United States – National Veterans Day

November 13, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Veterans Day is observed in remembrance of armed forces sacrifices in the war and,

As for the survivors returning home with life long injuries and most importantly emotional problems and mental trauma, they are affected with a permanent scar for the rest of their life.

The veterans experience in the contemporary age is severe considering disillusionment on illegal invasion and occupation that involves atrocities and gross human rights violation under liberation and humanitarian mission pretexts with soldiers expected to simply obey order from the chain of command at the top.

Wars never produce winners yet prevalently western fervor for war despite the outcome being death and devastation is at peak chasing illusion.

The western stance today to wage wars for global dominance has no boundaries and wars without borders is the norm prioritizing aggression and provocation instead of peace and diplomacy.

Sadly life has no meaning or value since profits and political gains are achieved at the expense of innocent civilians while young army personnel expended in combat missions with no significance to peaceful resolution of crises that could otherwise save precious lives all around.

Notwithstanding the world future wiped away in massive explosions and advanced ammunitions utilizing technology to the maximum potential along with nuclear threat reverberating in the warning that ‘all options are on the table.’

Somehow superiority is projected through drones on Muslim nations, relentless air strikes against 1.7 million Palestinians in Gaza strip and military incursions via permanent bases across the globe.

The determination to prolong violence with primitive methods of execution and massacre in Syria and earlier in Libya by western powers and Gulf allies is a descending trait for human race with no respect for international law or ethical standards that commonly apply to those in compliance.

Citizens in western society and the victim nations across the Middle East as well as in other parts of the globe including war veterans for peace are urged to rise to the occasion and demand the respective leaderships in the west and Gulf region to stop the war and ceasefire with immediate effect in Syria and elsewhere.

Unless the global movement emerges with one voice, the elite establishment functioning as shadow power will proceed towards catastrophic journey leading the entire world into possible nuclear confrontation.

Hence, every individual bears responsibility to avert ensuing disaster emanating from western and Arab league cavalier approach against Syria – a nation already under relentless assault on all directions with suicide bombings and other lethal measures from western powers and their Gulf coalition.

Please remember remaining silence is complacency and also interpreted as complicity with the tide turning against the rest of the world when belligerence allowed to prevail in the preliminary step targeting the weak and vulnerable.

Veterans day memorialize the war participants laying their life during conflict,

However, the authority and policy makers pushing for military intervention unfortunately slight veterans’’ plea and public opinion for troop withdrawal terminating military presence in sovereign nations undermining territorial integrity and local population rights to self-determination falsely claimed as premise in military engagement.

Wishing peace activism success in protecting life and environment.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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