United States – Border Crisis Jeopardize Nationwide Vaccination

April 10, 2021

United States – Border Crisis Jeopardize Nationwide Vaccination

Padmini Arhant

While massive vaccine campaign is underway in the United States to have population vaccinated with many following those sharing their pain and perceptions on COVID immunization,

The current Biden-Harris administration default on resolving border crisis in the southern border of the United States is gross negligence and a mistake ignoring serious health and economic ramifications for Americans nationwide.

The COVID situation among children and minors held in detention centers confined in a cage and make shift arrangement is equally harmful and pose a major health catastrophe for all i.e. the new arrivals on the border as well as for the rest of America.

President Joe Biden’s invitation to citizens in Central and North America for political and economic asylum transformed into humanitarian disaster deserve administration’s immediate attention and resolution.

Needless to say, the problem is a national  challenge due to administration’s inaction and lack of interest to address the burgeoning crisis. 

The immunization efforts and Americans outreach in self  and others protection from the pandemic through vaccination is counteracted by COVID scenario at the border. Since the migrants and the population reaching the border in huge numbers are not tested for the virus and many reportedly already infected is a health calamity. 

The administration misplaced focus on other issues despite repeat pleas from the border patrol agents and Texas governor Greg Abbott as well as other agencies overwhelmed with the out of control unnecessary chaos clarifies the present administration inability to deal with anything invited upon them for political reasons at American taxpayers and electorate expense.

The open invitation at the border causing tremendous strife for not only states in the southern territory but also the remaining country is a political travesty.

The nation subject to transmigration and influx without proper documentation of people, especially in the pandemic environment jeopardize health expectation on herd immunity.

Notwithstanding, the migrant children and minors plight exacerbated in exploitation by predators as human traffickers and drug cartels apparently gaining in this political and humanitarian tragedy.

The parents of these children are to be counseled and advised by their governments in Central America to refrain from irresponsible indulgence leaving these children to fend for themselves in the arduous treacherous journey.

There is an urgent requirement for moratorium on receiving migrants crossing the border. The open border is also a gateway for illegal trespassing benefiting drug cartels and violent organizations involved in criminal activities threatening lives at the border and  within United States upon the matter not mitigated with appropriate measures and rule of law.

Where there is a will there is a way to resolve issues having reached a crescendo and yet the administration’s deafening silence in the critical border breach is deeply regrettable.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






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