United States Judicial Ethics – Troy Davis Execution

September 22, 2011

United States Judicial Ethics – Troy Davis Execution

 Padmini Arhant

Troy Anthony Davis, the innocent victim of death penalty was executed following the United States Supreme Court denial on the last minute worldwide appeal to save his life.

Troy Davis maintained innocence and was respectful towards all regardless with a peaceful message to end death penalty.

Troy Davis will be remembered for awakening global consciousness on the urgent need to abolish state sponsored unnatural death in the twenty first century.

Clemency rejection despite the verdict clouded with too many reasonable doubts is a scar on the present judicial policy influenced by politics and personal ideology.

United States taking pride as the modern democracy is at the crossroads to abandon practices threatening civil and human rights contradictory to democratic values – the foundation for republic-governed sovereignty.

Those in power with the ability to ‘Change’ the status quo and lead the nation towards social progress failed in the moral duty and responsibility by upholding their position to deny Troy Davis the right to exist.

Peaceful and non-violent global movement to address social impediments attributed to obsolete laws and detrimental political decisions could deliver the progressive outcome transcending polarizing factors for greater good.

The ultimate power remains with the people to transform the political will in the society.

Citizens’ representation not reflected in action requires collective response through corrective measures during the electoral process.

Troy Davis legacy to humanity to challenge injustice and medieval customs like death sentence will continue in his honor and memory forging peace and harmony.

Troy Davis presence in spirit will be cherished in service to humanity filled with compassion and healing power.

With heartfelt condolences to Troy Davis family and millions of supporters around the world especially in the excruciating final moments of his life,

Prayers offered for Troy Davis soul to rest in peace after the pain and suffering he endured on earth.

In remembrance of Troy Davis sacrifice for social justice,

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

http://youtu.be/eED05-k3_Ik http://youtu.be/_Nv3Gdthq1M http://youtu.be/sJAoEyt96EM http://youtu.be/DGLhv0QEI0M http://youtu.be/lhLqyQZqyfY http://youtu.be/qmAzczwsNRQ http://youtu.be/McXzysF8dbo


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