United States – Erratic Decisions Are Self Inflicting Disaster

June 25, 2018

United States – Erratic Decisions Are Self Inflicting Disaster

Padmini Arhant

President Donald J Trump obliging instructions from elements against progress and peace is self inflicting disaster for the source and catalysts.

President Donald Trump acquiescence to forces against peace reflected in the recent imposition of illegal unilateral economic sanctions against North Korea for another year subsequent to gala summit in Singapore describes the office of Presidency subjugation .

The dark age merchants of war, acrimony and human rights violations have nothing to look forward except chaos and perpetual turmoil in accordance with inner self conflicts within prompting such compulsive and impulsive behavior. Not to mention the unpleasant and unwelcoming journey awaiting them following own mortality unravelling the misdeeds during their lifetime.

The rational mind would demonstrate discernment and intellect rejecting destructive course and adopt constructive measures to heal and humanize relations that has been shunned due to excessive desire for violence and discord.

On immigration issue – the drive to deport undocumented immigrants without due process is yet another example of self harming strategy given the economic and political dynamics of such erroneous decision.

There are consequences to all actions and the wise act to prevent undesirable outcome with serious repercussions despite any pressure and misguidance from agents of catastrophe.

Life offers opportunity to correct and rectify mistakes from the past and present for a better future. Those riding on the unbridled horse are expected to face the tumultuous fall as deserving in the light of voluntary egregious determination.

Rising from the pit requires tremendous courage and will to do anything right in a fair and practical approach delivering positive conclusion benefiting humanity at large as opposed to counterproductive choices leading to regrettable ending.

Those who think they control everything control nothing especially when they are controlled by egocentric illusive thoughts promoting self endangering indulgence.

Time serves as a reminder and foreteller of events cautioning straying minds to focus on utilizing power and position of authority in mitigating human suffering rather than exacerbating misery inevitably affecting the channels and origin.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com


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