The Ruling Class Entitlement to Power

March 3, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

  1. Who is the ruling class?

The ruling class is incognito power comprising entities detached from sovereignty with defiance to republic status.

The incognito rulers rein control over politics, economy and all matter concerning human existence by PROXY.

While the system authority remains permanent, the representatives facing public are rotated upon exhausting maximum term in office.

  1. What are the ruling class goals?

Personal wealth accumulation lasting several generations at the average and middle class citizens expense.

Undermining common man and woman’s rights to equality and economic opportunity.

Waste ordinary citizens tax dollars in extravagant and lofty ambitions such as sponsoring terrorism to destabilize foreign nations for economic resources and strategic dominance.

Importantly, the ruling class entitlement to power is protected with political establishment allegiance to agenda and covenant detailing measures to suppress popular rising against socio economic disparity besides defending status quo.

  1. How does the ruling class maintain power?   

The political members are incentivized with monetary gains and secure terms in return for prolonging the ruling class governance.

The economic sector and various special interests investments in elections further guarantee respective candidacy loyalty to campaign financiers tied to ruling class.

  1. What is the modus operandi to validate illegitimate ruling class?

Elections are the primary means enforcing decisions against electorate choice.  The electoral process is maneuvered and modified using diverse tactics for pre-determined outcome rejecting voters’ preference in the race.

The election is catharsis for the ruling class to continue with business as usual having satisfied formality on pseudo democracy.

  1. Why do the ruling class fear challenges and oppose different view?

The ruling class doctrine subscribes to elitism against populism asserting superiority on all things to subvert reality on the ruling class parasitic culture exploiting main street vulnerability.

Although the ruling class would collapse upon average populace unsustainable plight, the desperate strategy is aimed at deriving ultimate benefits in depriving the people and labor force from fair share of income distribution.

Yet another trend is create and stage impostors and performers hired in futile effort to discredit genuine identity as well as message presented on this website.

The opposition to different view is the ruling class insecurity and intolerance to facts and reason that distinguish actuality.

  1. What is the future for the people and nation under the ruling class?

In the present conditions the future is bleak under the ruling class with greed for power, fame and fortune overwhelming the members beyond control leading to misuse of mandate and position.

  1. What can the people do for survival and betterment of life?

Declining the ruling class entitlement to power along with organizations and institutions behind policy holding citizens hostage to detrimental course.

  1. Is it possible for voters to initiate change through ballots?

The electorate seeking transparency from candidates in verifiable disclosure of campaign money and personal assets proving the source of revenue would be the preliminary step followed by track record on accomplishments favoring people rather than enhancing individual prospects.

  1. Why is there huuuuuuuuge objection from the ruling class in limiting campaign expenditure that would constrict cash flow funding candidacy?

The ruling class set up election fosters distraction from real issues and problems confronting the nation for that would reveal political incumbents performance or the lack thereof and instead supports smear rally against opponents to evade accountability.

  1. What is the path against the brick wall?

The ruling class declaration to power as privilege is to be voided with people united against state of affairs calling for dismantling of the brick wall built with secrecy, corruption and treason.

Where there is a will there is a way with sincere commitment to self-emancipation from deception and deterioration.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
































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