The Secret Society – Secrecy, Spying and Systemic Abuse of Power

March 1, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The secret society premised on secrecy, spying and systemic abuse of power epitomize hypocrisy in the highest order. 

Secret society members represent different backgrounds nonetheless share common goals such as wealth amassment and dominance for exclusive interests.

The world is a playground to them using politics, economy, commerce, communication media, educational institutions, entertainment industry, environment, religion, charity and human rights group that are instrumental in prolonging status quo.

Having no control over excess greed and self-destructive vices, they exert authority on the rest of the population denying freedom, basic rights and equal opportunity.

The legacy is misery, chaos and catastrophe worldwide.

Secret society is structured on the pyramid scheme with one eye tunneled vision rather than 20/20 sight in functionality. Accordingly their involvement in activities is to benefit self and selective entity at the vast majority expense. 

Their key representatives amplify objection to unipolar world while maintaining monopoly on everything they come in contact with contaminating in entirety.

The archaic supremacy imposed decadent establishments and values are obsolete and obstruct progress.

Criminality, corruption, terrorism, incessant warfare for invasion, occupation and destabilization are the secret society’s hallmark traits.

They continue to pursue disastrous ambitions despite colossal failure every step of the way.

The presumptuous notion claiming superiority to masquerade inferior and unscrupulous agenda reflect reality within degenerative ambit.  The infighting vying for apex position clarifies fraudulence extraordinaire.

Sparing none in exploitation, the secret society is on suicidal mission considering detrimental policies implemented through proxy governance under the guise of democracy and republic rule.

The electoral process is the catalyst to legitimize illegitimacy in the shadow organization engineered mandate pledged allegiance to hegemony.

Creating imposters and prodding wannabes with flawed performance is the latest trend in the futile attempts to avert inevitable ending of cataclysmic conglomerate.

As a result the willful performers buffoonery and promiscuity is on display with the individuals eagerness to appease hegemony for material gains and publicity pronounce notoriety.

In the absence of credibility, the secret society and surrogates violation of trust, propaganda and false flag events peak in the desperate measure to combat imminent decline.

The secret society crusade to perpetuate unsustainable present confirms insolvency in every aspect evident in dysfunctional operation. 

The taxpayers in the United States and western nations are forced into dire economic situation. The wealthiest in society evade taxes shifting the burden on ordinary citizens struggling to make ends meet in life.

Besides, the tax dollars are utilized for funding warfare and intrusion in toppling governments targeted for non-compliance on secret society demands.

Elsewhere, the taxpayers are beguiled with sycophants headed governments stashing wealth in Swiss bank accounts and other tax havens in pervasive corruption deals depriving the respective nations due national revenue.

The money held in illegal format is widely promoted to augur secret society existence unheeding ramifications with reverse impact debilitating the crumbling empire.

Furthermore, the taxpayer funded federal agencies like intelligence bureau and national security is misused with dragnet surveillance on law-abiding citizens not to mention the harassment during travel at the airports conducting elaborate body scan alluding to perversion under the pretext of curbing terrorism when the secret society is the existential terror.

In the domestic front, law enforcement authorities i.e. police brutality against unarmed and innocent civilians especially the minorities is on the rise due to ignorance and prevalent discriminatory practice revealed in the trials exacerbating victims plight.

The judiciary set up on secret society oversight and political influence make a mockery of justice in the system that rewards the crafty and insidious in defiance of fairness and facts that in itself void the politically motivated judgment.

Juxtaposed hegemony operatives crimes against humanity and treason are not even subject to investigation let alone incarceration. 

The convenient rule granting political immunity to incumbents although the privilege is extended beyond the term in office exemplify the travesty of justice.

Similarly public access whether communication, education, entertainment, environment, recreation, religion or charity maneuvered for subversion and mass subjugation.

Anything exceeding limit with resistance to checks and balances ominously evolve into self-endangering act expediting expiration.

Overall the secret society alias the illuminati are destined for dissolution conforming to natural law that predicates extinguishing wild fire threatening lives and habitat.

Wisdom and conscience guided conduct could possibly serve in fait accompli leading to renunciation of delusions on invincibility.

Wishing humanity liberty from calamity experienced under secret society since antiquity. 

Peace to all! 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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