United States – COVID-19 Status

July 21, 2021

United States – COVID-19 Status

Padmini Arhant

Why are the democrats in the United States representing the ruling party not raising any questions on the COVID-19 ORIGIN that has evolved into the world’s humungous health, economic and humanitarian catastrophe in the history of mankind?

The power in possession of those not exercised in the critical moment deserving answers to valid questions on COVID-19 origin related to horrific scientific misadventure – Gain of function research led bioengineering of the SARS-COV2 from Wuhan Virology Institute of China is neglect of constitutional duty to the nation and citizens nationwide. The millions of lives lost and affected in the pandemic not regarded relevant and important is a true revelation on political priority. 

The democrat base and electorate too would have unequivocally experienced the devastating impact of COVID-19 without exception. That being the case, the democrat leaderships and representatives’ abstinence in the ongoing congressional hearing on COVID-19 origin and inquiry is troubling for a political party positioned as democratic but not necessarily prepared to exemplify the role in action. The democrats’ lack of participation in the COVID-19 origin investigation for the sake of own democrat voters although every elected member are obligatory to represent the nation and humanity at large on this unique health, economic and humanitarian crises confronting global society in the present time is a misguided option.

The governing political party i.e. the democrats’ decision to evade responsibility in this regard do not reflect well in political terms or humanitarian value. The democrat voters’ attention on COVID-19 inquiry not being taken seriously by their political party is a clarion call to seek explanations from their party and representatives in the House, Senate and the White House. 

President Joe Biden has indicated that the  pandemic is prevalent and rising among the unvaccinated citing they are responsible for the spikes in COVID-19 statistics.

The White House has also accused social media apparent disinformation on vaccine being the reason for significant population not being vaccinated in the United States declining government advise on vaccination. 

The day those in power and position of authority claiming to have people’s mandate and political capital accept responsibility for their actions and decisions on any and all issues that are proved counterproductive, that day would be the dawn of clean and honorable governance in politics for any nation.

Unfortunately, that might never happen and anyone attempting in that respect may never be in power as witnessed in the past and present.

In politics –  trust, honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability are regarded inconvenient. Those who choose such principles are invariably isolated as the thorn on the side and a major obstacle. They are consistently threatened with their life and relentless personal assaults waging a psychological warfare against them. 

This is the standard practice experienced by those daring to challenge the status quo. 

As for the Biden administration complaints on vaccine and latest trend in COVID-19, the truth and facts on current corona virus positive cases, mortalities from COVID-19, vaccinated population data, vaccine related deaths and serious health issues post vaccination are critical that are yet to qualify as credible data and statistics given the variations and omissions in facts and figures up until now. 

The vaccine associated adverse side effects and health issues reported on different vaccines are real and cannot be denied despite them being slighted as random experience. The parents who lost their 13-year-old son in Michigan subsequent to Pfizer second dose are still waiting on the proper explanation for the death of their otherwise active healthy child with no underlying medical conditions. The symptoms in this 13 year old child’s tragic death is suspected as myocarditis. 

The myocarditis from Pfizer second dose to which I can personally account for given my youngest son – age 24 confirmed with me on chest tightness and discomfort experienced after his second Pfizer shot that fortunately dissipated well over 24 hours or so. Nonetheless, the uneasiness felt by him was a serious concern to me as a parent. 

Then the neurological disorder reported from Jansen vaccine by Johnson & Johnson was actually FDA published information and not any misinformation from social media as purported by the White House under President Joe Biden.

The alleged anti-vaccine campaign behind COVID-19 escalation is a far fetched theory. Any true believer and practitioner in individual freedom, civil liberty and basic rights would demonstrate with own family prior to extending to others anywhere. That’s the case in my family as I have not influenced or intervened in my adult children decision to vaccinate themselves respecting their rights to exercise own discretion on their health. 

However, for any outsider based on political judgment to accuse anyone for problems created by the accusers who are unwilling to acknowledge responsibility in the failures of their policy is nothing more than scapegoating those whom they regard an easy and fair target.

To cut to the chase, it is incumbent upon the current administration to admit their egregious policies on immigration – the illegal influx of population from Central America and across the Mexican border overwhelming the southern borders in the United States is the primary contributor of many unwanted crises.

Among them, the contagion effects of COVID-19 propagated by the administration and their agencies is directly linked with the thousands of untested new arrivals from the regions flowing into United States subjecting them and local population in the United States at high risk and transmission for COVID-19.

The open invitation from the administration heads using the Twitter social media offering political asylum to citizens in developing nations in Central and other parts of Latin America that turned out to be more than half of the global regions is the fundamental cause of the present COVID-19 escalation. 

Accordingly, thousands of immigrants without legal documents landing at the southern borders in the United States is a major factor behind health, economic and political quagmire. 

It’s time for the leadership and others in the White House to recognize the inherent flaws in the illegal immigration policy promoted for political reasons that are hurting the nation and Americans in many dimensions besides exacerbating COVID-19 debate. 

When the current administration is emphasizing on the root cause of the illegal immigrants exodus, they need to begin with them going back to the Barack Obama – Joe Biden administration under then U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder run Fast and Furious program supplying arms and ammunitions to dangerous drug cartels in Mexico shared with other groups in Colombia to apparently trace the lead that went wry.

The outcome of this failed mission was the drug cartels outgunned the state authorities in possession of artilleries and lethal weapons in these states – Mexico and Colombia etc. that led to terrorizing, killing, raping and maiming domestic residents in these states forcing them to flee the territories heading towards the United States.

These flagrant actions originating from them under their administrations in the past by Barack Obama – Joe Biden and former Attorney General and DOJ Eric Holder and now with President Joe Biden and VP Kamala  Emhoff Harris outpouring support to unlawful entry from anywhere and all over is the vortex behind COVID-19 and myriad national predicaments deserving immediate resolutions. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




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