United States – H.R. 5717 Democrats Controlled Governance Predicament

February 7, 2021

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are democrat and deep state swamp wings to cause disruption and confusion.

The latest threat from Antifa to stage riots in Washington, D.C. is a cover up from the organizers and funders pretending to disassociate from their domestic terror groups misleading public.

The democrat, deep state and foreign elements like George Soros are funding these groups spreading violence and mayhem.

Similar activities are prevalent in India inciting sedition in the country.

The citizens awakening and awareness of truth are critical in these dire situations.  The power hungry mobs and desperate criminal clique are ever in the game of misinformation and misrepresentation despite hyenas scavenging traits could no longer be hidden.

Padmini Arhant 


United States – H.R. 5717

Democrats Controlled Governance Predicament

Padmini Arhant

Loss of lives under any circumstances and situation is regrettable. Furthermore, deaths caused by violence, criminal indulgence, willful negligence, collusion, complicity, creating and spreading pandemic consuming innocent lives are all condemnable. The diverse ways and means inflicting fatalities are reprehensible.

However, the bill H.R. 5717 introduced by democrat held Congress aimed at second amendment Bill of Rights is a political agenda rather than implied cause in the bill. Not to mention the proposed legislation escalating tensions in the deeply divided nation and disenfranchised electorate.

The democrats explanation on H.R. 5717 to protect lives is paradoxical to the political party legislation decriminalizing substance abuse such as marijuana and other social policies not necessarily in citizens well being or interest.

Any legislation and policy is meaningful and well intended upon the political parties in power maintaining fair and balanced approach barring preference and partisanship.

How does the government reconcile with fairness and social justice on state committed crimes misusing authority against citizens viz. the republic within nation and in foreign land?

How could the government elected to serve and defend citizens across the spectrum justify prejudice and political alienation?

The democrat administration under former President Barack Obama and then attorney general Eric Holder implemented Fast and Furious program supplying high grade weapons and arsenal to drug cartels in Mexico via CIA in 2009 – 2010. The administration’s controversial engagement barely caught attention from democrat held Congress and Senate in 2009 – 2010.

The deadly policy contributed abhorrent violence from dangerous drug cartels armed with ammunitions directly made available to them from then federal government authorized Fast and Furious arms deal. The horrific violence evolved into nightmare for Mexican population. The continuous bloodshed triggered exodus of locals in rural and urban Mexico fleeing homes in village and towns for safety and security. The drug cartels outgunned the Mexican state authorities at the regional and national level due to seamless delivery of lethal weapons and military grade artillery from then United States government to bad elements across the border.

Needless to say, the bloodbath forced Mexican families to run for their lives with thousands thronged to United States territories in desperation. The crisis exacerbated illegal entry and undocumented arrivals exceeding the already overflowing influx into the country. Having ignited the flames, the democrat administration of Barack Obama and Eric Holder expressed no interest or initiative to address the issue. Instead the reckless policy continued despite dire humanitarian and security problem for United States and Mexico.

Similarly, the United States facilitated arms deal in Afghanistan fostering poppy crops i.e. opium traded between tribal groups and Taliban forces remain the primary source of ammunition procurement for the fundamentalist militancy in the war torn nation. The CIA operation in this regard is an open secret with warlords in Afghanistan trading opium for cash and weapons cache. As usual, corruption and criminality overwhelm environment with government in Afghanistan serving local and foreign feudalists leaving the Afghans entirely at the mercy of corrupt dysfunctional governance.

The Biden administration’s foreign policy return to former administrations of Barack Obama – Joe Biden and George W. Bush – Dick Cheney militarization of planet in troop deployment, prolonging warfare in Afghanistan, Syria and the middle east and worldwide contradict with the democrat party disarmament plan under H.R. 5717. The contrasting and conflicting strategies further highlight the democrats’ confused ideology.

In the national front, United States experienced violent riots and unrest from Black Lives matter (BLM) and Antifa – both organizations funded and supported by democrat party hierarchy and certain foreign donors. The nation was gripped with violence and mayhem throughout summer in 2020. The businesses together with public and private properties were set ablaze amid looting and mob frenzy on the streets in major cities of the United States much to citizens’ horror. The incidents upending law and order conformed to domestic terrorism.

On October 3rd, 2013, at the White House perimeter, there was White House approved summary execution of unarmed civilian, an African American young mother Miriam Carey with her then toddler daughter in the back seat. Miriam Carey was gunned down by President Barack Obama’s secret service personnel in Washington D.C. The victim of heinous crime was reportedly shot at least five times sustaining fatal injury from thirty five bullets fired at the unarmed citizen.

There is no doubt that brutality in any form from anyone and anywhere unarguably represent horrific crime.

Nonetheless, George Floyd’s incident was sensationalized and overshadowed by Black Lives matter pushing the nation on the edge. Simultaneously, the orchestrated events in regular destinations like London and neighboring Canada was set in motion.

Juxtaposed Miriam Carey’s death sponsored by White House with then occupants Barack Obama and Michele Obama presence at that time was neither an issue nor matter of any violation for Black Lives Matter, ACLU and other so-called human rights group that are otherwise in the front line on any politically charged affair. The media absence and abstinence is least surprising. Contrarily, the media would have upped the ante with Donald Trump in the White House at that time.

Similarly, then Vice President Joe Biden’s muted response to Miriam Carey’s murder by White House security service while reminding American electorate and media on personal voice to Charlottesville episode and rebuking President Donald Trump for alleged silence to the demonstration is self-explanatory on political hypocrisy.

The democrat party worker, the 24 years old Seth Rich gunned down in broad daylight in Washington D.C.  The murder until today not even considered worth any investigation covering up democrat party’s internal politics and violent practice.

Finally, the democrats display on political clout and strength in executing the former President Barack Obama’s listed aspirations such as eliminating second amendment, curbing free and unfettered access to internet that were attempted earlier by Barack Obama and Joe Biden administration unleashing SOPA, PIPA and ACTA…via democrat held Congress and Senate in the first and second term in office is a cliché. These measures were deceptively designed to infringe on First Amendment and obstruct online information. The cyber force as users erupted in world wide protest and promptly rejected the governments’ overarching rules in the United States and world wide.

The democrats and others claim to save lives in H.R. 5717 would be convincing upon political members denouncing Beijing communist leadership, World Health Organization together with private investors role in subjecting humanity across the globe to excruciating health and economic misery from the manufactured virus in Wuhan lab, China.

Unfortunately, the democrat administration i.e. the President and Vice President’s close ties with Beijing authorities linked to personal financial obligations and indebtedness subjugate United States to Beijing’s free will granting latter huge advantage overall. As for WHO, the ally of Beijing, the Biden administration overturning predecessor President Donald Trump’s valid reason to leave World Health Organization is an affirmation to Beijing – Biden relation.

Those whose political status quo on violence, deaths, destruction and pandemic caused irreversible calamity is glaring at them, any haste legislations would only precipitate undesirable outcome.

Haste makes waste is experienced time and time again.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




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