United States – NDAA Veto and GITMO Closure

October 22, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The White House decision on National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) introduced, enacted and implemented in December 2010 now vetoed in the wake of disagreement between legislative and executive branch on defense spending bill to a tune of $612 billion deserves attention.  

NDAA was unconstitutional with serious infringement on civil liberty.  The legislation on NDAA defined political reality.  Similarly procrastination in shutting down Guantanamo Bay prison holding inmates without due process clarifies democracy in subjugation.

Revoking NDAA and GITMO closure would reinstate democracy and restore human values in rapid deterioration since 9/11.

Besides GITMO, United States and NATO run detention centers in Afghanistan, Middle East, South East Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America facilitating renditions and gross human rights violations under the pretext of war on terror exacerbate terror manufacturing and activities to prolong conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and throughout Africa. 

Regardless of motives behind undemocratic rule and practices such as NDAA and GITMO camp, anything counterproductive is unsustainable with inevitable adverse effects on the source and catalysts.

Notwithstanding economic liability in maintaining prison complexes worldwide. 

Sponsoring terrorism by funding, training and arming terror networks to destabilize nations is the current trend leaving scores dead and millions in refugee status ultimately affecting the origin of the problem witnessed in refugee influx on EU shores and inhumane response to humanitarian crises.

Likewise, military interventions with aerial bombing and air strikes claimed as expunging terror in Syria and elsewhere are more favorable to boost defense expenditure ignoring massive infrastructure destruction in war zone considering hegemony deployed terror factions across the country.

The repeat proposals from this website to ban weapons supply to terror groups in addition to disarming militants and rebels across the globe is not appealing for those attracted to failure and mayhem. 

Simultaneously arms and ammunitions distribution to terrorists, dictatorial regimes, nefarious elements, drug cartels, organized and underground crime syndicate benefit stake holders in defense (more appropriately offensive) stocks to continue status quo.

Nuclear states with military might inability to contain terror and militancy in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Middle East in particular pose credibility factor revealing the background and complicity within as well as outside the domain. 

Hegemony aspirations for global dominance producing enormous casualties, human tragedies with generational impact along with economic burden and environment degradation is a lost cause in otherwise fait accompli. 

Repealing NDAA and departure from torture techniques cited at GITMO would confirm recognition of erroneous actions and sincerity in reviving democratic principles and fairness in justice.

United States could be the land of the free and the home of the brave upon respecting life in general –  own citizens and foreign nationals alike.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 







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  1. rb on November 4th, 2015 8:45 am

    I enjoy the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the great posts.

  2. Padmini Arhant on November 4th, 2015 3:04 pm

    Dear Visitors,

    Thank you for your support. Much appreciated.

    Padmini Arhant

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