United States – G8 Summit May 2012

May 19, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Warm Greetings! To G8 leaders at the 2012 summit in Camp David, Maryland.

The exclusive membership represented by North Atlantic nations – United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany with the exception of Russia and Japan might have the opportunity to shed light on current events in Europe and the usual targets North Korea, Iran and Syria on the security context.

However, the organization validity would be poignant upon integrative approach rather than isolationism that are obsolete and redundant evident in the status quo.

Dissolving G8 and improving G20 forums in dealing with global challenges would be frugal in the contemporary austerity era saving time and valuable taxpayer dollars besides correlation with relevant geopolitical and economic dynamics contributing to global sustenance preventing catastrophic meltdown.

Economy – Euro zone objectives lacking in candor and specificity responsible for members precipitous decline not only in economic status but also political stability considering the latest instructions from dominant powers to Greece on austerity, referendum and general governance.

Similarly France and PIGS countries sharing the dilemma expected to follow suit severely undermines national sovereignty in exchange for membership demanding more and providing little or none to the manufactured crises in the region.

While rigorous measures implemented much to the population detriment in Euro zone rescue efforts,

The source causing the chronic problems for euro zone subordinates –

The central banks viz. ECB, Bank of England, the privately owned Federal Reserve in the United States, IMF, World Bank and prominent western financial institutions having emerged the real beneficiaries instead of being held accountable ironically protected from any potential financial calamity.

Governments hit with worst economic recession in Europe are subjected to massive layoffs in the conditional monetary proposals neglecting euro zone taxpayers money wasted in hiring European commission bureaucrats apparently appointed for life costing ailing EU economies billions of euros and raising credibility factor in fiscal treaty.

Credit rating agencies downgrading Spain and Greek banks for bad loans on the books generating major liquidity concerns contrary to treatment against western counterparts – the origin of subprime mortgage and hedge fund debacle exempt from such standards and rewarded with taxpayer funded bailouts in trillions of dollars since 2008 until now.

The discriminatory practices directly affect public depleting hard earned savings exacerbating financial woes for college students and small-medium business owners constituting the backbone of the economy as workers, consumers and taxpayers in the society.

Another G8 dogma consistently pursued benefitting the privileged despite negative returns for nations in Latin America and Asia like South Korea is Free Trade Agreement.

Free Trade Agreement unlike Fair Trade Agreement sought by nations across the globe deprives negotiations on equal footing subjugating partners for unlimited access to domestic markets, national resources and human capital exploitation at respective citizens misery.

Again at this G8 meeting, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper enthusiastic pledge to promote Free Trade Agreement ignoring partner nations experience demonstrated in main street protests confirms the nexus group priority on global dominance.

Agriculture – G8 influential members in cohort with powerful corporations viz. Monsanto and agro based manufacturers behind farmers deteriorating conditions to survive and effectively compete in the globalized setting led to suicide and bankruptcies amongst farming community worldwide.

Politics and Global Security – Fundamental transformation with departure from U.S. led NATO military operations and provocative deployments adopting peace, diplomacy and economic development would clarify G8 commitment to humanitarian progress.

The political motives aimed at destabilizing West Asia through –

Arms supply sabotaging ceasefire in Syria,

Crippling sanctions against Iran even in the absence of nuclear capability per U.S. and Israeli military and intelligence reports,

Decimating Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya,

Authorizing Saudi Arabia with illegal annexation of Bahrain for strategic control is anything but democratic to intelligent minds in the international domain.

Environment – The trend continuity reflected in environmental goals with fossil fuel and nuclear industry financing political campaigns jeopardize climate talks from fruition.

More pertinently defense industry and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) combined with Trilateral Commission driven foreign policy determination to establish one world government through permanent occupation and illegal invasions pose existential threat to humanity endangering life and habitat.

Transfer of power from oligarchy and monarchy with imperialistic aspirations to republic rule is the only viable solution for universal peace and prosperity.

The nation at the foothills of Himalayas – Nepal successfully dethroned monarchy rejecting feudalist system in modern age.

Western nations and allies in this regard maintaining medieval kingdoms and fiefdoms under ceremonial pretext but in reality wielding tremendous authority is a paradoxical trait for shadow powers envisaging space colonization.

Dreams for greater good could be an eventuality contradictory to narrow vision premised on self-interests remaining a mere fantasy.

People power is the imminent future for mankind with pervasive freedom, equality and tranquility.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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