Topic Discussion – Departure of Hegemony and Proxies Behind Global Mayhem

September 16, 2014


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By Padmini Arhant

The conglomerate comprising imperial powers and remnants along with oligarchy and ideologues as members of secret society minding politics through proxy representation in most parts of the world.

The imperial quest for dominance and unfettered access to economic resources worldwide persists and directly responsible for immense suffering and planet degradation.

The concentration of power and wealth amongst incognito forces has deprived nations and people from experiencing real democracy.

The shadow power exerting authority en masse beginning with politics, economics, education, health, communication media, press and entertainment not barring religion, social issues and environment is opposed to peace, harmony and democratic rule.

Accordingly, the so-called democracies under the guise of democratic setting follow instructions from behind the scenes operatives in maintaining status quo regardless of political parties claiming distinctions in governance.

In the absence of checks and balances in political and economic systems, any challenges to prevalent structure are regarded major threat and responded with subversion of facts, vitriolic attacks and false propaganda to discredit challenger and truth presentation.

The tactics even include assassination attempts to stifle genuine voice.

Global citizens awareness and understanding of current situation in the domestic and international affairs is important to reclaim sovereignty, individual rights and political, economic and social freedom. 

The governments declared as democratic having discarded national constitution deny citizens basic rights with overt and covert implementation of laws meant for mainstream population – the ordinary people in particular while exempting the self-proclaimed privileged clique from accountability.

There are two types of political classifications created for variation although they are essentially synonymous and conform to set agenda – i.e. suppression of people power.

One is poised as democracy and the other demonstrably undemocratic despite claiming the state as republic.

The democratic structure enables subjugation under the pretext of national security with pervasive surveillance and civil rights infringement.

Evidently the political class zero tolerance to constructive criticism on inactions and egregious decisions affecting millions of lives is a sign of desperation and unwillingness to enable functioning democracy.

Juxtaposed the few nations that are democratic targeted with western powers instigated unrest and terrorism leading to destabilization notably in Thailand, Ukraine and Syrian conflict spreading violence in the entire Middle East and extending across North, West and East Africa.

The so-called think tanks and institutions in the United States and Belgium representing European Union dedicated to debilitate nations with natural endowments in Iraq, Venezuela and countries throughout Africa.

Western democracy premised on prolonging imperial aspirations pledge allegiance to Crown and financial sector.

The taxpayers aided Royalty unequivocally the major liability for the local and foreign citizens world over.

The continuation of monarchy – constitutional or ceremonial is an impediment to true liberty.

The relentless pursuits for indefinite influence over nations cannot be ignored leaving the latter identity as dominion republic.

Elsewhere the political establishment loyal to foreign powers and domestic groups facilitate undermining of sovereignty and complicit in imposing economic stagnancy leading to exponential rise in abject poverty, suppression of human rights and marginalization.

The people are treated as subjects alienating them from fair and equal opportunity with widening gap between the haves and have-nots more prominent in global society.

Imperialism survival made possible with proxy rule starting from financing political campaigns not barring black money infusion and counterfeit note distribution to buy votes proudly claiming the process as free and fair election.

Besides political maneuvering and mass manipulation – the hall mark traits, yet another resource for hegemony reining control over politics and multifaceted interests is corruption.

The epidemic now enforced as acceptable norm with impunity granted to special members in political, economic, entertainment, religious and relevant sphere.

The massive electoral mandate in New Delhi government’s possession apparently has no impact.  

There is no desire to curb corruption and instead every effort expended to protect those profiteering from high profile economic scandals and exposed in political scams in India.  The ruling party disposition makes mockery of world’s largest democracy.

Not surprisingly in such democracy, politics is reserved for members of political dynasty, celebrities from film and sports field, industrialists from economic sector with left over seats to accommodate token minority candidacy. 

The other side of the coin extending support to hegemony rule is authoritarianism.

The pretentious democracies like United States, Britain, France, Germany and alike alliance with dictatorial regimes engaged in violent crackdown on peaceful protesters notwithstanding apprehension and persecution of political dissidents are slighted to forge mutually benefiting defense contracts and military base in the respective state.

Again, the formation of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) with five permanent members granting themselves veto power since inception within United Nations General Assembly emphasize hegemony goals creating hierarchy and exceptional category.

The UNSC selective resolutions on economic sanctions and military actions targeting developing nations perceived adversaries to P5+1 contribute acute food shortages and devastation.

The trade embargo victims are driven into starvation, premature deaths emanating from deficiency to non-availability of medical supplies and drugs for common to rare diseases exacerbate living conditions rendering life impossible.

Contrarily, the nations that abuse power as colonizer and occupier of sovereign territories are exempt from compliance of international standards and efficacy. 

The trade, diplomatic and political ties with states known for belligerence, provocation and violation continue unabated constituting endorsement of discriminatory practice.

Similarly on military and nuclear status, the preferential treatment justified on the basis of responsible versus reckless conduct.  The strategy has promoted proliferation rather than containment of nuclear arsenal.

Nuclear weapons enhancement and diversified stockpiles remain the major powers prerogatives with strict restrictions on other nations from following suit in the conspicuously biased policy.

NATO as the military wing for United States in expanding operations worldwide has transformed nations like Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan into terror haven as well as opium production center respectively.

In Mexico – United States incumbent administration initiated fast and furious program surged arms flurry to drug cartels and as a result made Mexican authorities task to combat violence indomitable.

The local residents fleeing violent neighborhoods in Mexico eventually seek refuge in the origin nation – the United States orchestrating such scenario.

Likewise, in Eastern Europe – NATO’s presence to stymie Russia’s capability could not be underestimated prompting economically struggling NATO allies to beef up defense potential at taxpayers’ expense. 

In the Asia Pacific – Korean peninsula is confronted with tensions arising from United States military drills and ongoing skirmishes in North and East China Sea.

On the environmental front, the activities ranging from hydraulic fracking, shallow water and offshore oil explorations, mountain top removal in coal mining to nuclear power plant disasters show no political or economic concerns considering ramifications on lives, livelihoods and habitat in general.

The contentious carbon emission has significantly risen with automobile industry in emerging economies like India and China allowed extensive manufacturing permits causing congestion and air pollution.

Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Middle East are constantly in turmoil with democracy and peace regarded obstacles for hegemony goals aimed at everlasting supremacy.

Historically imperialism infiltration is not tenable without insiders or agents cooperation to instigate turbulence within nation.

In contemporary politics, the leaderships and members of political parties betrayal of public trust, committing treason and embezzlement for personal and hegemony ambitions has no limit.

The illegitimate and remote fusion run governments are involved in fiduciary and defunct governance camouflaged as democracy and the alter ego being hegemony installed extremist faction viz. Ukraine, Thailand, Libya, Myanmar and more.

Arguably, the contamination reflected in present format is unsustainable and bound for imminent collapse.

Hegemony and proxies together with surrogates in different capacity are behind global mayhem.

Hence expediting hegemony and affiliates inevitable departure is critical for life and planet existence.

The people across the globe are urged to reject secretive and deceptive sources embarked on a mission to eliminate republic governed democracy, stability and peace.

People empowerment is the effective and viable alternative for hope and dreams to become a reality.

May God bless the world with wisdom, compassion and patriotism affirming independence, peace and prosperity for all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant








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