UN General Assembly – 66th Session 2011

September 24, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Warm Greetings! To Honorable leaders and dignitaries from different parts of the world currently attending the United Nations 66th Session in New York.

Since the last session, the bright and gloomy forecasts on global events from political, economic, social, educational, environmental, humanitarian to ethical matter are thought provoking with substantive actions required to address the prevalent crises and achievements thus far.

It would be appropriate to begin with economy being the major concern in the international domain.

The aim is to provide synopsis in this presentation with comprehensive layout to follow for G-20 and global markets in a separate submission.

The common syndromes in the slow economic growth among the industrialized nations are debt and possible credit default.

United States and Europe share the budget and deficit related problems prompting austerity and necessary tax hikes against the wealthiest,

Besides higher unemployment, lower GDP, currency effects and investment choices delaying economic revival.

In other regions – Russia expanding oil exports to Asia and bilateral trades utilizing the geographic vantage all around.

Asia viz. China and Japan as primary US debt holders, closely monitoring the U.S. fiscal policy and economy.

With overseas exports under pressure, China’s focus is on domestic demand.

India’s efforts are on inflation and growth sustenance.  However, government commitment required in affordability reaching the lowest economic strata to bridge the enlarged disparity.

Other Asian economies are adapting to normal range stimulated by regional trade, while adjusting to U.S and Europe performance.

Africa and Latin America – Transnational trade and overseas investments facilitating economic activities with developmental obstacles experienced along the way from political and social dynamics.

Middle East – Political transformations briefly interrupted oil production and economic functions in the region.  Nonetheless the pace is returning post-political upheaval gaining momentum to restore supply and demand.

Politics – Middle East attracts attention with Arab Spring revolutions leading to long overdue evolution at the martyrs and survivors remarkable sacrifices in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya whereas Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman and Qatar yet to be liberated from the prolonged authoritarianism.

The political uprisings suppressed with violence only delegitimize the ruling power with the heads of the state futile determination to overcome the inevitable change across the Middle East and elsewhere.

Instead the leaderships honoring the popular will with peaceful transitioning of power to people for democratic rule would avoid unnecessary aftermath ordeal witnessed among deposed leaders in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

Iraq under Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki government is confronted with explosions and sectarian violence hindering economic activity. Iraq is a secular nation in requirement of national leadership and government that is inclusive not exclusive to reach the milestones in every aspect.  Security is compromised with violence attributed to the presence of U.S and allies troops in the beleaguered nation.

PalestinePalestinian President Mahmoud Abbas direct plea to the United Nations for statehood and individual membership is legitimate approach given the biased and unsuccessful peace talks in the form of negotiations over decades has exacerbated the two states solutions gradually converted to one state proposition under United States strongest ally and the militarily powerful Israel,

Ignoring Palestinian dissent against Israeli occupation and settlements expansion in Palestine State – Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Also not to mention the loss of precious lives on both sides caused by intransigence in the otherwise resolvable dispute demonstrating genuine empathy and rationality.

The recognition sought on 1967 borders by Palestinian citizens is valid and the United Nations overwhelming acknowledgment could potentially expedite the much anticipated political independence and sovereignty for Palestine with the established State of Israel co-existing in peace.

Palestine statehood in-depth discussion will follow the UN address.

Egypt: Post revolution developments in Egypt under the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces fall short of expectations and unfortunately not delivered the promises on many issues.

No election scheduled for transfer of power to Egypt republic.

Supreme Council appointing governors and provincial heads representing the military rather than being elected from the mainstream.

Again government staff selected within the army depriving the Main Street from public service.

Imposed restrictions on freedom of speech, human rights and independent press and media access…reminiscent of the predecessor hardline governance to remain in power.

Egypt freedom struggle is not over until civilian rule is established in 2011. Egypt revolution might have to repeat the earlier peaceful and non-violent political resurgence to implement the realistic change.

Tunisia: Tunisian political stability is largely dependent on economic growth – trade prospects with other nations could ease the burden on the North African nation.


Japan: Japan’s high premiership turnover and political alternation at frequent intervals contributes to economic uncertainties with a direct impact on the global economy.

The trend reversal could be reassuring and promote national recovery from the devastating natural disaster and the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

China – Turbulence in international relations is a distraction for the world’s largest manufacturer and the emerging economic power.  China could play an important role in balanced trade and foster strong strategic ties with neighbors for multilateral benefit.

Tibet Congratulations! To Lobsang Sangay – New Prime Minister of Tibet’s government in-exile on the extraordinary feat with great vision for the Buddhist nation.  The imminent independence from Mainland China as part of the political sea change worldwide would conclude Tibet’s freedom struggle.

Korean Peninsula – Peaceful exchange between North and South with probable unification in the near future would strengthen the fragile relation eliminating military interactions.

ASEAN Members – Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia. Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, VietNam – Solidarity is the key factor in the renewed economic goals reflected in the survival of the global recession.

Myanmar – The future lies with National League for Democracy under Aung San Suu Kyi leadership replacing the Military Junta oppression.

Singapore – Conforming to twenty first century political system with democratic values would enhance the island nation’s accomplishments in all dimensions.

MalaysiaPrime Minister Najib Razak pledge for a mature, modern and functioning democracy preserving public order without infringement upon civil liberty and racial harmony is welcome and,

Furthermore repealing laws such as the Internal Security Act (ISA), the Emergency Ordinance allowing government detention without trial, media censorship via license restriction and forbidding public assembly – set forth the nation on the progressive path.

Indian Sub-Continent – India and Pakistan

The nuclear neighbors peace initiatives are often disrupted with terror attacks on Indian soil.

Simultaneously Pakistan is also the target for the terror networks in the country under constant shelling with bomb blasts on the ground and U.S. drones from aerial assault notwithstanding calamities like flooding rendering existence merely impossible.

Remedial strategies could begin with Pakistan delineating the intelligence agency ISI and the military to the relevant job operations with no interference in civilian rule.

Any objection from these two powerful institutions would clarify the need to exercise the civilian authority in retaining the personnel committed to national interest and removing those submitted to personal and/or external sources whether they are terrorist organization or foreign power.

It is imperative for India and Pakistan to withstand any foreign pressure or intervention with the intention to create permanent tension for vested interests like territorial incursions and arms supply triggering the blood river on both sides.

Instead both nations moving forward with full-fledged diplomacy resuming trade relations, cultural exchange and disclosure on terror plots along with cross-interrogation of terror suspects on either side would reinforce mutual trust and cooperation.

India and Pakistan bilateral relationship is significant to alleviate poverty, hunger and disease prevalent in both countries.  Divestments from defense to economic and social development would be substantially positive.

Sri Lanka Dominating the headlines for the worst crimes against humanity in the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Tamils by denying human rights in modern times is not only regrettable but also deeply reprehensible.

Sri Lankan President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces – Mahinda Rajapaksa implicated for authorizing the inhumane executions of unarmed men, women and children calls for international investigation and prosecution to condemn the state sponsored violence against own nationals.

Sri Lankan Tamils have been alienated without political, economic and social opportunity driving the islands minority to the point of no return after having economically prospered from the exploitation of the same groups since the British Raj mobilization within the Indian sub-continent.

It is a moment of reflection seeking reparable action through reconciliation with equal status to uplift the marginalized ethnic demography.

Meanwhile leaderships forging ties with states like Sri Lanka and Myanmar foment abuse of power undermining democracy they represent in the new millennium.

Bangladesh – The controversial water distribution between Bangladesh and West Bengal, India could be amicably settled deriving common use of resources for the vast population survival.

Nepal – The communist infiltration subsequent to monarchy dissolution is proved detrimental to the nation in the Himalayan foothills with the influence reaching across North Eastern India.

China, Cuba and North Korea are prominent examples of the system with citizens plight conspicuous to worldview.

Bhutan – The Himalayan kingdom emerging from the recent earthquake is offered necessary assistance to contain casualties. Politically the existing Parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy could pave way to republic-governed democracy in synchrony with other democracies in the region and the world.

Africa – Sudan split into two nations with South Sudan controlling the oil fields and North Sudan in possession of refineries and distribution output.

The sensitive location – the oil rich Abyei is due for referendum in this partition to choose between Muslim North and Christian South with Darfur in the largest African nation having paid the price in the civil war.

Most African nations have dealt with the ramifications of civil war erupting from religious discord, economic woes and poignantly disagreements on electoral outcome in Kenya and Ivory Coast…are urged to invest in peace and unity to guide Africa towards pervasive tranquility and prosperity.

Latin America – The economic upsurge in Brazil, Argentina and Peru serve as the model for other nations in Latin America.  The public and private sector collaboration notably produced the desirable growth rate. Political leaderships in Latin America are adopting innovative approach to solve unique problems.

War on drugs in Mexico and Columbia is consuming enormous resources that could be invested in life betterment.

Education in concurrence with law enforcement could bring relief in curtailing drug consumption,

Pacific Islands: Being the primary victim of natural catastrophes,

Environmental protection is the predominant request to the industrialized, developed and developing nations,

Tourism depended economies in these areas are adversely affected from environmental damage.

Global society support to the environmental cause would be universally beneficial.

Western Nations advancements could be emulated where applicable without disinheriting the individual cultural heritage.

Global Security and Warfare: Ending wars and curtailing violence across the globe would guarantee peace and security with non-violence, peace and diplomacy substituting the status quo.

Environment: Off shore and shallow water drilling, Coal mining, Mountain top removal, Nuclear power plants are pursued with government permission irrespective of the fossil fuel and nuclear contamination endangering life on earth.

It is critical to pause and review the adversarial effects of these options in due respect to the environment and successive generation.

Humanitarian Issues: Women, Gay Community, Transgender Citizens, Ethnic minorities, children and anyone perceived as weak and vulnerable fall prey to religious, social and state victimization.

Activism to dispel ignorance using technology would immensely safeguard citizens’ rights across the spectrum.

Ethical Matter: Combating corruption, retrieving black money and tax evaded funds…apart from institutionalizing transparency and accountability without prejudice and preferential treatment in the society is monumental step towards character building invoking compassion, selflessness, credibility and patriotism.

All are created equal and therefore None are above the law.

Finally, United Nations Security Council – Permanent membership reconfiguration accepting Japan, India, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, South Africa, Norway and Germany would categorically signify the UN as the international organization with diverse ideas and resolutions to global crises.

On that optimistic note,

Best Wishes and success in all endeavors to nations around the world.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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