United States – Impeachment by House of Congress

January 13, 2021

United States – Impeachment by House of Congress

Padmini Arhant

The ongoing activity in American taxpayers funded Congress – the House in particular headed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the last straw leading to decimation of democrat party in the domestic and international arena. 

The democrat party hijacked long before in 2009 with the election of Barack Hussein Obama and Joseph Biden now headed towards tailspin at local and foreign intruders behest is self-destructive.

The impeachment theatrics wasting taxpayers money depriving Americans of urgently required assistance through stimulus checks $2000 in the pandemic is a verifiable event on democrat party priorities and concern over average Americans and small business plight. 

Needless to say all those engaged in the spectacle to pursue the duly elected President Donald J. Trump are not the representatives of the republic of the United States.

They are indeed the enemy of the republic and humanity at large having lost legitimacy and credibility in every respect . 

President Donald J.Trump performance in improving American lives and impressive growth in American economy is testament to the Presidency re-election to second term in office.

President Donald Trump is the legitimate winner and duly elected President in 2020 election to serve second term in office. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 




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