Ukraine – Russia War Strategy

March 13, 2022

Ukraine – Russia War Strategy

Padmini Arhant



Russian President Vladimir Putin’s  personal goals have consistently changed since last November 2021.

President Vladimir Putin up until invasion of Ukraine made public statements via Russian state media and Russian officials in Kremlin’s inner circle like Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Russia has no plans to invade Ukraine then or later. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Moscow was merely responding to Donetsk and Luhansk separatists leaders in Donbas region request to protect them from Kiev’s armed forces violence. The eight years of political unrest and ethnic clashes in Donbas has trilateral participation as mentioned earlier on this topic via this domain. All three factions i.e. the western installed former Kiev government, the west and Russia are responsible for status quo in eastern Ukraine and the ongoing war.

On February 21, 2022 Russian President Vladimir Putin declared Donetsk and Luhansk independent republics via decree on territories in foreign sovereign nation. Subsequently, Kremlin continued to maintain the political statements on no plans to attack Ukraine. Then moved forward with military invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Moscow even then denied any military operations against civilian areas claiming the military strikes strictly targeted Ukraine’s military infrastructure and facilities with the latest row over some more than 30 biolabs that are United States financed according to Moscow.

In this respect, Moscow together with ally Beijing have sought explanations from Washington regarding bio weapons experiment centers in Ukraine. Though Beijing, WHO and counterparts in the United States and EU owe similar submissions on the Corona virus created global health and economic disaster.

That aside, Moscow intensifying shelling and bombing in Ukraine necessitating civilian evacuations to neighboring countries across Ukrainian border is the ground reality. There is no doubt that President Vladimir Putin’s war is not only affecting the innocent population in Ukraine but also seriously hurting Russia and Russian population with lives and economic liability, the inevitable ramifications of all wars without exception.

Russian military casualties involving high rank Major Generals in Ukraine combat exchange is a major blow to President Vladimir Putin’s so-called special operations only expected to deliver more deaths and destructions perhaps on both sides that can never benefit any aggressor drawn into prolonged quagmire.

The international report on recent attack on children’s hospital in Ukraine is the last straw transforming the civilian areas into a war zone. In case, such attack is to trigger No Fly Zone, this movie has already been seen in Libya in 2011 and the deadly consequences of event getting out of control. In this event, NATO misused the No Fly Zone and conducted air raid bombing Libya in March 2011 much to international dismay and Libyan civilians despair. 

Ukrainians disappointment and frustration over No Fly Zone not imposed to prevent Russian air strikes is valid. However, the possibility of No Fly Zone (NFZ) leading to deeper conflict is worth consideration. Russian military operation affecting Russia and Russian people deprived of factual information about the war is unsustainable.

Often, the leader of any powerful nation such as Russia embarking on military intervention to annex territories of a sovereign nation near or far, the economic costs of even waging a war weighs down on the outcome. The financial resources and reserves are depleted draining the economy. Furthermore, this present time especially amid dreadful global pandemic caused health and economic catastrophe has inflicted enormous damages in people’s lives with recovery farther away depending on world events.

President Vladimir Putin declaring ceasefire with withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine would deliver economic relief besides saving Ukrainian and Russian lives, the immediate priority to facilitate humanitarian efforts.

In the three round of talks held so far between Ukraine and Russia, the agreement on humanitarian corridors on the onset sounds generous and compassionate. The grim reality is the Ukrainians and Russians alike are forced to leave their homeland, towns and villages to escape bombing and violence.

The situation rendering them refugees in foreign shores is tough and inhumane. Instead the Russian President Vladimir Putin ending the killing and demolition would mitigate losses and provide opportunity for healing on both sides of the armed conflict.

The children, elderly, sick, the pregnant mothers and so many are subject to this unnecessary turmoil that must be addressed and paid attention to in the irrational war.

President Vladimir Putin would benefit from stopping the military aggression against Ukraine and diverting to economic revival in the domestic front desperately required for Russian population survival. The action would reconnect Russians with the rest of the world.

Russia has lot to offer positively and war is not the right path to achieve anything that are counterproductive. There is nothing to gain from erroneous and egregious decisions like invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation and territorial integrity.

Russia’s  reversal in course from being existential threat to peaceful neighbor and instead extending good reliable relations with those sharing the border and others away from it would be mutually beneficial returning peace, economic growth and prosperity.

Finally, I share my great admiration and appreciation to Ukrainian citizens, soldiers and leadership for their patriotism demonstrated in defending their homeland. In the context of international women’s day just a day ago, the Ukrainian women as mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters and daughters are truly beautiful in their sacrifice, love and care for their families as well as the country Ukraine they belong to and sadly subject to the struggles since 2014 and up until now.

The real beauty lies in the heart, mind and soul reflected in deeds and dedication. hi

At the same time, the Russian mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters, sisters and girlfriends experiencing agony and pain over no information or sad news about their sons, fathers, husbands, brothers and boyfriends are enduring difficult times brought upon them by their President Vladimir Putin through warfare against Russia and Russian economic interests though Ukraine is mistakenly treated as the enemy.

The war must come to conclusion heeding humanitarian nature and conditions to save and rehabilitate lives on both sides of the battle.

Peace to Ukraine and Russia.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter





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