United Nations General Assembly 68th Session 2013

September 27, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Greetings! To citizens and leaderships of nations represented as UN members in the 68th session of the General Assembly in New York.

United Nations Organization initially set up as an international body to deal with world affairs evidently serves the interests of the core members in the permanent Security Council reflecting hegemonic goals to establish feudalism and vassal statehood.

United Nations Security Council comprising United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany included as P5 + 1 prolong imperialistic quest and continue to remain the existential threat to humanity at large due to arbitrary ruling and discriminatory policy. 

The P5+ 1 epitomizes exceptional status that Russia recently denounced despite being part of the privileged club with no desire to dissolve the council that is directly responsible for human suffering imposing economic sanctions and military intervention at will against nations defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity. 

Every P5+ 1 member share colonization legacy and are also the ambassador for arms industry competing with one another as prominent purveyor of ammunitions, nuclear submarines and lethal weapons to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt in the Middle East and similarly elsewhere causing death and devastation world over.

Not to mention the P5+ 1 and Israel are nuclear states with substantial WMD in their possession endangering life and habitat.

Furthermore none of them have come forward and allowed legitimate verification of their stockpiles or in compliance on WMD disarmament yet they are in the forefront enforcing such demands on nations targeted for destabilization.

Again United States, Britain, France and Israel having used these arsenals in Japan, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Gaza and now Syria respectively adopting the moral high ground against their adversaries in this context is paradoxical delineating them as lawful offenders in the crimes against humanity.

The P5+1 formation essentially polarizes the world facilitating abuse of self-proclaimed supremacy amongst nuclear powers threatening global peace and security. 

UNSC egregious decisions attributed to human plight across the globe. 

The illegal invasions and occupation of foreign land viz. Mali with unanimous consensus in December 2012 and earlier under the guise of humanitarian mission the NATO air raid in Libya enabled arms influx into Syria extending operations on unsubstantiated allegations against Syrian government and defense forces for hegemony control in the Middle East. 

Likewise UNSC approved trade embargo on non-western nations thus far crippled economies affecting millions of population leaving them in generational adversity.

Hence abolishing UNSC and rejection of exclusivity prevalent in the proposals and actions is the preliminary step towards UN transformation desperately required in the organization role as genuine multinational forum to preside over matter concerning mankind,

Simultaneously the International Criminal Court conspicuous bias in indictments incarcerate scapegoat thereby granting persistent predators impunity on crimes committed in the course of economic, military and cyber warfare against citizens of the world.

The contemporary practice defending criminality in defiance of reality discard evidence and ethics aimed at criminalizing as well as terrorizing victims with possible military aggression not barring nuclear option.

The tradition premised on historic 9/11 false flag event demonstrates intolerance to any resistance against authoritarianism. 

Solution to burgeoning militarism and sponsorship of terrorism is for people in these countries i.e. victim nations solidarity forming coalition in opposition to foreign interference in internal problems of independent nations along with citizens protest within country demanding ouster of terrorists groups on western and regional alliance payroll could convey a strong message to outside world reminding them the responsibility to thwart their leaderships engagement in killings of innocent lives abroad.

The shadow forces strategy deploys overt and covert mechanisms to usurp power during national elections and international crises to maintain status quo i.e. subjugation and undermining of sovereignty. 

Creating unrest in nations through infiltration and fomenting violence via recruitment of terrorists like in Syria then reaching agreement with unilateral conditions not necessarily applicable on the perpetrators such as al-Qaeda and al-Nusra front as well as their sponsors is the typical crime management tactic for the syndicate represented by seemingly contradictory factions however working together to deliver mutually beneficial outcome favoring the conglomerate. 

When two sides as chief negotiators poised to promote hegemonic objectives weakening the victim and ultimately surrender to aggressors’ diabolical agenda, the blatant deception surface with the notion on the end justifying the means in collusion.

Syria’s acceptance to U.S and Russian plan on chemical weapons is apparently  to avert military assault on key installations that has been openly declared in United States Presidential speeches and press conference.

President Barack Obama asserting the view on credible threat to use force alongside rigorous diplomacy – is a clear evasion of  ceasefire commitment that must be the immediate priority for anyone concerned about civilian deaths since the beginning predominantly from the dispatch of weapons to terrorists fighting United States, western and Gulf partners proxy war.

Russia on the other hand having not honored the pre-paid and pre-arranged consignment of S-300 air defense system to Syria that could have saved lives during U.S. authorized Israeli air strikes three times this year and eliminated constant military posturing could now terminate western counterparts wanton belligerence.

The antidote to counterproductive stance is implementing universal standard on WMD renunciation by all parties and abandoning terrorism or other methods of violence in the war ravaged state.

Russian President Vladimir Putin statements regarding ghouta chemical attack on August 21 as sly provocation reiterating that Russia has proof implicating western hired terrorists in the incident could divulge relevant information prior to coordination with western irrational conviction on Syria.

Instead, Russia proceeding with United States set criteria in disarming Syria of CW without subjecting Israel. Saudi Arabia and others to the requirement raise credibility factor in the so-called Samaritan effort.

The viable dispute settlement pertaining to Syria is for major powers to submit to international peace treaty encompassing pervasive WMD destruction by all and not Syria alone combined with cessation of violence that has gripped the nation.

The pragmatic approach to expedite healing and recovery would exemplify authenticity in mediation process.

Otherwise the present protocol and upcoming UNSC resolutions amplify the war rhetoric disregarding bloodshed caused by terrorists presence on Syrian soil.

Besides transcending superiority disposition in acknowledgment of all nations as respect worthy and adherence to international rule of law without exception is the appropriate measure for trust and confidence building in the increasingly volatile environment.

On the espionage activity – the underlying truth is other nations in collaboration with NSA equally culpable in massive dragnet surveillance on citizens in the national and international domain conforming to hegemony designed new world order.

Mass awakening in dismantling empires excoriating earth resources for selective wealth distribution utilizing collective productivity is critical for individual liberty and sustainable progress.

Finally, the super power syndrome equipped with nuclear and WMD dominance produce deterrence capability especially in nations on hegemony radar for decimation.

Accordingly addressing the source would eradicate symptoms in global denuclearization.

World deserves peace for meaningful and purposeful existence leading to salvation from misery and injustice made possible with republic empowerment.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


































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