United States – The Great State of Texas Unprecedented Action

December 25, 2021

United States – The Great State of Texas Unprecedented Action

Padmini Arhant

The great state of Texas headed by Governor Greg Abbott, state legislature and American patriots’ relentless efforts to contain the border crises in the absence of federal actions or interest merit attention and appreciation. 

The border issue is not limited to Texas alone or any other states only for that matter. The open border invitation from the current Biden-Harris administration in the White House impetus unmitigated disaster in many fronts for the entire nation in the United States. 

The border across Mexico is the gateway for drug cartels, human traffickers, arms smugglers…variety of unscrupulous nefarious activities hurting population seeking asylum in the United States as well as importantly endangering safety and security of states sharing the border and United States in entirety. 

The combined actions of Texas governor Greg Abbot administration, Texas state legislature along with other authorities in Texas state, besides national guard, coastal guard, border patrol agents risking their lives to prevent the above mentioned illegal trespassing and contraband is commendable

In contemporary politics, the elected leaderships in governance leaving politics behind over real challenges confronting the state and nation are rare and out of question.

That being the case, the Texas government under Governor Greg Abbot and others’ concerted coordination prioritizing citizens and national interests above all and securing the border is refreshing and unprecedented in the highly politicized climate never missing any opportunity on issues and situation as potential electoral advantage. 

The southern state Texas leading the way in protecting own citizens and the rest of the country in this regard i.e. containing cross border intrusions expanded into major threat is an effective measure. 

The White House Biden-Harris administration heeding United States citizens’ concerns as residents in Texas and other states in similar cross border quagmire could alleviate burden on the state like Texas abandoned to deal with national emergency alone. 

The lone star Texas brave and bold engagement with the border wall and relevant humane intervention to save lives all around is extraordinary and valuable. 

Thank you. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter




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