United States – Presidential Election 2020 Validity

November 20, 2020

United States – Presidential Election 2020 Validity

Padmini Arhant

The latest developments in the United States Presidential election 2020 with the outcome contested for voting irregularities related to mail-in-ballots, absentee ballots and importantly serious problem in the Dominion voting machine and software Smartmatic transferring votes from incumbent President Donald Trump to democratic contender Joe Biden beckon thorough investigation allowing the side affected to get to the bottom on this sensitive issue.

As such in a democracy, the constitutional right taking precedence in these situations is normal.  Accordingly, the incumbent or the challenger could seek recount and pursue legal course when election results become heavily disputable. Again this is not unprecedented considering earlier Presidential races i.e. 2000 with Gore v. Bush and in 2016 until 2020 following President Donald Trump’s victory never acknowledged by democrats with litany of charges and inquiries mounted on the duly elected President in the entire term under the pretext of Russiagate found political rather than factual. Notwithstanding impeachment proceedings to oust the sitting President Donald Trump resulting in vindication much to the embarrassment and disappointment of those behind the relentless political pursuits played out against them.

Presidential Contender Joe Biden’s admission about Voter Fraud Organization in his campaign.

The controversies surrounding this election and election results merit attention.

Besides voter fraud by various channels including the voting machine Dominion and software Smartmatic maneuverability causing legitimate concerns on vote flipping, the offshore servers in Frankfurt/Berlin, Germany and Barcelona, Spain used in the United States election along with foreign sources involved in processing the vote counts via these hardware and software granting them real time accessibility to monitor and manage vote tabulation favoring one candidate over another in the intensely watched and followed United States Presidential election in the international domain raise a red flag and appropriately calls for scrutiny. The voting machines role in upsetting election results is well known and an established pattern worldwide that jeopardize electoral process from being free and fair in a democratic system.

Furthermore, the software Smartmatic company chairman of the board retired Admiral Peter Neffenger being a member of Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s transition team and Smartmatic’s holding company chaired by an associate of democrat supporter and financier Hungarian billionaire George Soros could not be mere coincidence. Above all, reportedly the software Smartmatic’s chairman of the board Peter Neffenger involved think tank recently received funding from the Ukranian firm that employed Joe Biden’s son.

All of these activities and reality undermines electoral credibility in the highly connected and close network sharing common goals to deliver victory to a Presidential candidate Joe Biden evidently in quid pro quo with foreign governments viz. China in terms of massive campaign investments via CCP controlled companies and Hungarian billionaire George Soros associated members directing election results and the member Peter Neffenger representing Presidential contender Joe Biden’s transition panel compromise electoral win in the carefully configured voter transgression in the critical Presidential election.

Last but not the least, anytime any political party prohibit entry to rival observers in the vote counting locations together with sworn affidavits from election officials barred from performing their duty in voting centers that appears to have been experienced by Republican representatives and voters alike, the election procedures are rendered irrelevant with such misconduct and egregious decisions aimed at end justifying the means in the battle to the White House.

The Presidential election 2020 is extraordinary given the COVID19 from Wuhan, China crippling health and economy in the United States and across the globe.  China’s CCP influence and inevitable dominance in political, economic, intelligence and national security by funding Presidential candidacy in the United States election is extremely precarious and every citizen regardless of political affiliation would be affected in China’s intervention gaining prominence upon CCP and foreign governments backed administration sworn to office awarding Beijing Victory in the long aspired CCP’s hegemonic ambition to supersede United States in the domestic and global status.

United States electorate deserve transparency and accountability without any reservations and limitations from political, media, tech giants and other industries in economy thus far maintaining superiority in swaying electoral victory. The election commissions in the states and federal committee are supposed to remain bipartisan and not arbitrary in enforcing rules that are meant to be applicable across the board. The same would apply to judiciary to treat every citizen as equal giving them the benefit of the doubt especially in the contentious and questionable outcome.

Every citizen in the United States as registered voters expecting their votes to be counted to represent the electorate mandate coming forward to have them validated as key witnesses and victims of any kind of voter discrimination is paramount to save democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





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