United States – Election Outcome 2016

November 9, 2016


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United States – Election Outcome 2016

By Padmini Arhant


Congratulations! America. You made it through the arduous and grueling election season sensationalized and trivialized to invalidate electorate expectations with customized outcome.

Congratulations! To Republican candidate Donald Trump on the victory that was almost written off against the contender by pollsters and several speculators across the spectrum.

Congratulations! To all winners tonight in the Senate, House and Gubernatorial race representing Congress and State assembly of respective states nationwide.

The anxiety and concerns over unexpected turn of events in the Presidential race is not surprising considering anticipation for a different result.  

The global markets reaction to United States electoral outcome is misplaced as economic stability and prosperity not only in the United States but globally would remain the priority with fair and balanced trade rather than disproportionate dealings serving as an advantage for some over others in the global economy.

Furthermore, the citizens in the United States deserve a change that guarantees economic opportunity, political functionality with transparency and accountability exempting none above law. National and global security is paramount and possible in pursuing peaceful resolutions to conflicts rather than contemporary means proved counterproductive.

The concept of terror and terrorism needs to be addressed effectively beginning with identifying the cause and source that leads to weapons supply to terror networks besides funding, arming and training various terror factions for hegemonic goals that were never viable.

The American electorate cast their ballots to initiate new political system that represents the people and issues related to economy, safety, security, clean environment and equal rights barring divisiveness and prejudice.

United States is a melting pot with immigrants from around the world contributing to national wealth and economic progress. The people regardless of race, religion, gender and lifestyle orientation are all Americans and accordingly to be treated with respect, fairness and equality that would promote unity in society.

Politics refraining from political bargains and politicizing events for individual and vested interests is critical to move forward. Any kind of hidden strategies to disrupt governance or passing legislations against electorate benefit conforming to traditions maintained until now would unnecessarily create discord wasting taxpayer dollars that otherwise is to be invested in the economy, education, healthcare, infrastructure and clean environment.

In foreign policy, United States interventions spreading violence, turmoil and political instability is best abandoned with diplomacy and dialogue leading the way in dispute settlements and international affairs.

On the economic front, tax reforms to facilitate job growth in the manufacturing, service and diverse sectors boosting investments in economy is critical. Similarly, small and medium businesses also require necessary breaks and capital liquidity to successfully run operations in the United States.

The broad based economic policy will be discussed in due course.  The global matter will be included in the forthcoming presentation.

All citizens are to be treated fairly regardless of their status whether legal or undocumented with families born and settled in the United States.

The environmental cause cannot be ignored as planet protection is pivotal for life existence.

The incumbents and new members joining congress to form government pledging allegiance to serve the people and the nation with liberty and justice for all is the electoral mandate not to be misinterpreted as political capital and continue with business as usual.

Wishing United States electorate and the country as well as the world at large positive development and better future.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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