Ukraine – Russia Must End Invasion with Immediate Ceasefire

February 28, 2022

Ukraine – Russia Must End Invasion

with Immediate 


Padmini Arhant

The Ukraine – Russia Permanent Peace Treaty 2022 will be presented and published momentarily.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized shelling and bombing of Ukraine viz. Kharkiv and eastern Ukraine cities is in direct violation of 2014 and 2015 Minsk agreements I and II, the 1994 Budapest memorandum to which Russia is signatory and obligatory to respect, acknowledge and protect Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Russian military attacks on Ukraine is contradictory in actions amid the first round of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine held near Ukraine and Belarus border earlier in the day on Monday – Feb 28, 2022.

Peace and war cannot be conducted simultaneously as the purpose of peace talks is to reconcile differences among warring factions and submit to de-escalate and not intensify violence. In this particular warfare Ukraine is defending own nation and people from Russian military engagement in Ukraine whereas Russia is unrelenting to ceasefire.

The international news reports confirming the Russian bombing of Ukraine’s world largest cargo plane AN-225 and infrastructure is reprehensible and clarifies paradoxical position by the Russian leadership in the present time.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s egregious decision to inflict enormous damages and destruction in Ukraine is not only affecting Ukrainian innocent civilians forced to flee the war zone.

The impulsive military aggression is hurting Russian population and economy as well.

Accordingly, Russian President Vladimir Putin ending the military operation against Ukraine with immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops and artillery from Ukrainian territories is not an option rather necessity and critical to experience any success in peaceful negotiations with the other side.

The major powers not barring Russia has been unable to achieve positive outcome from military interventions anywhere thus far. It is not going to be different in Ukraine either despite any satisfaction on carnage from military presence and deployment of deadly weapons in Ukraine.

Needless to say destruction of lives, cities and nation’s economic assets with military involvement unleash unpredictable situations invariably leading to undesirable chain reaction and negative end result.

President Vladimir Putin’s admission during press conference to a french reporter – “there are no winners in warfare and certainly not in a nuclear brinkmanship” is to be recognized now and acted upon bringing the war to conclusion with no further delay or procrastination.

President Vladimir Putin responsibility as the leader and head of the state of a nuclear Russia is not limited to Russian population alone.

President Vladimir Putin ‘s action and decisions in the precarious moment has global ramifications that are not to be ignored.

Russia sharing the burden as a vast nuclear power is incumbent to end conflict and resume peace talks in the interests of Russia, Ukraine and the world at large.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter


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