Global Crises – Bilderberg Clandestine Meeting in Watford, U.K. on June 6 – 9, 2013

June 10, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The architects of global crises and terrorism attended the infamous Bilderberg conference in Watford, U.K. this year.

Bilderberg originating from Netherlands with first conference among self-proclaimed privileged society having held at Hotel Bilderberg, Amsterdam became known as Bilderberg renowned for clandestine meetings ironically to discuss global affairs.

The annual gathering upon invitations only represents imperialists and globalists’ delusional aspirations vying for geopolitical dominance.

Western Imperial powers having abolished monarchy in the colonies – India and African nations…continue to dominate as members of Trilateral Commission set up for misappropriation of global wealth depriving the hard working ordinary citizens basic rights and economic opportunity contributing to ever widening gap between the super rich and impoverished around the world.

Imperialism and affluence invariably accompanied by cronyism epitomize hypocrisy and mass deception along with distortion – the standard practice to defend the indefensible position.

The comparison of dedication to humanitarian service without any taxpayer dollars from anywhere spent on selfless devotion to humanity with diametrically opposite monarchy continuing the legacy of parasitic existence is yet another convoluted analogy reflecting pride and prejudice not to mention the egregious version bringing intelligence diminution to surface.

Netherlands disguised as democracy could perhaps evolve into democratic rule upon royalty abdication to republic rather than heir to the throne – the bloodline succession prolonging national and international subjugation considering the Dutch imperialists influence beginning with Bilderberg concept to counterproductive strategy worsening lately and arguably responsible for global status quo.

Bilderberg agenda this year encompass US foreign policy with Africa and the Middle East in particular.

Cyber warfare that President Barack Obama diligently carrying out and discussed the necessity in correlation to the summit past week and,

Big data is metadata otherwise the massive intrusive and invasive surveillance program on U.S. citizens spreading world over that has also been meticulously conducted by the incumbent administration surpassing predecessor at an alarming speed and magnitude.

Bilderberg wish list consistently comprise diverse warfare ranging from conventional operations like in Afghanistan and Mali to,

Sponsoring terrorism against Libya, Syria and Iraq.

The drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia and,

Cyber attacks against Iran and North Korea are recent examples to trigger global confrontation not barring nuclear arsenal.

The political, economic and military leaderships in the United States, Britain, Israel and other parts of the world are complicit with their presence or in absentia at the anti-democratic and unconstitutional secretive conclave targeting innocent lives around the world.

The war machinery and economic austerity exclusively to serve criminal syndicate interests is the existential threat to humanity and could no longer be tolerated in silence.

Bilderberg group is no ordinary apparatus primarily engaged in the establishment of one world government with puppet regimes and political instruments installed in every region for direct support to this anti-republic unscrupulous system.

The conglomerate espouses predator instincts using violence, false flag events and propaganda as the means to enslave and depopulate the world relevantly based on eugenics – the hallmark of nefarious fraternity.

While practicing narcissism and despising altruism, the organization goals evidently antithetical to peace, unity, political stability and economic as well as social equality to favor the selective secluded club against pervasive progress.

Neo-imperialism and supremacy being the motto, the Machiavellian approach with end justifying the means is unrelenting to monumental issues such as nuclear disarmament and demilitarization eternally endangering life and planet sustenance.

Bilderberg and similar structures facilitating shadow power dragnet authoritarianism instruct proxy governments to quell public dissent with excess force and vehemently opposed to civil resistance – the major concern for fascism and currently involved in legitimizing police statehood in the United States and Britain for simultaneous global implementation.

The iron fist rule premised on New World Order is committed in denying the 99% of world society life with dignity and peace.

New World Order is paradoxical to the perception of leading global citizenry in positive direction.

Contrary to the projection, New World Order is on the reversal with feudalism and vassal states replacing republic governance, elitism substituting populism and federalism stifling individualism in terms of civil liberty and constitutional rights viz. peaceful assembly and free speech.

Global awakening is imperative creating awareness for unanimous rejection of shadow power promoting One World Government and New World Order – the anti-humanity and terror mastermind destroying civilizations and cultural heritage in the quest for global conquest.

Since entities of this network are protected from crimes against humanity, corruption and various unlawful activities with grand impunity,

The people especially the victims of atrocities are expected to accept criminality as the fact of life and surrender to dark forces embarked on self-defeating mission.

Collective action in the form of peaceful protest, consumer boycott, declining unfair tax laws, refusal to pay taxes squandered on wars killing civilians in foreign land and,

Most importantly demanding return of money control, distribution and monetary policy under republic jurisdiction is critical to eliminate fictitious debt burden on generations.

Finally, identifying every member in collusion with multidimensional cartel and holding them accountable is the gateway to freedom in all aspects at present only reserved for those pledged allegiance to apex authority in the one-eyed pyramid.

Wishing success to people power in reclaiming sovereignty, territorial integrity, self-determination rights and equanimity.

Peace to al!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant