Unilateral Sanctions – Compliance vs. Prudence

August 8, 2018

Unilateral Sanctions –

Compliance vs. Prudence

Padmini Arhant


Following the article on this site https://padminiarhant.com/united-states-and-israels-unilateral-sanctions-are-illegal-and-invalid/ on August 7th, 2018.

Those leaderships claiming to reluctantly observe illegal sanctions are essentially confirming their loyalty to hegemony over the people and nation they are elected and expected to serve in the so-called free world.

The governments and the head of the state are obligatory to prioritize national requirements on growth and development in exploring trade activities worldwide that best suit their domestic economy rather than complying with politically motivated unilateral sanctions from United States and Israel – the two nations to presumptuously assume authority in imposing trade embargo on foreign states and territories targeted as adversary and mistakenly treated as dominion republics.

In the United States, the administrations submitting to foreign lobby such as Israel’s advocacy groups and organizations actively engaged in promoting and implementing economic blockade on those they consider nemesis such as Syria, Iran and Palestine, along with a desire for them not to exist in the region contrary to Israel’s perception of the reverse.

The terror sponsorship against Syria is testimony to this fact wiping Syrian civilization since the onset of warfare in 2011 up until now. The foreign trend in Syria assassinating professionals in Scientific Research, medicine, journalists and others from diverse fields in economic sector contributing to rebuilding their nation is aimed at depriving Syria from organic talent and self-reliance. Syria savaged from international coalition recruited terrorism involving United States, Israel and key western allies together with Middle Eastern cohorts playing significant role has been under economic sanctions for more than a decade alongside combating terror.

Similarly, the north African nation Yemen has been under brutal assault facilitated by United States arms to Saudi Arabia and Israel’s intervention in Yemeni political affairs.

The lobby through members in U.S. Congress and the administration regardless of political faction left or right care less about sovereignty or foreign nationals rights in their domain. Besides, the sanctions on these nations lasting several decades in the case of Cuba and North Korea while Syria, Iran and Venezuela continue to be placed in extended sanctions predominantly due to hostility from United States and Israel’s representatives in political circle and institutions pledged to specific agenda viz. regime change.

President Donald Trump’s administration reinforcing sanctions against Iran, North Korea and Venezuela and allowing sanctions on Syria as well as Cuba to remain clarifies political expediency. Not to mention the flip flop posturing in inviting Iran for unconditional talks and in the same breath slamming sanctions reflect indecisiveness and external dominance on U.S. foreign policy.

The decision denying economic opportunity to United States companies and businesses in these parts of the world is a big mistake. The removal of sanctions would enable global progress benefitting United States economy in exporting higher end goods and services to these regions in technology, infrastructure development, medicine and scientific education, training and expansion that are guaranteed to be appreciated in contrast to subjugating citizens with harsh economic misery provoking anti-American sentiment. 

The economic gains are enormous in lifting sanctions against all these nations providing the people of these countries job prospects and skills to improve their living standards that in return would enhance consumer base for United States in the global market.

Instead the incumbent administration’s contradictory position to favor foreign lobby political aspirations at United States economy’s expense is against America First and Making America Great Again promise. The move exemplifies America Last in violation of public trust and campaign appeal.

As mentioned above, the other nations’ ruling parties in governance choosing to comply with unilateral sanctions arguably anxious about securing term in office or response from those behind these sanctions. What they forget is, in compliance to these unlawful sanctions, they are renouncing myriad options to engage with nations of their choice, the states within their region as neighbors in particular have greater economic advantage.

Furthermore, before hegemony remove such governments from office in case that appears to be the immediate concern to these office bearers, the electorate would reject them in the polls for failing to address their needs and economic woes in leaning towards personal political security. Notwithstanding the obvious stance undermining state sovereignty and independence highlighting them as proxy to hegemony.

The true believers in freedom would not compromise their sovereign status and surrender to foreign diktat on sanctions against those whom they identity as their rivals prompting unjustified actions.  Those who acquiesce to decades old policy of isolation and discrimination via sanctions are certainly not going to derive economic profitability or political sanctuary leaving them behind in vassal statehood to hegemony exploitation.

On the other hand, those nations declining the status quo and moving forward to renew ties with nations under illegitimate sanctions in an effort to strengthen their economy as well as extend expertise and support to nations affected under sanctions would forge better relations and international partnerships on most matter.

It all comes down to prudence delivering positive outcome compared to compliance on arbitrary sanctions serving as a reminder on default in defending liberty and independent status of own nation and the missed moment on economic dealings.

Padmini Arhant

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