United States – Georgia Runoff Election 2021

January 5, 2021

United States – Georgia Runoff Election 2021

Padmini Arhant


There is an urgent need for checks and balances in government that is controlled by deep state, foreign powers, special interests and political members in defiance of constitution, rule of law and ethics.

The politics is deeply entrenched in corruption besides collusion with foreign powers and domestic saboteurs of democracy. Under these circumstances, the republic is under siege as experienced now with tech oligarchs’ gag order in social media prohibiting free speech post-election 2020.

The situation in the United States is precarious with direct threats to constitution, individual freedom and voting rights witnessed in Presidential election 2020 result. The election corruption facilitating voter fraud, voting irregularities and Dominion voting machine owned by democratic party prominent members viz. the spouses of Senator Dianne Feinstein and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi posing a major conflict of interests is a serious matter. Similarly, Smartmatic software used in Dominion voting machine has ties with democrat running mate Kamala Emhoff through the candidate’s spouse Douglas Emhoff partnered with DLA Piper Global in return having members who are close associates with China’s communist politburo and China’s People Liberation Army. It can’t get any worse than this in challenging election integrity while derailing voter confidence in local and national election.

The democratic party heavily funded by tech giants is a problem that cannot be ignored considering tech companies blatant violation of constitutional guaranteed first amendment. The tech firms such as Google’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter prohibiting citizens from freedom of expression on election fraud correlate with China communist regime intolerance to liberty and peaceful dissent. The democrat party network with tech giants, Hollywood, foreign and domestic billionaires and China’s communist party as well as China’s PLA has removed the political party from democrat base and mainstream population. The democrat party once touted as the party for struggling average citizens has evolved into elitists club with leading members more conscious of preserving billionaire and multi-millionaire status. The evolution disregard democratic principles and values that are evidently no longer important in the party strategy to win election at any costs and squander taxpayers money in politically motivated pursuits like the kind deployed against incumbent President Donald Trump on alleged Russian collusion prompting Robert Mueller committee. In the absence of negative findings by Mueller committee, the democrat upper echelons embarked on unsuccessful impeachment proceedings to oust sitting President Donald Trump wasting resources and time that could have been invested in improving American lives instead of obstructionist politics.

The democrat party focus on identity politics is yet another deviation from main issues that neglects reality over superficiality. The democrat party’s trend on identity politics is destructive as the policy indulge in profiling based on gender, race and background rather than promoting merit and mass integration without specific tag alienating individuals from general society.

Last but not the least, the democrat party political ambitions contrast relevance and meaning creating confusions among own democrat base and concerns across the aisle on extreme ideology and goals not in favor of United States democratic foundation and republic realm. The democrat candidacies close ties with China’s communist regime and external powers influence in United States governance and affairs is a natural cause for reservations against a major political party appear to have lost voter trust in the apparent undemocratic means to gain power.

Georgian electorate exercising discernment in electing representatives to United States Senate maintaining balance of power is critical to avert drastic engagement from democrat party with a narrow majority in the House of Congress.

In light of latest developments in 2020 Presidential election, Georgia re-election of republican incumbents should require them to curb China communist regime’s anti-American policies essentially protecting election process from foreign and domestic sabotage.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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