United States – Presidential Election 2020 now and beyond

January 4, 2021

United States – Presidential Election 2020

Now and beyond

Padmini Arhant


The Presidential election 2020 has been one of a kind in terms of historic fraud and nepotism to grab power. Power corrupts human mind and absolute power corrupts absolutely prompting actions resulting in defeat and self-destruction. History is testament to the fact.

There has been enough discussion on the Presidential race 2020 detailing the elaborate pre-meditated election rigging via calibrated Dominion voting machine with Smartmatic software designed to flip votes from the actual winner Donald Trump to designated candidacy Joe Biden. The scientific evidence was also presented in the public hearing in Arizona and other swing states targeted for voter fraud.

The live witnesses under oath with penalty for perjury exhausted the quest for evidence from the other side. Despite the flurry of sworn affidavits and enormous proof on election fraud, the guilty declining to accept truth and reality is least surprising.

The questions arising from the tainted candidacies Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Emhoff are mountainous scandals involving both of them. The Bidens fiasco linked directly with United States foreign adversaries mainly China CCP financial dealings benefitting Joe Biden and family are incontrovertible. Furthermore, Joe Biden transition team having Peter Neffenger tied to Smartmatic software and Kamala Emhoff’s husband Douglas Emhoff, partner in DLA Piper Global partnered with Smartmatic overwhelm conflict of interests. To top it all, the Dominion voting machine configured to switch votes leads to prominent democrats viz. Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi with their spouses’ ownership and investment in the company whose equipment was reportedly used in 30 states of United States that in itself delegitimize the democrat candidate Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Emhoff in the race.

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Radcliffe assessment in adherence to Executive Order issued on September 12, 2018 irrefutably found foreign interference in the Presidential election 2020 with China CCP instrumental in subversion of election process. Not to mention the subsequent massive cyber attack is confirmation of enemy infiltration with internal collusion.

The deep state is primarily responsible for foreign intrusion in the United States beyond comprehension. The members in government, bureaucracy and judiciary together facilitating election corruption from inactions and refusal to conduct hearings on lawsuits verify foreign and deep state influence at every level. When the people’s court fails people declining hearing on constitutional violation lawsuits slighting Supreme Court’s prime constitutional responsibility to uphold constitution with actual interpretation and practice of constitutional law, the nation is confronted with constitutional crisis.

The legislators in swing states neglecting constitutional procedures substituted with arbitrary election of electors is a deception. Thereafter the battleground states falsely claiming the action as maintaining electorate will is a deliberate motion to discard electorate representation in crucial legislative process.

The electors appointed by swing States without conforming to state constitution in the electoral college votes have not only made constitution irrelevant but importantly ignored electorate participation in the critical undertaking.

In order to rectify the serious anomaly, the states PA, WI, MI, GA, AZ, NV and NM represented by republican electors favoring incumbent candidate Donald Trump qualify to cast electoral college votes on or before January 6th, 2021.

On the issue of corruption scandals – the deep state members are held above law. The Clintons with their fair share of activities and Hillary Clinton as the former Secretary of State running the State Department on a private server notwithstanding spying on all members in politics, United Nations and general society deemed prerogative. Then after losing 2016 election, Hillary Clinton framing then Republican winner Donald Trump on alleged Russian collusion combined with authorization of illegal activities from outgoing President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden against incoming administration high rank officials like General Michael Flynn and others is self-explanatory on deep state authoritative privilege on crime.

In 2020 – Biden family scandals directly implicating Joe Biden, the principal beneficiary in all financial dealings with China CCP and foreign governments in Ukraine, Russia viz. former Moscow Mayor’s spouse donations and more masqueraded during election is betrayal of voter trust and mass deception. The media, democrat party and candidate Joe Biden withholding scandalous information and incriminating quid pro quo transactions between candidate Joe Biden and China military endanger national security.  The Biden family’s numerous contracts with China CCP owned companies in billions of dollars severely impact United States position in every respect weakening negotiation power on trade, economic and strategic issues.

In plain honesty, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris team with ties to China and election debacle in the domestic front jeopardize credible representation to lead and govern United States and the republic. Furthermore, majority do not concur with election result and unilaterally declaring Joe Biden as the winner.

The incumbent President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are duly elected administration to govern United States in 2021.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




United States – China Communist Regime Dominance

Padmini Arhant

It is important to focus on China – the immediate and by far the most aggressive adversary having deeply infiltrated United States politics, academia, entertainment, sports and economy with American media included in China’s investments nationwide. When China could install a spy in national intelligence committee long before through Senator Dianne Feinstein’s chauffeur and now recently in democrat congressman Eric Swalwell case, the political parties and leaderships should have been on alert and exercised utmost vigilance in screening and monitoring anyone casual or close with members in intelligence committee, national security and sensitive areas of the government.

How does China trap key members in government, economy, academia and so forth?

Needless to say, with money and power as confessed by the communist party members in the video released and published in public domain and presented below.

Human weakness to fame, fortune and power unfortunately misleads them towards self-compromise.  In doing so they take down everyone including the nation they belong to without any regrets on their actions. In politics and judiciary, integrity has long been abstinent and more so post election 2020.

Integrity is rare and not a criteria for positions as witnessed in election and appointments to the lowest to highest office on land. Otherwise, those entrenched in corruption with scandals all around would not be the ideal preference to lead and govern the nation. It is unthinkable and unacceptable to grant power to those struggling to come in terms with ethical deficit throughout their political career.

What does this mean?

The scandalous and those wanting power by any means i.e. by hook or crook noticed in this election 2020 are backed and installed in power.

At what and whose cost?

Undeniably, at national and citizens cost with an open invitation to enemy to undermine everything that is irreplaceable beginning with constitution that guarantees freedom, individual rights, democracy and sovereignty that has no meaning or relevance to adversary rooted in brutal communism immortalizing concentration of power among core circle in the system. Within that power centrifuge there is internal conflict for supreme authority leading to authoritarianism wreaking havoc for citizens in that country and nations near and far. Not to mention corruption serving as the arsenal to remain in power and influence those whom they target for dominance.

Let there be no misconception on undemocratic forces and ideology having little or no respect for basic rights, independence and individuality to work hard and achieve respective dreams and ambitions in life. The narcissism defies rationality and reason on all matter and fails to recognize imminent danger surrounding such attribute heading the nation.

China’s communism is premised on central authority dictating terms and conditions on living and lifestyle to personal and political aspirations largely managed via indoctrination and subjugation.

As for United States, China’s intrusion is well embedded in politics, academia and economy. The political infiltration is across the aisle and conspicuous in delivery from members heading the House of Congress and Senate. The republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell’s close ties with China CCP and military affecting United States politics is not a secret. The republican Senator Mitch McConnell’s spouse Elaine Chao relation with China’s communist party and military is long established and continued till today. The republican Senator Mitch McConnell rise to power in politics is attributed to China’s communist regime close associate and confidante Elaine Chao through investments in political campaign of then rookie republican Mitch McConnell from the great state of Kentucky.

Georgia runoff election and more will be presented shortly.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




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