Social Predicament – Misogynists Against Same Sex Marriage

August 9, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The controversial theme brought to public attention for education and introspection obligatory in the process of evolution.

Incognito power and representatives paradoxical stance on all issues is well established with no recollection and realization of personal conduct due to preoccupation minding others life.

Recently the United States Supreme Court approved Same Sex Marriage bringing the states not in favor to conformity.

Although the action was politically motivated and not necessarily aimed at redressing inequality and ostracism,

The verdict is a victory in humanitarian context.

I present the facts for clarity.

As a woman and a mother, I regularly face condescendence and expected to contend with the notion that capability and independent thinking inconceivable for anyone isolated by those using various reservations as pretext for their prejudice.

There is constant reminder about the man’s world with no place for woman to lead and guide humanity.

The disposition emanates from lack of understanding and truth about womenfolk. There is also the element of negativities and insecurity subscribing to impropriety.

Concurrently there is no inhibition in plagiarism of my thoughts, words and identity that are declared as own for commercial and political gains much to inevitable karmic effects of such indulgence.

The divine status of woman in Hindu religion is slighted to maintain contemporary class of women as subordinate.

The present rulers and their proxies – women representatives follow instructions to the letter and delegated to tasks that defy characteristics like wisdom, vision, integrity, courage, care, compassion and patience to name a few in persona.

Alternatively contrived performance commonly witnessed during election campaign and term in office to prolong authority. Again anything unauthentic surface since falsehood continuity is not viable.

Importantly treatment of women at present is reminiscent of decadent era.

The persisting socio-economic disparity notably in wages and participation across the spectrum is anything but similar compared with male counterparts in many societies in the world.

The women plight range from abuse to denial of freedom and individual rights in developing nations and orthodox domain.

Likewise in the developed world women are projected and perceived as objects of voyeurism under socially advanced banner partly because of women willingness to compromise for fame and fortune.

A woman in pants and short hair adapting to man’s attire euphemistically regarded women liberation even when they are obedient servile functionary.  Not to mention the appearance alluding to transgender or transvestite perception.

Among mainstream, women are victims of social stigma in rape, infertility and economic conditions tied to dowry deaths in India.

The sexual assault and concept of rape driven to denigrate a woman even though that poorly reflect on offenders’ weakness to lust and behavior suggestive of deviation from human race.

The sharp rise in incidents of rape targeting any age group attributed to leniency and tolerance in the absence of effective laws and measures to curb violation.

The irony is prominent figures, lawmakers and police are often cited for philander, sexual harassment and rape miscalculating fanfare and citizens funded designation. The crimes escalate in the comfort of political immunity.

Instead of directing society to treat and respect others in congruence to anticipation by them, the campaign foster unruly demeanor in lock stock and barrel with influential forces misleading for destructive purpose.

The propagations about women by and large focus on body and physical features that are perishable upon soul exit from corporal state.

Interestingly mind and intelligence acknowledged as masculine trait rather than equal endowment in feminine quality.

How does society augur arrival of female child?

Female infanticide discarding fetus (foetus) misusing ultrasound and innovative technology and neonatal disposal are yet to be eliminated in entirety in India and alike.

China’s policy on population control introducing one child per couple led to orphanages inundated with female children.

In the Middle East live burial of women for breach of antiquated imposition show no sign of dissipation.

Stoning women as capital punishment is considered prerogative in rural parts of the world.

The women in Afghanistan and Pakistan endure dishonorable honor killings and a woman vying for high profile professions in Afghanistan politics or judiciary viz. supreme court justice instantly disqualified based on gender bias over merit.

Women are denied normal life and forced to undergo genital mutilation upholding archaic procedure in Africa.

Elsewhere different connotations to womanhood are worth mentioning for awareness.

I repeat the explanation I provided earlier that predisposes the opposite gender to male with unique interpretation in English language.

Wo(Man), Wo(Men), Fe(male), S(HE) – the reference to femininity in widely spoken English language generates impression of the species as hermaphrodite.

Nonetheless, the fe(male) leading the male in the lexicon cannot be ignored despite misogynistic practice.

The contention on Same Sex Marriage is related to opinion on marriage confining marriage sanctity to union of man and woman in matrimony as worldwide custom.

The trend deserves review with proper evaluation.

The marriage vows for most remain a ritual and not always fulfilled in a relationship contributing to alarming rise in divorce across the globe.

Notwithstanding pre-nuptial agreement to protect wealth is linked to mistrust and credibility factor in marriage.

The other aspects are infidelity with or without offspring in extramarital affairs and spousal dominance over another emerging as dysfunctional family situation.

The domestic violence cannot be ruled out and growing tensions become the basis for marriage dissolution.

Sometimes the extended family interference to break marriages is not uncommon.

In all these circumstances, the children pay enormous price and bear the brunt of marital disputes transformed into family feud destroying lives extending into next generation.

The marriage institution is distinctive depending on cultural background.

For instance, polygamy and divorce are acceptable in Muslim culture.

In fact those unable to marry involving bigamy due to certain religion or law bindings avail opportunity in Muslim convention through apostasy. The convenience at times allow apostate to betray original and adopted faith. 

There is sense of abandonment when women are subject to such customs in marriage.

The acceptance of women as equal is far from genuine in modern age.

To some degree women in different category exacerbate women problems as well with discrimination and indifference.

The woes on children born out of wedlock are significant. They suffer from social and economic setbacks in the absence of nucleus family. The impact is severe with teenage pregnancy.

The details mentioned above essentially describe inviolability or lack thereof in marriage.

In terms of religious opine on same sex issue – the scandals concerning parish boys and children in church are not resolved with secrecy evading transparency.

The gay definition varies in accordance with sparsely obtained data and misconstrued to suit customized view.

As for natural law on the Same Sex topic the delineation is profound in the prelude to procreation feasible only through male and female consummation.

The idea of marriage in gay community necessitated largely from legality to married status in general life decisions like property will and health matter.

Then there is also symbolic aspect seeking joy of celebration in rites comparable to a birthday event that cannot be claimed as specific segment exclusive right and deprive the rest from experience.

The clamor on Same Sex marriage alongside misgivings on woman’s inherent talent and knowledge confirms ignorance at best and hypocrisy at worst from the clueless clique.

The practitioners patronizing women and contemptuous to different lifestyle orientation in the backdrop of little known vast creations are confronted with social predicament as the world is not meant to be homogenous.

The woman is instrumental in facilitating life from conception to adulthood and relevantly in widespread fad for stem cell cloning the embryo development requires unfertilized egg and female surrogacy to enable birth.

Neglecting female excellence in diverse fields and critical role as a result, the marginalization of women in society is unprecedented and regrettably sustained to societal detriment.

Attempts to suppress reality increasingly expose nature’s indomitable composition refining rhythms appropriate for balancing act.

Civilization progress is a collaborative effort attained with mutual appreciation and gratitude.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant