United States – State Sponsored Terrorism via TSA Institutionalized Racism

July 26, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

I, Padmini Arhant, representative divine mission, author and presenter padminiarhant.com have been writing and providing solutions to problems faced by people regardless of race, religion, creed and background from world over.

I wish to highlight on the prevalent discriminatory practice at the airports in the United States making travel anything but normal.

The issue is relevant and deserves attention along with intervention to end prejudice.

Accordingly I present the mater with appropriate recommendation.

My introduction to the world began in 2008 Presidential campaign and until today I am tirelessly and selflessly engaged without being paid a dime for service from anywhere i.e. taxpayers, corporate or magic tree bearing golden coins. 

In return for my service to humanity, there are many trading venom and expect honey.

The invasion of my home, life and privacy including family matter considered the political class business with intrusive surveillance and constant monitoring by those who should be on radar for their nefarious activities and scandalous track record as public figures thriving on taxpayers funded mansions, remuneration, perks and privileges enjoyed beyond the term in office.

Notwithstanding my identity, ideas, words, thoughts, style claimed as their own constituting criminality, plagiarism and piracy in willful involvement as imposters, wannabees and glory hogging opportunists.

I invested time, efforts and our lifetime savings in the 2008 Presidential election.

The contribution was  acknowledged in the form of hazardous Chemical trails sprayed over our roof on countless occasions affecting our pet with tumor who had to undergo major surgery last year.

In terms of travel experience – The harassment at the United States airports targeting specific race or ethnic traveler(s) i.e. racial profiling under the guise of national security is unconstitutional, illegal and confirms reality in the desperate measure to protect real perpetrators in the position of power and authority behind 9/11 attack and current sponsors of terrorism, radicalism, extremism, militancy and cannibalism.

The proponents procedures on scrutiny and humiliating body scan at the airports never subjected to objectionable, reproachable and offensive indulgence by TSA and abusive government agencies on taxpayer salary.  Hence there is insensitivity to abominable demeanor.

Due to serious infringement on individual rights and deliberate assault on character in public premise through pervasive body search tactics on selective individuals,

I, Padmini Arhant –  divine mission representative demand an apology from those exceeding limits in  their respective designations and the government of the United States of America.

I also seek termination of prejudicial incriminating practice using false pretext to criminalize honorable citizens for political reasons and bias reflecting on the sources irrational and irrefutable behavior.

The failure in this regard would have repercussions in epic proportion in accordance with divine agreement and natural law.


Padmini Arhant







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