United States – Boston Explosions Symptomatic of Violence Sponsorship

April 15, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Heartfelt condolences to victims’ families and survivors of the horrendous terror act targeting participants at Boston Marathon and iconic late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy Presidential library as well as museum.

United States having been the first victim in the ‘war on terror’ agenda with 9/11 attacks on American soil carried out in massive collusion i.e. on political leaderships, military might and intelligence watch apparently continues to maintain the tradition to justify the unjustifiable strategy to terrorize American population.

Evidently, the trend established worldwide through drone strikes preying on young and vulnerable civilians alongside proxy wars hiring al-Qaeda and affiliates al-nusra terror networks in Syria, earlier in Libya and now in Mali conducted with impunity at American taxpayers expense.

Since the tragic shooting in Sandy Hook elementary school, Connecticut – the spate of violence that has claimed many American lives prompts independent investigation to end preventable criminal activities in succession.

Considering choreographed and coordinated September 11 successful onslaught facilitated false flag operations for foreign invasions and implementing domestic terror policy, the escalation in trend premised on national wealth divestments in warfare and promoting terrorism deserves scrutiny.

Furthermore, the specific assault on JFK centers ominously direct attention towards those the slain President exposed quoting “the secrecy and secret society is repugnant.”

In the absence of accountability on reprehensible indulgence causing massive deaths and destruction, the present authorities complicity offering ‘redemption’ over ‘retribution’ to perpetrators behind gross human rights violation perhaps based on legacy continuation showing no regard for civilian casualty or civil rights.

Meanwhile, the incumbent administration and congress declining to release hostages held in indefinite detention in Guantanamo Bay denying them habeas corpus reveals collaboration exemplified in ongoing practices exceeding the denounced Bush-Cheney torture doctrine.

United States citizens could no longer afford complacency to crimes committed with grand immunity and deception.

The republic demand for absolute transparency with public disclosure on information that are invariably classified to protect the guilty and punish the innocent is paramount not only to save lives but also in setting precedence prohibiting abuse of power.

United States solidarity in activism confined to peaceful and non-violence means is imperative to restore constitution, revive people power and reclaim sovereignty.

Wishing speedy recovery to the injured and solace to family members mourning the loss of loved ones victimized in inhumane conduct.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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