Writer’s Plight

November 9, 2008

In any field, it is widely known that effective communication matter as proven by our President Elect Barack Obama.

Also, witnessed earlier with the writers’ guild on strike for a prolonged period.

Eventually, the entertainment industry had to yield to the legitimate demands of the writers primarily responsible for the success of the artwork production.

Similarly, in politics the speechwriters and communication directors play an important role in showcasing the candidacy to the electorate.

In the advertisement industry, the sales and marketing personnel involved in promotion and distribution of the products are crucial in selling the products to the retailers and finally the consumers.

Often, writers are forgotten souls because they work behind the scenes and therefore easily written off as irrelevant by some entities engaged in "self promotional "activities regardless of the domain.

I had requested earlier on to all the networks in the media and news organization to protect my identity for security reasons during the election campaign.

Another reason for that request was to avoid distraction of the campaign from focusing on real issues and concerns of the electorate.

As demonstrated with Gov. Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and glasses.

The discussion of nitty-gritty details preceded the policy matter.

However, I deeply appreciate the media and news organization for honoring that request.

Even though, the curfew was lifted way back in April 2008.

Considering the fact, that there are individuals opposed to any career or citizen journalists performing as straight shooters , I requested everyone to reveal my identity i.e. refer to me by my real name.

Somehow, the message got lost in the heat of the election campaign.

These entities are doing everything in their power to bury the audacious writers and journalists in the archives by denying them their right to recognition without public acknowledgment of the writer’s contribution to the success of the Presidential victory.

Please stand by for the detailed exposure of this act by the entity.

The absolute certainty of abuse of power in the horizon predicted in my earlier blog post was not a Halloween trick, rather a reality based on personal experience.

Sometimes, it makes one wonder whether this is United States or Russia!

To all individuals from anywhere and everywhere…

Please refer to me by my real name rather than pseudo name when discussing about my blogs, issues or anything concerning me.

There was lot of misconceptions about my identity during the election campaign.

I was Christened with some bizarre names such as…

Underground lady, Mob machine, Chubby lady with an eleven-year-old kid, intangible force, alien, and some even to the extreme of calling me an Al Qaida operative!

I was honored with all these titles during the vigorously battled election and my staunch support for the President Elect Barack Obama.

Well, I have news for all of them.

I am a normal, living and breathing human being.

I surely lived in Australia.

Unlike the wombats over there, I do not dwell in the burrows, I exist on land.

I don’t understand how could I be an Underground lady?

When I was out and about doing regular things that any normal people would do in their life.

The individual who attacked me as the Chubby lady is ignorant of the fact that there is clear distinction between anorexia nervosa and ideal body weight.

Although, healthy living is a personal philosophy strongly advocated in my article under "Health" on this website.

Perhaps, this semi-popular television celebrity should know better that average citizens do not have the luxury to hire Personal trainers with a wakeup call at 4.00 a.m to maintain the vital statistics on par with standards set by vain individuals.

There are lot more important issues to care about in this world and that is exactly what I was busy doing during the entire election term.

The evidence is in the blog postings denoting the time each blog was posted during the campaign which was usually between 10.00 p.m to 9.00 a.m EST except, it is worse when it is converted to PST.

As for being everything else, truth spoken in plain and simple terms is often feared by those not accustomed to that style.

United States is aptly known as the melting pot with population bearing unusual and interesting names.

Finally, I request all my well-wishers and critics alike — please refer to me by my real name —

Padmini Arhant (Pronounced as "Pad" with a mild emphasis on consonant "d", mi and ni – Three syllables) – (Pad-mi-ni )

Arhant – (Pronounced as R-hant )

Your understanding and cooperation is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

P.S. Please protect and defend writers’ right.