United States – Abuse of Executive Power

March 5, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

The abuse of executive power at every opportunity in the United States more so since the beginning of the twenty first century under former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney is no surprise. The customary practice adapted and taken to the extreme level by ex-President Barack Obama is irrefutable.

Any claims that Barack Obama administration cardinal rule was not to indulge in wiretapping of any U.S. citizen is not true considering personal experience and actions such as surveillance act including phone, email and all other form of communications under NSA purview subjecting United States citizens to scrutiny with and without congressional consensus was the norm.

Why there is no investigation in the shooting of unarmed civilian – the young black mother Miriam Iris Carey with her thirteen months old daughter Erica in the back seat on October 3rd, 2013 at the White House doorstep denying the victim a chance to leave unhurt from the crime scene with guns aimed at her by White House secret service and D.C. police?

The preventable incident sparing life unnecessarily resulted in fatality could not be happening without Presidential order.

Miriam Iris Carey perhaps had wiretapping in her apartment with all her normal activities monitored by designated crew violating United States citizen’s privacy and constitutional right only to be dismissed as delusional supposition.

The legislations Patriot Act, FISA and introduction of NDAA under Barack Obama administration peaked in the absence of checks and balances to such undemocratic and unprincipled misuse of power.

United States citizens’ vulnerabilities in the wake of excess extra judicial power exponentially risen in modern times leaving targeted individuals completely at the mercy of the authority accountable to none.

The contemporary trend in massive collusion protecting the crimes of previous administrations regardless of the extent and involvement in carte blanche decisions further exacerbates democratic means to probe and conduct inquiry.

Not to mention bipartisanship in such matter that otherwise ominously missing in legislations of national and electorate interest is a tradition for the nation to contend with given media defense and political immunity absolving administrations and the head from any responsibility.

These developments arguably raise concerns and stupefy those having any faith in the system to deliver impartially setting aside political affiliations and pledges to internal as well as external operatives reining control over outcome on congressional and FBI inquest.

When arch conservatives alongside so-called liberal democrats consecutively represent Senate with guaranteed power having no term limits, the Super Pac prominence supersede electability deducing election nothing other than a formality.

The concept of democracy has long been subjugated with subversion and complicity within and outside politics shunning transparency to the point of no return.

In the attempt to rescue high profile entities implicated in serious infringements, the legislative branch and communication media role exhausted to maintain status quo declining reform.

The misinterpretation of power in any position especially in public service is a major political crisis leading to unacceptable breach of ethical code and civic trust.

The remedy is to apply the rule of none held above the law.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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July 4, Independence Day

July 5, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

July 4th is a memorable day for all Americans to cherish the freedom of choice in every respect as citizens of this great nation.

The American society not only celebrates freedom like most free nations across the world but also strives to liberate those deserving equality no matter where they belong.

The President’s inspiring call to serve humanity on this day resonates with the patriots’ decision to pledge their valuable resources that enabled the Independence Day commemorated with joy through spectacular fireworks decorating the night.

The courageous troops in harm’s way protecting the freedom rejoiced by many on this day of Independence remain in most citizens’ thoughts and prayers all year around.

American freedom is the envy of the world, however regretfully the citizens’ privacy as well as civil liberties compromised in the past and present time with the wiretapping and monitoring private citizens’ communication by NSA warrantless surveillance in the wake of national security – a scapegoat in the divisive matter.

Freedom is a precious gift not possessed by all. There are millions on earth desperately seeking choices in life and often deprived of fundamental rights. While, in the land of the free and the home of the brave – freedom sometimes taken for granted with respect to the second amendment or the fourth amendment exhibiting excessive firepower figuratively and otherwise.

In view of the status quo related to citizens’ safety and privacy, freedom exercised with care and humanitarian concern is an ideal guide to those aspiring to be free.

The happiness from the Fourth of July legacy will continue to flow beyond expectations and shared by those dependent upon the leader of the free world for life honored with independent will.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
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