United States – Free Speech and Democracy Under Siege

January 11, 2021

United States – Free Speech


Democracy under Siege

Padmini Arhant

The first sign of authoritarianism is intolerance to free speech and denying access on social public platform to share views and concerns. Simultaneously, the free and fair election is ejected substituting the process with fraudulence, vote rigging and manipulation contemporarily witnessed and experienced in the United States.

The political system is controlled and directed to punish anyone and those in favor of democracy, constitution, freedom of expression, religious freedom, liberty, peace and justice. The politics then act against targeted members in government and public domain under false charges and accusations to exhibit power and stymie opposition to exert hardline authority.

After weakening democracy, the members in politics become foot soldiers to internal and external powers minding affairs from within and outside. The economic sector with financial might such as tech giants join forces to ban members and public figures regarded a threat to authoritarianism.

Then onwards the system is run by incognito powers using proxies and puppet regimes to implement agenda predominantly aimed at destructive course depriving population from independence, free will, fair economic opportunity enforcing dependence on state for existence.

The government and operatives entrenched in corruption leading to deep state swamp further exploit conditions leaving citizens entirely at authoritarian discretion and mercy. 

The major challenge for citizens in these dark situations is lack of support from the system under authoritarian rule. The authoritarian dogma is to pursue and punish anyone posing a threat to system invested in personal and vested interests contrary to pervasive progress and prosperity.

The danger is judiciary including the Supreme Court on land submission to authoritarian directives to reject plea and lawsuits against government or private sector in violation of constitutional rights, procedures and republic status. The unipolar system stifles citizens’ fundamental rights to participate in public discourse and even eliminate entrepreneurs from market place under fabricated pretext of endangering peace and national security.

These developments currently apply to United States and ongoing aggressive measures against the sitting President Donald J. Trump and private business Parler, the social media removed from open market place in defiance of market economy. The abrasive maneuvers are extreme and do not conform with democratic principles and norm.

The tech giants intrusion exacerbating political and economic diversity in individual thoughts, ideas and service providing options to public is a direct infringement on market economy practice. The consumer choice is a basic right defining market economy that is now undermined with tech oligarchs exclusive policy.

Parler isolation demonstrates tech behemoths abuse of anti-trust privilege. The tech companies disturbing activities appropriately necessitate Section 230 repeal. There may not be political actions in this regard considering  transition surrendering to domestic and foreign communist authority upon such event coming into fruition.

However, the consumers generated economic empowerment of tech companies involved in controversial exclusion and termination of accounts and other businesses entirely based on political ideology could be reversed by retailers and end-users shift to alternative providers representing eclectic medium.

Finally, the acrimonious impeachment proposition from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and some republican cohorts in the Senate against duly elected President Donald Trump along with tech companies egregious expulsion of Parler, the social media is characteristic of totalitarianism.

The hostility resulting in unnecessary polarization of society is best laid to rest. The position implies deviation from critical issues deserving immediate focus to heal and recover from excruciating pandemic triggering economic crisis and election debacle.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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