UN General Assembly 67th Session 2012

September 28, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Warm Greetings! To world leaders and dignitaries attending UN General Assembly 67th session in New York.

United Nations annual forum provides platform for member nations to deliver speeches on national and global issues,

While non-members such as Palestine request for informal recognition considering the statehood plea in semblance with UNGA approval of Israel declined until now.

The event marking the anniversary of the organization each year since inception post world war II with no fundamental changes in structure especially concentration of power at UN Security Council permanent membership still remaining among initial five members –

United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia and China with imperialistic legacy i.e. invasion and occupation of foreign land clearly representative of hegemony unlike the appearance misleading the world.

UN set up as preliminary prototype emulated by regional unions like European Union, African Union, North American Union with Latin America and Asia to follow suit leading to establishment of one world government also known as the New World Order.

The organization functions under directives of nations constantly in violation of UN Charter and liberally abuse power exacerbating human suffering contrary to exhibit.

Beginning with UN Secretary General appointment and UNSC configuration – the two key components instrumental in decision-making process on international crises are in external power control rendering entire operation elusive and farcical.

Although, UN formation designed to retain power within preferred members exerting authority on the rest,

The extent UNSC exploited to wage military and economic warfare witnessed throughout the past and present century.

Most relevantly the three years from 2009 until date – violence and aggression combined with crippling economic sanctions is predominant in the fervor to impose authoritarianism.

In this regard – the UN role subverted to serve hegemonic interests viz. greed for global resources, territorial conquest and subjugation.

The blood river continues to flow under war on terror pretext with drone attacks terrorizing innocent civilians in developing world.

On nuclear front, the double standards maintained with responsible and reckless category regardless of history proving otherwise.

United States stance towards Iran to appease strongest ally Israel on controversial nuclear program currently may not involve military action given the political climate and election around the corner,

However, the measures adopted against people of Iran with trade embargo and financial restrictions hindering oil revenue collection,

Despite U.S. as well as Israeli military and intelligence clearance confirming no evidence of Iran’s nuclear weapon status is provocative expecting the victim to respond for justification on possible military strike.

Notwithstanding western infiltration in Iran and subsequent implication on nuclear scientists assassination exemplify overt warfare.

Similarly the scenario projecting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu interference in U.S. election claiming the U.S. incumbency weak in preventing Iran with Republican opponent muted reaction is a choreographed enactment to boost hegemony favored candidacy camouflaged intervention.

These activities are indicative of the lack of respect for life, national sovereignty and international laws invariably neglected in the quest for dominance.

On Syria – the regional leaderships from Egypt, Jordan and Turkey call for ending violence in the beleaguered state is welcome.

Ironically, those responsible for igniting spark demanding ceasefire is rather disingenuous specifically in the absence of initiatives to lay down their weapons and stop funding militia behind suicide bombings and civilian massacre.

Syrian conflict could not be prolonged in the face of massive death and destruction transcending borders in volatile Middle East with the only nuclear state Israel’s preemptive disposition posing imminent danger to all without exception.

The counterproductive approach attributed to Zionism subjecting Israel and Judaism hostage in territorial annexations with government committed to coalition ambition instead of addressing domestic needs.

Ideology driven strategy cannot produce desirable outcome and wars affect the source and target with no winners on either side.

Western leaderships along with Gulf allies are wasting taxpayers funds perpetuating losing battle in Syria amid austerity and dire economic straits in national domain.

Saudi Arabia oil proceeds generated through consumers world over could be jeopardized in international boycott at retail level in condemnation of dynasty anti-democratic values demonstrated against own citizens and others in Bahrain, Yemen, Libya and lately Syria.

Concluding Syrian turmoil is the only alternative to burgeoning unrest in the region.

Not to mention holding perpetrators accountable prohibiting repeat indulgence.

Likewise, Arab Spring across Middle East aspiring democracy, political and economic freedom transformed into fundamentalist political system by hegemony appointed figureheads loyal to them and not the people.

In Latin America, destabilization achieved with corporations launched coup d’état in addition to militarization and ammunition supply to drug cartels leaving inhabitants entirely at global conglomerate mercy and discretion.

Africa sharing synonymous fate in Africom experimented with technological applications and armed forces deployment again under the guise of protecting continent from civil wars, political uncertainties and disasters essentially caused by such intrusion.

Asia – Korean Peninsula, Indian sub-continent and Central Asia in particular unnecessarily threatened with lingering tensions and sprawling military incursion.

In reality, humanity confronted with terror from U.S. and NATO military prowess and nuclear arsenal constituting centralized power for exclusive gains at vast majority peril.

All other challenges related to politics, economy, social justice, mass media, education, health and environment emanate from infrastructure delegating tasks to agents appointed to lead nations towards surrender of republic and sovereignty.

Political race or elections are a mere formality with heads of state approved ahead to serve nexus group betraying electorate and nation on false promises and empty rhetoric.

The political opponent in the U.S. election is a caricature for hegemony aiming to succeed with preferred choice being the ruling administration having exceeded expectations in globalist agenda much to national and international devastation.

United Nations Security Council under UN auspice is existential detriment to international community due to non-conformity to prevalent geopolitical and global socio- economic dynamics.

UNSC arbitrary resolutions reflecting maneuvering and selective isolation against fragile and vulnerable countries or nations perceived adversaries to influential UNSC members exercising unlimited authority is a credibility factor in international dispute settlement.

United Nations as an organization would be effective upon universal treatment, acceptance and adherence to UN charter and humanitarian laws barring discriminatory and unethical practices endangering life and habitat.

Reconfiguration and overhauling adapting to transparency and fair distribution of power embracing inclusiveness would appropriately define the organization as an international body.

Besides abandoning elite memberships principles for greater good would guarantee progress in humanitarian goals.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

http://youtu.be/yO23HoRv6Ms http://youtu.be/kOM85tx8OJE http://youtu.be/7h3EuNJGXJU http://youtu.be/_h_D_oAtnLI http://youtu.be/WIElfs7E99c http://youtu.be/UGqQUPLvRUg


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