UN Vote on Palestinian Statehood

April 21, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Arab Spring continues to draw world attention especially UNSC vigorous role against selective nations at United States and allies behest,

While decades old freedom struggle in Israeli occupied Palestinian territories regarded irrelevant even though casualties in Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem alone exceed Arab Spring states combined together in the last decade.

The political uprising in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya and Syria are outbursts from prolonged suppression whereas Palestinian suffering is endurance to classic colonization rule.

Palestinian right to exist and self-determination vehemently denied by occupier Israel somehow not considered an urgent issue by the international organization responsible for the status quo in the establishment of Israel alongside neglecting Palestinian homeland entitlement.

Had UN concurrently declared Palestinian statehood on May 14, 1948 many lives could have been saved on both sides,

Besides preventing controversial and provocative Jewish settlements in West Bank and East Jerusalem carried out in defiance of international denouncement.

UN as an international body maintaining non-discriminatory practice towards all would clarify credibility in settling disputes without being used a political tool at the victims’ plight.

Meanwhile Israeli check posts in West Bank and barrier wall in East Jerusalem rendering natives life impossible constitutes oppression.

Furthermore illegal administrative detention of Palestinians in hundreds held in Israel’s custody without charge or trial are few of many atrocities committed against Palestinian population by the state of Israel.

The recent UNHCR vote on settlements expansion with overwhelming majority demanding encroachment termination is ignored without consequences such as sanctions and standard measures that otherwise imposed on United States adversaries in the region.

United States veto until now favoring Israeli government aggression confirms hypocrisy in humanitarian matter largely attributed to Israel subjugation of the so-called superpower diminished to compliance to Israeli interests and quest for global dominance.

Palestinian statehood could no longer be differed or rejected with veto threats from the United States and allies in the forefront preaching democracy, human rights and political independence – the package deal offered to preferred nations contrarily declined to Palestinians pleading for statehood recognition over half a century.

United Nations purpose would be meaningful and credible upon expediting similar decision on Israel in 1948 i.e.

Palestinian sovereignty and comprehensive removal of Israeli presence from Palestinian territories based on pre 1967 borders conforming to international acknowledgment.

South Africa would not be free without worldwide condemnation of apartheid exemplified in necessary actions like trade embargo and isolation by international community.

With Palestine – dialogue and peaceful negotiations through quartet and U.S. initiatives inherently biased to ally Israel has facilitated territorial conquest via unlawful residential allotments to Jewish settlers proliferating beyond reason.

Alternatively stalling peace talks with unreasonable demands and pre-conditions insisting on no stipulations contradictory to assertions by Israel.

Carte blanche to Israeli military attacks on Gaza regardless of civilian deaths with experimental missiles testing Iron Dome (anti-rocket / missile-defense system) effectiveness in the preparation to pre-emptive strike against Iran.

Israel never subjected to IAEA or UN inspection on nuclear status despite being the only nuclear state with military invasion history across Middle East.

Unfortunately, Israel the holocaust survivor has evolved into genocide contributor with footprints in contemporary violence involving innocent civilians across the border and around the world.

Israel could refrain from self-detrimental activities and reverse the trend beginning with Palestinian cause, cooperation in the international nuclear disarmament, demonstrating patience in Iran EU nuclear discourse, abstention in Syrian political crisis…among numerous life threatening events.

It is time for United Nations to move forward without prejudice on Palestinian statehood accompanied by full UN membership invitation to the people of Palestine and prove the global representatives commitment to universal liberty and justice.

UN procrastination under domineering powers pressure would invalidate identity as the international group of sovereign nations pledged to global peace and emancipation.

Free and sovereign Palestine would promote solidarity and mutually beneficial trade relations with Israel as well as other neighbors in the region.

Wishing Palestinian citizens – independent Palestine with peace and prosperity in abundance and,

To Israel – peaceful co-existence and eternal progress in serving humanity at large.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

http://youtu.be/HvMGE1rYBz4 http://youtu.be/L32Nama7ad8 http://youtu.be/vJrvnM9Thx4 http://youtu.be/idjXz4OqBMg http://youtu.be/f-QHsM3sBIg http://youtu.be/o2TfJdW7HSo http://youtu.be/G9MCB0w4cIs http://youtu.be/7FEkhT0tq8k http://youtu.be/CUO5kKolc3E


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