United States – President Donald Trump re-election to second term in 2020

November 26, 2020

United States – President Donald Trump

re-election to second term in 2020

Padmini Arhant

No free nation on earth would allow or tolerate foreign power intervention funding and directing general election results to favor candidacy in quid pro quo for vested interests. The sentiment interpreted in action by democrats through Robert Mueller committee and impeachment proceedings against then winner Donald Trump in 2016 until 2020 though the wild goose chase cost taxpayers millions of dollars and highlighted bitter partisan politics.

In 2020 Presidential election, China CCP investment forging strong financial ties with democrat Presidential contender Joe Biden and family hardly a matter of concern for the political party and those crying foul on fabricated Russiagate in 2016 until 2020.

Is China CCP a benevolent benefactor expecting nothing in return from campaign financing recipients with earlier lucrative economic deals in exclusive personal gains to former Vice President Joe Biden and family during two terms in office from 2009 until 2016?

How will the foreign interests backed Joe Biden administration combat China, the key investor in Biden Presidency and others on myriad issues related to fair economic trade that Beijing has flouted to undermine United States, China CCP’s expansionism through Silk Road Economic Belt in South Asia, South East Asia, Asia Pacific and across the globe?

Notwithstanding COVID-19 casualties and mass infections rising in the United States and world over while China CCP invested democrat candidacy Joe Biden exalting Beijing victory not only constitutes treason but also reject COVID-19 deaths and corona virus affected patients suffering in the unjustifiable undemocratic election process.

The conflict of interests in Biden campaign not only limited to China but also connected with Ukraine firm funding the 2020 voting machine software Smartmatic chair represented think tank, a close associate of foreign billionaire George Soros and Smartmatic’s chairman Peter Neffenger in Joe Biden’s presumptuous transition team conclusively invalidate undemocratic declaration of foreign bidders’ victory under the guise of Biden victory.

Besides, the sworn affidavits under oath for perjury from several American citizens witness and experience to voting irregularities and fraud in battleground states’ counties along with calibration of voting machines flipping votes to designated candidacy cited even by democrat senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar earlier cannot be discarded in the evaluation of electoral outcome accuracy. The pre-meditated obfuscation in the Presidential election 2020 is a dangerous precedence for any democracy with overwhelming foreign and domestic intrusion.

As for Biden Presidency supporters viz. media, tech giants and political party members from either side of the aisle seeking evidence on ballot elimination and inclusion i.e. voter fraud organization, the same was admitted by the democrat candidate Joe Biden in public appearance referenced below. The proof is in the public statement from the democrat Presidential contender Joe Biden on pre-arranged robust fraud mechanism in place’ indisputably to benefit foreign investors as political stakeholders to supersede United States in the domestic and global status.

Again reportedly illegal betting with billions of dollars on United States Presidential race 2020 by bookers across the Atlantic in London to shift election result to Biden contributes to international stake in U.S. election.

These activities and foreign indulgence in 2020 Presidential race categorically invalidate the illegitimate election rigging favoring democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden ending the Presidential race dilemma.

The individual freedom and national sovereignty could neither be compromised nor surrendered to collusion among foreign interventionists’, tech giants, media and political opposition instrumental in denying the American electorate legitimacy in the 2020 Presidential race.

The incumbent President Donald J. Trump is the duly elected President of the United States to the second term in office to be sworn to resume executive duties and responsibilities in January 2021 having performed and delivered in the domestic front on America First as much as possible and certain aspects in the international domain – curbing China’s CCP in many frontiers and others from taking advantage of United States taxpayers free provisions entertained by previous administrations until 2016.

The incumbent President Donald Trump’s first term record was assessed and acknowledged by 74 million American electorate with a mandate despite four years of obstructionist politics from those prioritizing own legacy, power and personal interests not to mention the media and press role in censorship of real news related to Democrat contestant Joe Biden and immediate family dealings with China, Ukraine and more from reaching the public.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 




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