United States – Election 2020 Reality Check

December 21, 2020

United States

Election 2020 Reality Check

Padmini Arhant

The facts on election dispute confirms the following.

The political establishment as deep state representatives conspicuously under foreign powers dominance maintain status against republic will.

The republic stance challenging electoral outcome based on verifiable voter fraud and constitutional violation is incontrovertible.

Similarly electorate dissent exemplified in peaceful protests in the nation and swing states’ capital since election result made public.

On the contrary, except for those hired and organized by foreign infiltrators and internal complicity principally domestic and selective foreign media and press imposing fraudulent outcome,

The electorate are not necessarily in favor of deep state choice enforced rejecting evidence on election corruption.

The national survey from Rasmussen is testament to the fact. The reported majority believe media buried Hunter Biden’s laptop and explosive corruption scandals to help Biden in the election.

Anything related to Hunter Biden directly implicates democrat Joe Biden evidently the chief beneficiary in all nefarious dealings involving Biden family.

The Biden family quid pro quo with United States adversaries seriously damage Presidential candidate credibility to represent the government, electorate across the spectrum and nation at large.

Importantly, Rasmussen poll also presented at least 30% of democrats not in concurrence with deep state members and media projecting Joe Biden as 2020 election winner. This is damning for any candidacy unable to win voter confidence within own base.

Under these circumstances it is clear that deep state members at various levels in politics and judiciary with excess baggage find themselves in a bind and submit to blackmail.

The surrender to dark forces’ unscrupulous means subverting democracy and constitutional law is a severe setback for the nation and democratic process.

Unfortunately, these deep state members for personal and political interests cower to underhanded tactics from those behind corrupting and stealing election.

These are the reasons for preference to corrupt and criminal background usurped to power to enable evil to conduct affairs. Meanwhile foreign intruders hold the nation hostage with extortion undermining national opportunity and prospects on critical negotiations against foreign adversaries interestingly handed the mantle of power.

The deep state media on their part engage in constant distortion hiding corruption, espionage and spy gate revelations on Biden family and team from public in utter betrayal of voter trust and transparency.

Needless to say, deceit and fraud only delivers doom and decline leading to ultimate demise of success i.e. colossal failure in every respect.

This is the reality confronting colluders and contractors behind election deception and abduction.

Not to mention everyone of them weighted down with a huge burden on soul. The guilt accompany them in living and after life unable to run away from unconscionable treason against nation and the republic.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter






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