United States – Gun Violence

November 6, 2017

United States – Gun Violence

Padmini Arhant

The latest massacre at the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas is yet another series of violence targeting unarmed citizens anywhere including peaceful sanctuary such as the place of worship.

Anytime the deadly act occurs, the assailant taking own life appears to be the norm leaving the victims’ family and community bereft and vulnerable.

The cause is often noted as mental health problem whether Las Vegas shooting or ramming over pedestrians using vehicle in East Manhattan, New York and now Texas rampage.

The gun laws review and revision being regarded politically unfavorable, the citizens safety obviously not a priority for some members in Congress and organization such as National Rifles Association, the powerful NRA lobby weighing down on powerless citizenry nationwide.

Is it possible for NRA and gun owners in the United States to object to laws denying firearms license to those diagnosed with mental illness or personal background confirming suicidal motives at innocent lives expense?

The incidents happening at frequent intervals is a news item soon dissipating without any end to senseless conduct. The individuals with mental issues in possession of lethal weapons is not only self-endangering, the status prove to be an existential threat to society. That being the case,

What is holding the state and federal authorities from introducing law to remove arms cache as reported in Las Vegas shooter’s profile detailing explosives and ammunitions held in massive quantity?

Where is the intelligence agency operation including NSA vigilance in detecting such unusual activity among certain individuals involved in mass murder?

There is a pattern now in the United States with citizens aimed randomly either in a crowd or in isolation. Regardless, these events raise concerns on domestic security with people expected to tolerate the loss of their loved ones as nothing more than unfortunate fact of life.

The public protection is state and federal responsibility. The violent means either with guns or automobile witnessed in mass murder in broad daylight suggest neglect of duty among those responsible to safeguard community. The absence of stringent measures in restricting purchase or acquisition of rifles and military grade artillery further exacerbate situation where people are forced to live in fear inhibiting free movement and normal existence.

Not only the background check on gun owners with regular updates on the system monitored by state and federal agency is necessary, the medical data on patients owning firearms identified with mental and emotional problems like depression would limit opportunity for those pursuing extreme course to take others’ lives that are carried out with planning and preparation.

Similarly, the medical history of mentally unstable individuals applying for drivers’ license and permits to drive heavy duty vehicle could be checked prior to approval. The medical information of patients suffering from mental conditions made available on the database for verification by gun vendors and department of motor vehicles (DMV) could save lives moving forward.

Simultaneously, adequate funding to address mental health is equally important to help citizens from committing crimes in society.

I convey my condolence to grieving families in Texas shooting and others in earlier episodes of violence.

May effective solutions through legislations and community coordination end tragedies inflicted on fellow citizens in the United States.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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