Ukraine War – Double Jeopardy

April 1, 2022

Ukraine War – Double Jeopardy

Padmini Arhant

Ukraine is confronted with Russian aerial shelling on one side and simultaneously western shortcomings in supply of useful effective combat military ammunition resulting in severe damages to infrastructure and civilian areas in Mariupol and other war zones in eastern and northern Ukraine. 

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s cry for air defense system and artillery from the west to limit extensive bombing and air strikes by Russia is yet to be heard or noticed thus far. The Ukraine President address to all western Parliaments and Congress emphasizing the urgent need on the defensive military equipment is not being responded much to Russia’s favor in raining aerial bombardment. 

Ukraine left to fend for itself without adequate military defense mechanism ranging from tanks, missiles to efficient precision air and ground anti-aircraft, counter air and air retaliation is a major factor in preventing substantial structural destruction in civilian dwellings and residential complex. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s public statement that western military delivery comprising pistols and air rifles without the above outlined heavy duty ammunition is indicative of frustration and disappointment. The weapons cache from the west apparently not provided free of cost with Ukraine charged for the military provisions in billions of dollars as per Ukrainian authority.

Accordingly, the Ukrainian military and political authority request to the west to meet the appropriate military armament for the price is reasonable and fair.

Making matters worse are the Russian energy procurement by Germany, India and others categorically ignore western sanctions and continue fueling the Russian firepower into the second month of Ukraine invasion. 

In a way, Ukraine is expected to defend their sovereignty with limited or non-resourceful military power against the aggressor’s relentless air raids reducing any and every building and residential apartments to rubbles in the most disproportionate violence witnessed since Russian invasion on February 24, 2022.

The western role in this regard is significantly confined to suit western energy requirements viz. energy dependence on Russia and military deficiency in enabling Ukraine to mitigate aerial bombing and cluster munitions dropped on Ukraine. 

The west and others’ energy imports from Russia alongside declaring to assist Ukraine in humanitarian aid and other form of assistance are essentially facilitating double jeopardy against Ukraine. 

Nonetheless, despite substantial military might not barring nuclear status of Russia, the Ukrainian will and resolve to defend their motherland and territorial rights are admirable.

As stated earlier in this domain, the right not the might wins the battle regardless of extreme means and fury from the unrelenting invader having suffered  enormous casualties and invited economic collapse in the domestic front. 

The peace talks between Ukraine and Russia in Istanbul reportedly showing signs of progress is to be translated into action with immediate Russian ceasefire, ending air assaults and withdrawal of forces from Ukrainian territory. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin having defaulted on own positions prior to Ukraine invasion and thereafter changing course i.e. pivoting from military attacks to meaningful peaceful negotiations with Ukrainian leadership representing Ukraine citizens is the priority and constructive strategy to resolution. 

The Russian policy to regroup and reorganize in the attempt to prolong or protract the war is egregious and not guaranteed to produce desirable outcome.

The only reality is the Russian invasion draining the debilitated Russian economy and demoralizing the disillusioned Russian military force and para militia from Chechen, Siberia, Moldavia and Belarus…contracted in the warfare. 

The sensible and rational approach is for Russia to conclude offense and hostility against Ukrainian population. The Ukrainian people are subject to misery with extended Russian relatives on both sides experiencing pain and suffering in the tragedy inflicted on them. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has the choice to welcome peace and desperately required economic growth and development for Russians paying the price along with their fellow citizens – the Ukrainians neighbor and family in Ukraine. 

Peace to independent sovereign Ukraine and Russia!

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


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