United States – July 4 – Commemorating Independence and National Sovereignty

July 4, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

On this day, July 4, 2012 United States commemorates independence from foreign control reminiscing freedom – the inalienable human right for expression and peaceful assembly among diverse choices available to individuals in any free and fair political system.

Regrettably, the contemporary era marred with U.S. and allies invasion, occupation and violation of other nations sovereignty for global dominance with expendable U.S. forces and taxpayers funds reversing the trend to imperialism.

United States current laws such as Patriot Act, NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) denying due process in civil court rather than military tribunal and government unlimited access to citizens’ personal communication via unwarranted wire tapping including 24/7 surveillance,

Additionally, the invasive security measures at the airports not even sparing infants – some of them physically challenged although clearly visible are subjected to extreme procedures clarifying the military operation in the so-called war on terror either a failure or attributed to flawed foreign policy and military strategy facilitating terror networks to benefit defense industry and hegemony.

On the domestic front, occupy movement and other protests are contained with excess force and undemocratic means contradictory to constitutional rights that guarantees citizens liberty to dissent in a tolerant society.

United States permanent military bases around the world and simultaneous wars in different nations not barring latest actions undermining international agreements pose grave threats to peace and political stability in the volatile region like Middle East.

Americans by and large favor peace and diplomatic solutions to international disputes unlike prevalent political decisions not in synchrony with public opinion.

The military intervention against sovereign nations hinders prospects for constructive dialogue and meaningful negotiations in republic and national interest.

On this important day, troops in active duty including their families and veterans deserve due recognition for the pledge to protect citizens and sovereignty.

Wars are fought for reasons excepting national defense evident in the conflicts aimed at usurping power on false pretext to seize economic resources or strategic advantage overseas contributing to immense suffering all around.

Besides political leaderships committing treason against nation and people they are obligatory to serve with honesty and integrity.

Certainly, the present time is tumultuous seeking military options at ease ignoring devastating consequences affecting humanity and habitat that could otherwise be averted with prudence and patience.

War has become the mechanism to deal with disagreements for militarily powerful nation and allies refusing to heed consistent recommendations on non-violent approach to resolve crisis.

Life is precious not to be wasted in confrontation that could end in reconciliation beginning with talks and rational exchange.

Political freedom is imperative for a nation to sustain progress in every dimension.

Power exercised to empower society across the spectrum with equal respect and consideration for all in providing dignified life would enrich national status.

United States focus on national issues with divestments from warfare to economy, infrastructure and myriad programs in requirement for funds would expedite growth and alleviate vast majority plight.

Above all, restoring democratic values and social justice in shutting down the infamous Guantanamo Bay and abandoning practices that are condemned by United States in the international domain would deliver credibility and national image truly living up to the concept –

Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

All are born to be free and freedom is worth celebrating upon universal experience.

Happy July 4, 2012.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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