U.S. and Allies War and Peace Quagmire – Global Dominance Part I

March 20, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Arab Spring invoking optimism for millions oppressed throughout Middle East without exception deviated from course through western intervention in concerted effort to accomplish overarching regime change agenda with specific goal – Global dominance.

The democratic prospects during and post revolution consistently undermined with U.S. and allies overt and covert operations in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya and now in Syria.

Egypt – According to reports  – U.S. military aid $1.3 billion to Egypt is expected to resume this week per Obama administration sources to strengthen relations with Egyptian ruling authority Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) against Congressional law passed in December 2011 prohibiting financial assistance to Egypt until basic freedom and human rights restored by military power.

The reports also claim that amount will be transferred in smaller proportions to prevent any present or future anti-US elements in power from gaining access to funds.

Otherwise funding to Egypt is aimed at procuring unconditional loyalty regardless of SCAF gross human rights violation since governance.

Tahrir Square revolt led to ousting key western ally and military masquerade ex-President Hosni Mubarak in early 2011.

The western strategy to curb Islamic fundamentalism with dictatorship in Middle East is subversion of reality.

The actions thus far curtail functional democracy allowing fundamentalists and hard line authoritarianism to prevail in the first ever elections barring viable alternatives for citizens due to western controlled puppet regimes at the helm.

Egypt is a classic example in this regard and western alliance with military power continues to pose impediments in citizens’ quest for political independence.

The steps subsequent to Mubarak overthrow though lauded by west as democratic reflecting western concept of democracy in twenty first century,

The people in Egypt feel betrayed by Egyptian military facilitating Muslim Brotherhood victory – the victim of Mubarak brutality yet remained non-participant in Tahrir Square freedom struggle while the secular mass shed blood on their behalf.

Then emerged opportunistically clinching power as expected per SCAF managed election with constraints on other political factions to effectively compete in the western touted so-called democratic process.

The western powers having settled scores with Egypt revolution for their partner Mubarak removal vigorously engaged in the military takeover maintaining predecessor autocratic rule.

Furthermore, Muslim Brotherhood coalition with Islamic fundamentalists is a deliberate option to sustain public dissatisfaction and political fragility prevalent under such conditions enabling permanent military proxy governance for western maneuver.

Egypt citizens relentless dissent to western engineered political outcome could be advanced in solidarity with a political party encompassing diverse needs under strong dynamic secular leadership in the forthcoming Presidential election.

Unity in recognition of Egypt society as one nation shunning political ideology or radicalism is imperative to challenge the external influenced state authority.

Syria – The year long violence with massive casualties from all sides has stained the ruling and foreign forces alike unrelenting to international call for ceasefire.

President Bashar Al-Assad in pursuing eye for an eye stratagem is exacerbating the confrontation rather than leading the country towards non-violent and diplomatic exchange with Syrian people for democratic transition.

The constitutional reform limiting Presidential tenure to two terms and opening pathway for mainstream candidates in Presidential race are significant compared with position held until recently on citizens’ grievances typically ignored in order to prolong status quo.

President Assad ending violence with troops withdrawal across the country beginning with Damascus, Aleppo and oil producing province Deir Al Zor would determine foreign infiltration in these areas that are not easily verifiable in the clashes between government and armed rebels sharing equal responsibility in the bloodshed and non-conducive environment for humanitarian relief to save lives.

Moreover releasing peaceful protestors like Mohammad Sayeed Rassas, a leader of the National Coordinating Body for Democratic Change (NCB) arrested on Sunday along with others committed to non-violence and against foreign intervention for a constructive dialogue with government are important to prove President Assad’s respect for civil liberty and Syrian lives in general.

Simultaneously foreign intrusion has ignited sparks turning into inferno with the objective to steer the nation towards civil war.

Western powers together with Arab league’s economic and military powerhouses – Saudi Arabia and Qatar in particular have constantly interfered in Middle East uprising viz. Bahrain, Yemen, Libya and currently in Syria.

It is extremely disappointing to note Turkey playing a role in regional destabilization – the inevitable upon extending Syrian conflict with severe backlash for all contributors in the mayhem caused by arms influx displaying utter disregard for innocent civilians dying in crossfire.

United Nations and Arab League’s envoy former Secretary General Kofi Annan visits to Syria to broker peace is positive and peace proposals for humanitarian purpose is noteworthy.

However, UNSC resolution for air strikes or ground attacks against Syria in semblance with response on Libya would be counterproductive and could seriously jeopardize UNSC credibility amongst civilian population in Syria as well as across the globe.

Syria has reached the optimum in chaos and incessant killings with ammunition sales flourishing at the cost of precious lives,

Notwithstanding lingering tensions in Middle East impact oil prices with ripple effects on food and other necessities around the world.

Above all escalating economic liabilities for the west restraints extravagant ventures like military invasion of Syria or Iran.

President Bashar Al Assad peaceful reconciliation with people in Syria could unequivocally avert Libya or Iraq scenario providing international community opportunity to rescue the dying and heal the wounded in the war torn nation.

Meanwhile western powers and Arab league integrity and sincerity in resolving Syrian crisis is largely dependent on abandoning aggression and possible economic sanctions hurting the people than the intended target.

Instead disarmament of Free Syrian Army and different oppositions alongside enforcing government troops retreat for promoting comprehensive peace agreement would benefit the people and nation at large.

Over twelve months of battle between government and foreign powers backed resistance has deprived citizens from negotiations,

Besides referendum on constitutional amendment deserves implementation to validate electorate mandate.

Syrian and international leaderships are urged to seek cordial relations to achieve the common goal – peace and political stability with republic governed democracy.

Best Wishes to citizens of Egypt and Syria for long lasting peace and republic rule establishment.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant














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