Too Good to be True

August 2, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Throughout history, human reaction to anything unknown, unfamiliar is to cast a shadow of doubt and skepticism reminiscent of “Jesus archetype.”

Human nature is to probe and draw conclusions based on the personal understanding or the lack thereof regardless of the consequences from such action. In the earlier days, it’s a collective effort usually orchestrated by a prominent individual or a group using affluence to influence the mass conception.

When a Jewish born shepherd descended upon earth to spread the message from the celestial supreme being on the birth of a new religion called Christianity adding diversity to the religious sphere, it created pandemonium across the social and religious helm.

The preacher then misconstrued as an impostor denied access to public discourse by the presumptuous lords on the earth holding themselves to the highest moral decorum later proven otherwise among many.

What’s the change between the ancient and modern times in the treatment of presumed paranormal events?

In the olden days, they crucified them and in the modern days they vilify them.

It’s important to relate to the contemporary moment and put the hysteria to rest.

When an individual contributes to public affairs as a citizen journalist through blog posts on sensitive topics, the content evaluated to suit one’s own belief, experience, ideology and personal discretions.

It applies to most publications with fewer exceptions.

Although, the recent battery of charges, innuendoes and insinuations are nothing new considering the dramatic 2008 Presidential campaign saga prompting behind the scenes scrutiny of the nuisance ‘blogger’ in the national political arena touted as an ‘unqualified’ and ‘illiterate’ foreigner, a possible liaison of undesirable elements…i.e.

Padmini Arhant, an American of Indian (India) origin, a Californian resident, the author, editor and publisher of the website The unquenchable quest for information on the force behind the voice continues until date.

The probable cause related to the absence of Western education particularly the elite institutions, publications (personal or ghost written) CEO of AIG, BEAR STEARNS, WORLD COM, ENRON synonymous… aside from personal characteristics like ethnicity, religion, language, gender and last but not the least detailing to the appearance of shape, size, no glitz or glamor.

Despite releasing the comprehensive personal profile for Universal view on the cyber space, the propaganda and malicious rumors with incendiary comments such as:

‘Why can’t the blogger preparing the political meal with a hot sauce step up and reveal thyself as the masked Zorro rather than a street thug with a truncheon” – The pleasantry from an overarching local beholding himself to the absolute form of transparency in the personal accusation of someone he is clueless about.

“The Corporate Bashing, Anti- Profit Martian and Communist” – Comment from a network specializing in divisive, polarizing demagoguery, otherwise desperate journalism – (Obviously, the compliment resulting from the ‘Corporate mismanagement of health care and economy’ enlightened on the cited website).

Here is a personal tip to the controversy. How about an alien from Mercury – Reference Greek Mythology?

Perhaps might provide a clue to the trivial pursuit.

Besides the flattery from the predictable irate representatives of the ‘so-called’ civil interests, the spotlight craving divas of politico domain with serious credibility issues had similar sentiments in the spirit of camaraderie.

One of them abandoning the electorate and quitting the national scene in breach of ethical laws not to mention the abuse of power berated ‘Hollywood’ with a special reference to a ‘tiny starlet’ implying the subject likely crawling instead of walking upright arousing further suspicion about the alleged alien pretending to be a homosapien.

Likewise, the other proclaimed to be liberal, suffering from distinctive syndrome parading cable and other major networks to promote the re-publishing of ghost written events refreshed with unattributed work from others, remarked about the current ‘ethnic minority’ phase apart from psychoanalyzing the blogger with a possible native accent and therefore not in the public eye. After being disappointed with the false prediction, the diva’s turnaround was the accent is perhaps ‘put on’ improvised, hence not authentic. In all likelihood, not an American.

In addition, the same entity did not fall short of providing the unauthorized blogger’s details on Google map through their official on-line publication political website as a revelation to the national and international community at large. Again linking without prior consent or knowledge. Further, the blogger’s campaign donation to Obama candidacy highlighted as a matter of concern during the election while ignoring the AIG executives’ personal donations to political campaigns listed on the

So much for responsible journalism!

The identity politics attack on new voices by the insecure selective media and certain press corps including the on-line publications as mentioned above, signify emulation arising from acute shortage of integrity and ethics.

In light of the ethno phobia environment, it’s poignant to flashback a historical political event involving the then reigning Colonial power of Great Britain and the previously agricultural India represented by the frail bespectacled, yet resilient individual named M.K.Gandhi

During the colonial occupation of India, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Mr. Winston Churchill, often remembered by the present Western political figures in a positive frame of mind, constantly addressed the representative of the poor and the impoverished millions not only in the Indian soil but around the world, M.K.Gandhi as –

The “Half Naked Fakir” – the Urdu translation of Fakir is beggar.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the “half naked beggar’ for the colonialists at that time. Since Gandhiji became the force to reckon with and a menace to the occupiers, he travelled to Britain not by ‘Air Force One’ equivalent, but instead sailed across the treacherous seas for weeks and months at a time. The mocked Indian was exemplary in the interpretation of the Colonial Power rule of law in their native language on their turf.

How did Great Britain receive Gandhiji?

Gandhiji frequently summoned and never seated by the over-lauded Winston Churchill, unabashedly denigrating the native of the occupied land as a ‘Half Naked Beggar.’

What a gargantuan army would not have attained, the iron-willed ‘half naked beggar’ eventually prevailed and achieved a monumental victory against the mighty Imperial power that came crumbling down and forced to quit India with the tail between their legs.

How did he do it?

As the pioneer of Peace and Non-violence, he grieved with the holocaust victims and at the same time bemoaned for the Palestinian rights and homeland. Gandhi as a true humanitarian brought the oppressive apartheid in South Africa to international focus and called for worldwide condemnation amidst Colonial era. He was the first international volunteer to picket against the Dutch Africans regime in South Africa.

Did he discriminate against the people of the Colonial nation, The Great Britain?

On the contrary, Gandhiji was instrumental in improving the conditions in terms of better wages for the ‘all white’ cotton mill workers in Manchester, England by threatening to boycott goods produced at the expense of the poor in England.

Gandhiji went on to become the inspiration and mentor for DR. Martin Luther King, Jr., and DR. Nelson Mandela committed towards freedom, equal rights and opportunities.

Gandhiji did not earn the title Mahatma (the superior soul, also the noble soul) for nothing.

Tragically, today some political figures, corporations, certain journalists, reporters in the press, media and airwaves propagate hatred; provoke thoughts aimed at the President of the United States as well as others selflessly dedicating their entire time towards national progress and humanitarian cause.

The present motto for even few established cable networks is –

Pandering to some by slandering others.

This article would be incomplete without stating the latest bizarre attempt to disparage the office of the Presidency by insisting that President Barack Obama is allegedly a foreigner confirmed through the clairvoyant’s crystal ball per the self-proclaimed prophets in the media posturing to speak nothing but the ‘Gospel’ Truth.

Unfortunately, these agents of divide and diminish policies suffer from selective amnesia as not long ago they were trying to amend the consitution to allow the Austrian born Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Republican Presidential candidate in the foreseeable future. As if, it’s not enough that the State of California’s progress held hostage, they wanted enlarged nationally.

Surely, events change according to the political dynamics for the insular groups shackled within the prism of narrow mind.

Another phenomenal fact pertaining to a foreigner embraced worldwide specifically in the United States is Lord Jesus, born in Bethlehem, a Palestinian City in the central West Bank.

Lord Jesus neither born in the United States of America, nor ever visited the continent.
Nevertheless, millions throng to the holy sons’ place of worship.

I hope that there will not be a time when Jesus’ birth certificate demanded to approve the worship of the savior and the true son of God, here in the United States, since the Lord is the ruler of the kingdom.

Indeed, Too good to be True.

The epitome of discriminatory practices clearly a reflection among the segment unable to distinguish illusion from reality and constantly strive to prove truth as false and falsehood an embodiment of truth.

Too much emphasis on the perishable body and very little concentration on the immortal soul,
only if one can find it within.

Illusion stems from ignorance and ignorance feeds hypocrisy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
(Author, Editor and Publisher of


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