United States – Hurricane and Floods Impact on Victims in East Coast

November 3, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The East Coast in the United States hit with hurricane evidently affected the local population considering the loss of precious lives and survivors struggling to cope with ramifications following calamity.

In locations like Long Beach in the state of New York with barely 10,000 people, apparently life abruptly suspended with prolonged power outage and essential shortages that has led some into looting and harming others to survive the crisis.

The government response in this instance according to Long Beach resident is introduction of martial law to curb the situation. Around 1,000 military personnel deployed to maintain law and order that has not brought respite to the victims fearful of the ongoing chaos and confusion.

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency primary task being precautionary measures beginning with adequate advance warning to citizens residing in zones predictable with extreme weather patterns and emergency preparedness well ahead of time upon confirmation of inevitable disaster from meteorological survey could mitigate tragic losses to lives and livelihood.

Subsequent to arrival of major storms and floods, the coordination among public and private sector including humanitarian groups could also organize relief efforts involving safe evacuation and basic provisions in addition to food and shelter.

Communities on their part could mobilize in maintaining calmness while helping each other rather than depriving one another from necessities leading to panic and security problems needlessly creating opportunity for military or paramilitary presence in civilian area.

Moreover, the National Guard sole purpose defined to defend national territory and safeguard residents at the critical hour with relevant rescue operations are instead deployed overseas to rein control over Middle Eastern oil, African minerals and Central Asian gas pipelines through illegal invasion and occupation.

The tax dollars are regrettably wasted in destabilization of sovereign states in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia leaving United States citizens on the lurch during catastrophe and tough economic period with significant unemployment rate prevalently exacerbating people plight.

Again, the political leaderships misplaced priority combined with federal agencies mismanagement witnessed in Katrina, BP oil spills in Gulf coast and now Hurricane as well as floods are indicative of the commitment or the lack thereof towards public interest and restoration to normal state.

The national focus on immediate assistance to citizens in East Coast and neighboring parts of the country experiencing adversity from Hurricane and other weather conditions would ease the deteriorating status for many bracing unnatural occurrence from environmental degradation caused by pollution, contamination and extensive energy exploration ignoring renewable natural source option.

Private sector especially the insurance companies and other industries could extend their timely support in addressing replacement and provisional requirements for clients and general society.

The government allocation of disaster funding with efficient implementation would provide solace to demography in dire straits besides improving residential facilities such as electricity, water, fuel and various supplies for inhabitants comfortable return to respective towns and cities in the East Coast.

Meanwhile, the members engaged in exploiting human tragedy are urged to refrain from theft and threats to fellow citizens concerned about their life and property.

The community response with empathy, compassion and outreach to those dependent on aid in any manner would benefit all.

Assuming collective responsibility for common good guarantees desirable results alleviating individual burden during ordeal.

Citizens across the United States and overseas are requested to come forward and generously donate to victims and their families through legitimate means to salvage damages sustained by them.

Your understanding and cooperation is deeply appreciated in nurturing life regardless of identity.

Human concept to evolve from degeneration to progress greatly enhances quality and personal wellbeing.

Wishing swift recovery to people currently enduring difficulties from weather related issues in East Coast and elsewhere.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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