United States – Immigration Crackdown

June 19, 2018

United States – Immigration Crackdown

Padmini Arhant

The current administration extreme measure on immigration crackdown separating children from families is a crime to begin with requiring due diligence rather than hardline undemocratic and inhumane approach slighting humanitarian values that tarnish America’s image and credibility. 

The White House and Justice department are urged not to adopt harsh and unconstitutional strategy splitting children and young members from their parents and close family under the guise of national security. 

The administration’s ongoing practice is in direct violation of human rights that does not bode well amid involvement in peaceful endeavors on international affairs.

These children are United States citizens by birth and their constitutional rights to live in the country of birth with their biological parents and nucleus family merits attention and compliance by authorities in breach of these citizens civil and human rights. 

National security cannot be the reason to threaten innocent children and young members of immigrant families as they are not endangering lives with overwhelming immigrant and undocumented members in United States are hard working and making significant contributions to the economy and society in general. Notwithstanding them being the taxpayers on the meager income paying taxes on consumer items and other products as well as services unlike the wealthiest evading taxes and exploiting consumer data for personal and corporate profitability. 

United States is the land of immigrants with many having arrived from different parts of the world in similar conditions like the present immigrant population facing deportation. The process to expel these large number of people without allowing them to resolve issues in a fair, credible and compassionate manner that would be appropriate appears to be a political move to appease small groups in society who have forgotten their lineage and descend that links them offshore.

The crime situation applied as the reason behind nonchalant expulsion of immigrants seeking permanent status is a result of domestic policy such as the previous administration’s Fast and Furious program supplying arms to drug cartels in Mexico, Columbia and other Latin American nations creating violent environment for residents of these countries forcing them to flee their towns and villages in search of safety and security.

The White House and Justice department’s latest decision without considering these children and youth rights as citizens of the United States and impact on separating them from their immediate families is deeply regrettable.

Besides, the accelersted crackdown has adverse effects on agriculture industry, hospitality service, construction work  and other areas of economic sector employing them that are hard to replace due to lack of interest and willingness amongst locals to accept the poor employment conditions viz. low wages and long hours benefiting employers up until now. Not to  mention such exploitation equally deserving action to correct the disparity in employment situation.

Immigration policy targeting specific groups or categories proved counterproductive to nations poised as multicultural society,  Accordingly, the system is to be restructured applying necessary and relevant criteria barring repeat and verified criminal background and activities as opposed to contemporary mass deportation leading to serious humanitarian crisis that would attract global focus and concern. 

President Donald Trump cherishing moments with own family and photo opportunity depicting family retreats while maintaining contrasting position on immigration matter dividing families including children torn apart from their loved ones is indeed an irony. The extraordinary dealings confirm politics blindsiding core human value.

The administration representing United States in entirety could not ignore the majority views against the politically motivated immigration standard subjecting children and young members to preventable agony and misery.

The White House, Justice department, the Department of Homeland Security and others authorizing the inappropriate violations in demanding immigrants exodus in the absence of means to legitimize status is not without political backlash considering the midterm elections around the corner. 

Interestingly, those in favor of the erroneous immigration strategy for political purpose are inviting undesirable fate in the election year that would be a game changer for the opposition.

Politics playing crucial role could deliver outcome against predicted analyses given the ethnic concentration and Latino electoral base in key states like Florida, California, New Mexico to name a few in the congressional polls this year.

Regardless, handling the immigration issue with care and understanding is imperative. There are lives caught in the dogma neglecting important aspects of humanitarian, economic, social and political repercussions that are best avoided by reversing the course.

The U.S. administrations granting amnesty has been the tradition like the pardons to those on criminal charges and violations of  law. However, this matter would be on legitimate grounds for eligible number of undocumented workers and immigrants in good standing and contributing to productivity and prosperity of the nation they regard their home.

United States respecting lives and human rights especially with children and young Americans having born and grown up in the land with dreams and aspirations is what would make America Great Again. 

Hopefully, rationality and compassion would prevail in the peaceful settlement of immigration and immigrant status.

Thank you.

Padmini  Arhant

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