The so-called Lone Wolf vs. The Pack of Hyenas

January 10, 2022

The so-called Lone Wolf


The Pack of Hyenas


The reference lone wolf coined since the days of the parasitic hyenas originating in January 2009 as authority and thereafter them and their representative puppet regimes desperately seek undeserving attention via provocation and unnecessary inflammatory remarks.

The false notion among those with titles and designations as authority in politics misconceive the concept of respect as exclusive rather than universal in any civilized society.

In the contemporary political maelstrom, the pack of hyenas distinctive as scavengers on carcasses experience the gut-wrenching cataclysmic upheavals in their den fearing rude awakening and imminent extinction of the pack having exhausted survival instincts.

The hyenas known for existence on corpses transform into cannibals witnessed earlier in 2010-2016 as cannibal sponsors through terrorists wreaking havoc in Syria, Libya and the entire Middle East as well as North and North Eastern Africa – bifurcating Sudan into Sudan and South Sudan in July 2011 triggering worst humanitarian and political crises continued till today.

What more?

In the Indian sub-continent – Indian fundamentalists Hindutva helm hired lackeys desertion from Kashmiri politics and Indian so-called liberal media together ironically claiming to represent Kashmiris in the valley, muslims, other minorities and marginalized in India – the population held hostage by Hindutva government in New Delhi are two sides of the same coin.

The above mentioned Hindutva crony representative in local Kashmiri politics and supposedly liberal wired media exemplify they are actual sell outs to New Delhi Hindutva system and foreign global power.

The comment stating the so-called lone wolf aliased bedroom fanatics / terrorists typically cast them in hypocrisy ad nauseam in their fatal obsession with lone wolf syndrome.

Furthermore, the comment lone wolf and bedroom fanatics / terrorists could only emerge from autocratic perverts and agents abusing power with their indulgence in lewd crude conduct.

The internationally blacklisted banned and Indian taxpayers funded Pegasus spyware and similar technology misused to pry and spy on any individual branded an outsider at home or abroad criminalize perpetrators and the ones authorizing perversion as state prerogative.

The Hindutva indoctrinated social media auction captioned Bully Bai also intentionally spelled Bully Boy aimed at the so-called lone wolf under the pretext of targeting muslim women on New Year’s eve Dec 31, 2021 is beneath any culture and human decency.

The immorality and ethical transgressions are the trends in the present political environment.

What business is for an Indian government to invade private home and life of anyone quoted an outsider in a faraway foreign land?

When national security demands deterrence of the formidable nuclear armed neighbors next door especially China having established territorial rights in the Himalayan and north east regions of India besides confirming maritime advantage in strategic locations leaving India in vulnerable position.

Nonetheless, the foreign entity – Indian government in New Delhi misplaced priority in violation of individual rights of private citizen addressed an outsider living overseas is condemnable and reprehensible.

Meanwhile, the Kashmir Valley renegade’s loose tongue quoting British innuendoes on the so-called lone wolf aka bedroom fanatics /terrorists, the slur whether prompted by domestic political insecurity or toeing the line to incognito foreign power possibly the rocky royal decadence and deceitful syndicate joint faction verbiage behind Indian political defection lexicon.

On September 26, 2014 the incumbent Indian authority’s then arrival in New York was scheduled to be met with the United States Federal Court Summons with a highly likely arrest warrant for Gujarat, Godhra pogrom in 2002.

The lawsuit was filed by human rights groups in the United States Federal Court in New York in 2014.

The United States administrator at the White House in 2014 came to the Indian counterpart rescue in averting embarrassment and criminal charges at that time. 

The White House external intervention in 2014 in this matter is a reminder of birds of a feather flocking together in recognition of parallel in crimes against humanity. 

The Islamophobia related muslim victims realization of the fact in this regard is important.

These revelations are least surprising. Indian government in New Delhi and RSS history is directly linked to colonial rulers in pre and post independent India with RSS aiding and abetting the colonial masters with radicalized recruits against then freedom fighters led by brave patriots sacrifice.

Notwithstanding the ominous activities inevitably leading to hyena pack elimination in self-destructive course. 

What goes around comes around in nature’s designed earth with axis of evil dismantled and disposed for life progress and sustainability.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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