United States – Government Shutdown

January 24, 2019

The ongoing impasse on reopening of government taking toll on airport security and aviation safety with passengers stranded in airports in the northeast and other parts of the country are extreme conditions. These effects will be a culminating factor for inevitable voter backlash in 2020. The responsible authorities in the current deliberations heeding to national urgency and resuming government functions would signify commitment to electorate and the nation at large.


United States – Government Shutdown 

Padmini Arhant

United States heads of government in the executive and legislative branch perhaps forgot the holidays were over a while ago for citizens in the country and world wide.

The extended holiday season under the guise of government shut down by leading public officials is actually hurting ordinary folks who survive paycheck to paycheck.

I can completely relate to this no pay or salary situation considering my status working without any pay in the past ten years and up until now and yet meet all financial obligations tied to basic existence.

Those who are behind this prolonged shut down obviously care less for it does not affect them monetarily given the wealth at their disposal.

Furthermore, in every government shutdown which is a routine for most administrations, Congress always protect their interests in terms of income or paycheck to self in the House and Senate. In other words, the government shutdown translates into paid vacation for Congress and the administration.

However, that is not the case for nearly a million government workers enduring severe impact of this gridlock between Congress and Whitehouse.

Whatever political differences there are between warring factions over border wall and various issues, there is no justification in holding ordinary citizens i.e. employees and other critical government services indefinitely hostage without any desire to resolve the problem amicably in national interest.

In fact, the economic costs from this shut down only increase liability adding to United States deficit and national debt at taxpayers expense. Any gains expected from trilateral treaty signed and yet to be ratified i.e. United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement and similar deals would have to salvage the revenue loss for government due to the current irrational stalemate involving the Whitehouse and House of Congress.

Government closure due to unwillingness to reconcile differences failing to prioritize the need for functionality and importantly thousands of employees deprived of life dependent income is meaningless as these negotiations could be done without hindering government operation.

The administration obstinacy over border wall citing security ignores immediate crisis from the suspension of government apparatus providing diverse services that are connected with generating revenue for the nation.

Again the members as staff and workers forced into unemployment in the absence of paycheck including taxes to government deserve attention in this unnecessary showdown.

United States leaderships demonstrating maturity and sensitivity to government workers and their families plight besides focus on utilizing taxpayers hard earned money in addressing issues through constructive political discourse would be much appreciated.

I urge President Donald Trump, House Majority leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority leader Senator Mitch McConnell to end the government shut down and engage in positive dialogue on all matter.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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