military potential unleashed actual weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the form of depleted uranium on Iraqi population with generational impact.

United States, Israel, Britain and other western powers in alliance with Gulf States bankrolled macabre warfare prolonged in the second decade under supposedly democrat administration through al-Qaeda and affiliate al-nusra terror groups in proxy wars in Libya, Syria and Mali.

Notwithstanding drone strikes escalation in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen in particular exhibit sense of entitlement to kill at will rejecting civilian death toll.

The connection between authorizing, sponsoring international terrorism and domestic terror is deep and entrenched with political power and geopolitical dominance.

Undoubtedly 9/11 laid the foundation for the forces – the war architects along with political i.e. the three branches of government and military establishment willful coordination behind horrific crime in United States mainland and later on every foreign nation earmarked towards regime change with none brought to justice.

The precedence facilitates carte blanche to those in power granting impunity from prosecution not even investigation of predecessors and incumbent alike on genocide, torture, rendition, and drone killings constituting gross human rights violation.

From 9/11 until now – the systematic obstruction of justice is vigorous eliminating information and witnesses to favor concocted tales on Osama Bin Laden existence to demise.

Not excluding in this context series of shooting as well as bombing incidents in United States and overseas covered up as classified information or invariably the crimes occur as suicide mission leaving no individual for interrogation or corroboration.

The navy seal engagement in Abbottabad, Pakistan in May 2011 stated as hunt for Bin Laden conveniently evaded with the statement on disposal of deceased body in North Arabian sea.

Within a month or so, the navy seals too were sacrificed in mid-air shooting reportedly by Taliban again on United States and NATO presence in the territory.

Fast forward to September 2012, the report on sexual assault and assassination of United States ambassador Christopher Stevens and three American embassy staff in Benghazi, Libya off the political and public radar with no convictions thus far.

However, any discussion on this issue was a deflection from burgeoning economic crises enacted in theatrics related to U.S. ambassador to UN Susan Rice fictitious nomination for Secretary of State wasting taxpayer dollars in the staged performance.

The spate of violence with assault weapons in high profile Sandy Hook elementary school to the latest trend – bombings in Boston Marathon and Texas fertilizer plant replicate 9/11 false flag operation.

The detainees in Guantanamo Bay held in indefinite detention are scapegoat to protect real perpetrators of September 11, crime.

Despite diverse perspectives on recurring shootings and bombings in the United States,

The national leaderships declaration to support terrorists in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Mali and Afghanistan in conjunction with ammunitions supply to dictatorships in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt…ominously mislead the nation in overwhelming endorsement of violence over peace.

A country is identified with policies reflected in action on domestic and international matter.

The flagrant abuse of power compounded with lack of transparency and plutocracy governed mass media and communication outlets truth suppression seriously undermine democracy.

Additionally, these violent episodes with no end in sight threaten national security endangering lives and normal existence.

United States mainstream awakening adopting peaceful and non-violent course to reclaim power is immediate priority to prevent loss of individual liberty and independent status.

Wishing peace to grieving families and the injured fast recovery from the ordeal.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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