United States – Project for New American Century (PNAC) Expose

January 29, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Project for New American CenturyPNAC related facts and events deserves attention to prevent perpetual deception and deceitful governance with behind the scenes operatives reining absolute control over ordinary lives under the guise of democracy and other convenient system to masquerade plutocracy.

The Project for New American Century designed and implemented to demolish freedom, peace and functional democracy not to mention cataclysmic impact on environment and planet sustenance with relentless bombing, shelling, killings using predator drones and nuclear proliferation.

PNAC architects, protagonists and catalysts diabolical agenda premised on launching American Century is a monumental fraud considering devastation befell on United States of America with PNAC proponents and agents directed terror attack on September 11, 2001 and subsequent terrorism unleashed on global citizens until now.

The terror onslaught citing repeat of catastrophe synonymous to Pear Harbor in PNAC dossier is blatant assault on human trust and liberty.

Since then terrorism deployed as the means to achieve fanatical aspirations such as global dominance.

The benefactor – United States of America maintaining the state of Israel and Saudi Wahhabism through monetary and military aid to the former while facilitating petro dollar afloat turning a blind eye to Saudi dynasty atrocities and footprints on carnage throughout Middle East and other Islamic nations worldwide evidently promotes treason amongst insiders and the rest complicit in betrayal en masse.

PNAC doctrine presumably to establish American empire contributed to the contrary with United States economy crumbling with 9/11 onset having ramifications at global level.

The 9/11 event catapulted PNAC mission persisting till today despite colossal failure and massive loss of lives, millions rendered refugees, children orphaned, women widowed and families torn apart in every target nation.

United States and allies involved in PNAC execution care less about citizens’ woes not only in economic terms but also militarily the young men and women sent harms way under false pretext of waging war on terror beguiled with war veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq war returning home to a life of homelessness and dependency on charity.

PNAC enabled construction of prison camp – Guantanamo Bay off Cuba in conjunction with renditions to several secret prisons in Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

PNAC authorized gross human rights violations viz. torture, water boarding, electric shocks treatment, sleep deprivation and seeking confessions from prisoners under duress and coercion became the standard practice.

Notwithstanding embarrassment related to Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, Bagram in Afghanistan and analogous operation tarnishing United States image.

United States regarded beacon of democracy, the home of the brave and land of the free instantaneously reversed with PNAC’s institutionalized racial profiling, prejudice, intrusive dragnet surveillance and fear mongering in the name of homeland security.

Freedom no longer the inalienable right with criminality upheld as the just and preferred method to curb public dissent. The intolerance was displayed against peaceful assembly representing Occupy Wall Street, anti-NATO summit and alike.

Police brutality towards unarmed civilians the black youths in particular is affirmed with series of acquittals revealing the travesty of justice in the nation once perceived as the bastion of justice.

In financial aspect, the privately run Federal Reserve defy accountability on money mismanagement whether on missing US $20 Trillion then in 2009 or more unaccounted incidents continued thereafter.

Similarly repeat offense from major players in the financial sector witnessed in subprime mortgage debacle at average citizens expense.

Wars known to be a racket is a lucrative affair.  None other than profiteers viz. Haliburton, Kellogg Corporation, the private army then identified as Black Water and others benefitted from innocent lives turned into mass graves without legal or moral consequences for heinous crime against humanity.

Henceforth the paradigm shift from conventional warfare with troops that require congressional approval translated into public protests to contemporary strategy sponsoring terrorism viewed expedient in bypassing political barriers and citizens opposition to detrimental policy.

Not content with phenomenal damages compromising independence, constitution and civil rights besides economic disaster and dysfunctional governance,

PNAC masterminds and colluding members in academia, economic, political and military establishment together with hegemony controlled press, communication media and entertainment industry remain committed towards prolonging status quo.

The organizations such as Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral commission in coordination with think tanks and self-proclaimed royal class in Europe and elsewhere favor chaos and crises ridden world as the situation suppress the vast majority from fair economic and political opportunity leaving the existing disparity between rich and poor intact.

Religion is the pawn and prominent religious figures participation is a convenient set up conforming to quid pro quo in the ominous activity.

The electoral process generally rigged and financed with unlimited donations from within and foreign sources claiming priority on individual and vested interests in direct violation of voters’ expectations on campaign promise.

The so-called free and fair election is a myth and nothing more than a nice catch phrase to convince electorate in legitimizing illegitimate rule and unsavory elements emergence to power.

In a nutshell, PNAC is a double edge sword aimed at destroying human values and democratic principles paramount for nation and humanity to deal with challenges and overcome predictable or unforeseen adversity.

Should the world remain silent and allow victimization in the ruthless game for supremacy?

I am Padmini Arhant, author and representative divine mission will be back on related topics for further awareness and necessary action.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

















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