United States – NATO Summit 2012

May 20, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Warm Greetings! To world leaders attending the NATO summit 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) led by United States comprising the wings instrumental in the flight disproportionately represents the military might and accordingly responsible for massive casualties and destruction in the embattled zones around the world.

The alliance for formidability creating fear and concerns widely perceived as intimidation against sovereign nations justifiably deserves scrutiny behind the purpose of operations and extension contributing to conventional and nuclear arms race since formation.

NATO presence collectively poses major threat to peace and disarmament with proliferating nuclear arsenal and ammunitions,

Besides fomenting militancy and terror networks emerging from vulnerability and hopelessness generated in the cyclical violence costing lives and taxpayer dollars with no accountability.

The military missions involving NATO thus far has been controversial and counterproductive considering interventional means and magnitude often violating international law never investigated for fairness applying uniform standards and prevention in the ongoing engagement.

The tremendous turmoil and trepidation among nations bogged down by warfare exacerbating victims’ tragedy especially with NATO drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan demonstrate the questionable motives in the prolonged military offense with decisive outcome being troop withdrawal and NATO assault termination.

Despite NATO intrusion in Afghanistan and Pakistan for over a decade,

The dismal prognosis according to the U.S. military claim on the ever-increasing terror networks perhaps different in nomenclature but otherwise portending risks greater than before presented in defense budget spending deprives nation and citizens the opportunity for economic recovery.

NATO maintenance in the backdrop of negative attributes evidently signifies enormous drain on taxpayers’ revenue in the austerity period defeating the objectives to contain terrorism particularly the organization epitomizing traits endangering life and environment witnessed in Libya.

The defense industry arguably thrives under sprawling military capacity with renewable demands at humanity’s detriment and the profits not necessarily reviving the economy.

NATO and U.S. widespread military base worldwide is a burden established in the status quo and American taxpayers specifically the youth population dealing with burgeoning debt crisis not only on the student loans but also the future at stake for them with elected leaderships inability and lack of political will to reverse the trend in population and national interest.

However, the ultimate power remaining with people – the change made possible through ballots rejecting fundamentally flawed policies reflected in candidates’ performance and campaign finance other than individual dual platform i.e. rhetoric on campaign trail to win elections and upon election serving the substantial donors agenda.

Yet another contentious issue surrounding NATO is the expansion in Eastern Europe and anti-missile defense (AMD) installations jeopardizing START (Strategic Arms Reduction
Treaty) with Russia necessitating resurgence in short and long range missiles such as ICBM – Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles that hinders contemporary reset in the relation between the two nations.

NATO summit this year focused on Afghanistan security force, army recruitment, training and sustenance post U.S. exit in 2014 alongside U.S. military permanent settlement plan beyond the timeframe estimated at $4.1 billion with U.K. Australia and Germany reportedly delivered the agreed interim amount followed by Canada apparently contemplating on the sum towards this requirement.

As mentioned earlier in this context, Afghanistan military dependency on the west equivalent to Egypt dilemma experienced by the people with never ending interference undermining sovereignty and quest for democracy violently suppressed long after U.S. and Israel’s ally former President Hosni Mubarak departure.

Afghanistan as U.S. and NATO proxy government entirely relying on western funding when western economies are in dire state drastically affecting the respective citizens,

The pledge to military component over Afghanistan’s economic development indicative of perpetual confrontation with Taliban resisting foreign occupation leaving the citizens with no alternative but to support the resistance.

Afghanistan utilizing country’s resources to build economy and address national defense, political and social reform would essentially be the cornerstone for war fatigued Afghans desperately seeking end to violence and moving forward with positive growth conforming to twenty first century progress.

Again turning away from poppy cultivation – the source destroying lives with funding for incessant warfare, systemic corruption and political instability would be a remarkable beginning guaranteed to improve overall situation.

Likewise in Pakistan, NATO concentration on north western border Waziristan tracking militants for several years with sophisticated technology and air raids having killed many tribal members in that area and repeat incidents elsewhere along the territory obviously backfire in the anti-western sentiments expressed across the nation.

United States military with new age weaponry and equipment nonetheless exhausted troops on revolving combat duty some demoralized in the perennial chase for Al Qaeda and Taliban lost credibility in strategy and reason provided in the so-called war on terror.

NATO confined to protecting own national frontiers instead of tagging along United States would be honorable and pragmatic reducing or even eliminating existential terror produced for commercial gains and geopolitical advantage.

Adopting peaceful negotiations, diplomacy and respect for nations’ independent status absolutely important to repair and restore tarnished image.

Promoting domestic and overseas economy through mutually beneficial trade agreements, educational programs and cultural exchange – the catalyst for universal peace and harmony.

Life is to be celebrated not violated in the journey to self-liberation from deeds or karma determining the destiny.

Best wishes for global peace and solidarity with actions always guided by compassion and rationality.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



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